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Winner of the Tabby Award for Creation, Design and Editing and PlayStore Editor’s Choice Award!

Create vector artwork with image and drawing layers you can send to Adobe Illustrator CC or to Photoshop CC.

Illustrators, graphic designers and artists can:
• Zoom up to 64x to apply finer details.
• Sketch with five different pen tips with adjustable opacity, size and color.
• Work with multiple image and drawing layers.
• Rename, duplicate, merge and adjust each individual layer.
• Insert basic shape stencils or new vector shapes from Capture CC.
• Send an editable native file to Illustrator or a PSD to Photoshop that automatically opens on your desktop.

Try using Draw with:
Photoshop CC
Illustrator CC
Capture CC
Photoshop Sketch

You can also take advantage of other Creative Cloud services like:

Search for and license high-res, royalty-free images from inside Draw. Incorporate quality imagery into your work.

Get easy in-app access to your assets — including Adobe Stock images, photos you processed in Lightroom, or scalable vector-based shapes created in Capture CC.

Adobe CreativeSync ensures that your files, fonts, design assets, settings and more all instantly appear in your workflow wherever you need them. Start your creative work on any device and seamlessly pick it up on another.

Publish your work to the Behance creative community and get feedback without leaving the app. You can also share through Facebook, Twitter and email.

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Kategorie: Photography
Betriebssystem: Android
Preis: Kostenlos


Preserve layers and layer names when sending to Photoshop CC.

Recover inadvertently deleted projects via the Creative Cloud website.

We’ve improved overall performance and stability.

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Erfahrungsberichte / Stellungnahme:

  • Disappointing! Does not work on my samsung tablet. I was able to install and use a drawing tool for less than two seconds. Thereafter the app repeatedly crashed on opening everytime. A reinstall did not fix the issue. After reinstalling the app on a new tablet a year later, the app is still horrible to use. The pressure drawing sensitivity is awful. I feel like I am carving my screen with the stylus just to achieve a wide stroke. I don’t understand why i have to drag the stylus all over the screen to change opacity or pen size. Overall bad functionality.
  • Hallo, my preference list is not complete. It only shows: *RESET COACH MARKS & DIALOGS *TOOL BAR: LEFT OR RIGHT *SYNC OPTION Backup only on WiFi Backup on both WiFi and cellular. Pls I need a response urgentlybecause this is the third time I’m downloading it directly from play store. ThankYouAdebowale Alamin
  • Using Samsung S Pen and the app constantly tries to fill the enclosed area creating black circles anywhere the pen touches. And there is no way to turn the feature off, rendering the app completely and utterly useless.

Adobe Illustrator Draw FILE INFORMATION

Paketnamen: com.adobe.creativeapps.draw
Ausführung: 3.5.1 (2000380)
Dateigröße: 40.9 MB
Aktualisiert: August 13, 2018
Mindest Android-Version: Android 5.0 (Lutscher, API 21)

DOWNLOAD Adobe Illustrator Draw 3.5.1 APK

Alte Versionen

Adobe Illustrator Draw 3.4.23

Paketnamen: com.adobe.creativeapps.draw
Ausführung: 3.4.23 (2000365)
Dateigröße: 40.8 MB
Uploaded: April 2, 2018
Mindest Android-Version: Android 5.0 (Lutscher, API 21)

Adobe Illustrator Draw 3.3.92

Paketnamen: com.adobe.creativeapps.draw
Ausführung: 3.3.92 (2000350)
Dateigröße: 51.4 MB
Uploaded: Dezember 17, 2017
Mindest Android-Version: Android 4.3 (Geleebohne, API 18)

Adobe Illustrator Draw 3.3.77

Paketnamen: com.adobe.creativeapps.draw
Ausführung: 3.3.77 (2000347)
Dateigröße: 51.2 MB
Uploaded: Oktober 3, 2017
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