Download Accelerator Plus is a powerful speed booster, an advanced download manager, a must-have tool for robot zařízení.

Facing difficulty playing favorite MUSIC VIDEO online??? Blow away your worry now! Download and play offline with the fastest-ever speed of DAP!!!

Why choose us?

*Outstanding features:
Direct download to SD card (except on Android 4.4) – AVAILABLE IN DAP EXCLUSIVELY!!!
Totally FREE for installation with lots of powerful features.
Support all formats: archive files, MUSIC, VIDEO, dokumenty, programs
A doodle to use and manage downloads
Support multiple web browsers, počítaje v to: Default Android browser, Chrome, Firefox
Auto-catch download links whenever you copy to clipboard or open a downloadable link.
Pause and Resume feature with supported links.
Auto-resume corrupted downloads due to network error
Smart error handling feature which helps prevent download threads interruption.

*Well-optimized UI for TABLETS
Redesigned full-screen view for refreshed interface and design elements.
Multi-pane layouts in landscape mode
Easy to use with only a few taps away

* Advanced Download Manager:
Boost MUSIC and VIDEO download speed by splitting files into multi-parts and using multi-thread download with buffering size optimization.
Quotas feature limits downloading to defined number of maximum speed.
Download many MUSIC/VIDEO URLs simultaneously or add in a queue to download later.
Refresh dead links with new ones to continue downloading
Option to save MUSIC/VIDEO into external SD card as default
Add more file extension
Scan data to detect MUSIC/VIDEO for media players
Download file from QR code scanning.

* Powerful Built-in Browser:
Built-in web browser supports multiple tabs, history and bookmarks.
Easier to download by automatically catching links of MUSIC/VIDEO from your favorite websites.

* Extended Notifications:
Notifications with download progress. Freely switch the progress status between Mb/Mb or %/Mb

* Interface:
Download manager sort files by name, size, type, order and categorize by types.
User-friendly design: material design, interface customization and témata, rich context menu.

Subscribe PREMIUM membership to unlock the full power of DAP download manager:
Remove all ads.
Private mode: passcode, hidden files and file encryption.
Schedule download
Customize your theme
Used to enjoy features of DAP? You are now certainly into our PREMIUM version!!

How to use?

To download general files: – Tap the Plus button and insert the URL link.
Or you can click the link and select to download with Download Accelerator Plus

To download MUSIC or VIDEO: – Tap the Browser icon to open built-in browser
Navigate to your favorite MUSIC/VIDEO website and play
The application will automatically catch the download link
You can see a list of available download URL in the menu at the top right corner
Please note that DOWNLOADING FROM YOUTUBE IS NOT SUPPORTED due to their terms of service

To refresh a dead link
Method 1: add a new URL. The app automatically finds broken link in download list which is identical with the new one. You can select the option to replace and continue download progress or start downloading as a new file
Method 2: long click on the failed task. Then select to refresh link in the context menu appearing. Enter the new URL to replace the old one

Clarification for Access Permissions:
Network Connection (Internet Access) is for downloading file
Storage (modify or delete contents on your USB storage) is for creating and storing downloaded data
Camera access: take photo for QR code scanning.
Control Vibration: create vibrating effect for necessary notification.

Any suggestions or feedbacks are welcome. Please drop us a message at

Kategorie: Nástroje
Operační systém: robot
Cena: Volný, uvolnit


Upgrade browser: faster and lighter, better ad-blocker
Support to download on more websites
Fix minor bugs

Uživatelské recenze / Stanovisko:

  • This is a must-have app if you download lots of things. It really improves your download speed; like, for me, downloading a 250mb file takes around 5min but with this it only took 1min.
  • It doesn’t resume an interrupted download. I’ve been using this app for over a year now and not once had I been able to succesfully resume a downloading file that stopped due to intermitent internet connection. I’ve renewed my premium subscription to compare it to another app that I just recently downloaded, and what a waste of money this app has been.

Download Accelerator Plus FILE INFORMATION

název balíčku:
Verze: 20170828 (2120170828)
Velikost souboru: 7.4 MB
aktualizováno: březen 14, 2018
Verze minimální Android: robot 5.0 (Lízátko, API 21)

DOWNLOAD Download Accelerator Plus 20170828 (2120170828) APK

staré verze

Accelerator Plus 20170826

Název souboru:
Verze: 20170826 (2120170826)
Nahraný: srpen 26, 2017 na 6:09PM GMT + 00
Velikost souboru: 7.40MB (7,761,571 bajtů)
Verze minimální Android: robot 5.0+ (Lízátko, API 21)

Accelerator Plus 20170822

Název souboru:
Verze: 20170822 (2120170822)
Nahraný: srpen 22, 2017 na 4:43PM GMT + 00
Velikost souboru: 7.41MB (7,768,899 bajtů)
Verze minimální Android: robot 5.0+ (Lízátko, API 21)

Accelerator Plus 20170730

Název souboru:
Verze: 20170730 (2120170730)
Nahraný: srpen 1, 2017 na 4:52PM GMT + 00
Velikost souboru: 7.28MB (7,637,067 bajtů)
Verze minimální Android: robot 5.0+ (Lízátko, API 21)


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