Game Screen Recorder is a premium recorder app for game and screen.
You can record your game video without root and easily share to your friends.

What can Game Screen Recorder do?
1. Automatically identify the game on your phone without anytime limit!
2. It does NOT require root access on your Lollipop!
3. Prologue Editor : You can edit the prologue and add it to your video.
4. Record Button Option : You can set the transparency of the record button in recording, you can even upload your own picture to customize the Record Button, More interesting, že jo?
5. Stop by notification bar : if you don’t want to show the Record Button, just turn off theStop by Record Button”.
6. You can pause and resume recording any time you want.(Need Advanced Engine)
7. Our screen recorder is completely FREE!

I can’t record using my tablet?
For system reasons, some old-version (default OS is 4.0 or even older) tablet can not make a record even it has re-installed a 5.0+ system through third-party Rom. We kindly suggest you to make the record via the mobile phone.

Learn more or feedback,please vist the help center in the app.

We will appreciate if you can help us add new languages to our apps.
If you are interested in it,please email us: dgeniushodelp@gmAil.Com

Kategorie: Video Players & Editors
Operační systém: robot
Cena: Volný, uvolnit


1. Update the the newest game list, the recorder can identify more hry you’ve already installed.
2. Fixed user experience issue on some devices.
3. Opravené chyby.

Uživatelské recenze / Stanovisko:

  • I have no idea what is going on with my phone. I have tried to install up to five different screen-capture apps, but when I agree to the app recording my screen, my phone screen CANNOT SENSE MY FINGER ACCEPTING IT. It accepts me disagreeing, but I will furiously tap my screen to get it to start recording, and nothing. NOTHING. “You have to agree.WHAT DO YOU THINK I’M TRYING TO DO, YOU DINGBAT? What is going on? I am kind of disgruntled because the only app that has worked so far gives my phone pop up ads constantly.
  • The older verison used to not have the pop up of the thing saying it was recording. Now this newest version does and it runs my recordings I try and make. Please remove them like the older ones and I’ll be happy again.
  • Amazing! Works perfectly by now…. Really like itToo many options you get to choose how your video will look while recordingGreat job creators! I just have a question, how can I record the audio of the phone or games I record?
  • Works ok but u cant get it to record more than once, if i stop video and start a new one it complains about some overlay permission, I’ve enabled all permissions so i don’t know what it’s problem is

Game Screen Recorder FILE INFORMATION

název balíčku: com.drivergenius.screenrecorder
Verze: 1.2.9 (129)
Velikost souboru: 4.9 MB
aktualizováno: duben 4, 2018
Verze minimální Android: robot 5.0 (Lízátko, API 21)

DOWNLOAD Game Screen Recorder 1.2.9 (129) APK

staré verze

Game Screen Recorder 1.2.8

název balíčku: com.drivergenius.screenrecorder
Verze: 1.2.8 (128)
Velikost souboru: 4.9 MB
Nahraný: duben 2, 2018
Verze minimální Android: robot 5.0 (Lízátko, API 21)

Game Screen Recorder 1.2.7

název balíčku: com.drivergenius.screenrecorder
Verze: 1.2.7 (127)
Velikost souboru: 4.9 MB
Nahraný: březen 29, 2018
Verze minimální Android: robot 5.0 (Lízátko, API 21)

Game Screen Recorder 1.2.5

název balíčku: com.drivergenius.screenrecorder
Verze: 1.2.5 (125)
Velikost souboru: 2.8 MB
Nahraný: January 23, 2018
Verze minimální Android: robot 5.0 (Lízátko, API 21)


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