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Navigation Gestures - Swipe Gesture Controls! APK Download v1.4.0-18_11_25_0646_54 LATEST VERSION 1
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Jealous of the cool new gesture navigation features on newer phones?
With Navigation Gestures, you don’t have to buy a new phone or wait for the next Android update to get swipe gesture controls. Navigation Gestures brings swipe gestures to any Android device! Replace the navigation bar buttons and get gesture controls with Navigation Gestures!Am allerbesten, Navigation Gestures can completely hide the stock navigation bar
ohne Wurzel! This is the nur gesture control app with this feature.Swipe left, richtig, oben, oder unten. Swipe up and hold. Zapfhahn. Double tap. Long press. Go crazy and split the pill in 3! There’s a lot of ways you can use the gesture bar to control your phone. Don’t like how the gesture pill looks? Customize it!Here’s everything you can do:



Single tap
Double tap
Tap and hold (long press)

Swipe up and hold
Swipe left
Swipe left and hold
Swipe right
Swipe right and hold
Swipe up
Swipe down

Split Pill

Swipe up from left
Swipe up and hold from left
Swipe up from center
Swipe up and hold from center
Swipe up from right
Swipe up and hold from right



– Zuhause
Recent apps
Toggle split-screen (Android Nougat+)
Open previous app (Android Nougat+)
Open Assistant
Hide pill


Pull down notifications
Pull down quick settings
Open power menu
Skip to previous media track
Skip to next media track
Play/pause current media track
Show keyboard switch dialog
Launch app
Lock screen
Take screenshot

Aussehen (all free)

Customize pill color
Customize pill transparency
Customize pill border color
Customize pill corner radius
Customize pill width/height
Customize pill X/Y position

Behavior (all free)

Blacklist pill/show nav bar in selected apps
Customize sensitivity
Customize vibration duration
Customize animation duration
Automatically hide pill after delay

Please visit this page for more details on the latest release and to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Check out the official XDA forum thread to leave feedback, or send us an email at the address listed below if you have any questions, Bemerkungen, or concerns.

Added Split Pill (OnePlus gestures)
Work on fixing pill missing in fullscreen apps
Added blacklisting features
Auto pill hiding feature
Sensitivity customization
Option to fix issues with Bote, Drupe, usw
Option to fix issues with Samsung Galaxy devices
Added Lock Screen action (Prämie)
Added Screenshot action (Prämie)
kompletter Changelog:
Erfahrungsberichte / Stellungnahme:
  • This app is simply awesome by XDA. I am having Nokia 7 plus which is running with pure android and I don’t like the navigation keys position (Back key is in left side) why because previously I was a samsung user and the back and recent is not comfortable for meNow it is working fine and awesome and I am loving it. With full screen display without navigation keys. One more thing i want to say, this is the first app which made me to provide review. It is working fine in pure android phonesNot working as expected in samsung phones.
  • It’s perfect! I didn’t know how much I needed this until I actually got it running. I like a minimalist look so I always have the Nav bar hidden and have to swipe to reveal it anyway. This just makes it quicker and easier (not to mention cleaner with the split pill setup). This is great. Also the app provides very clear and helpful instructions for those who have never used adb or anything like that.

Navigationsgesten – Swipe-Geste Kontrollen! 1.4.0-18_11_25_0646_54 FILE INFORMATION

Ausführung: 1.4.0-18_11_25_0646_54 (37)
Paket: com.xda.nobar
Dateigröße: 5.88 MB (6,163,322 Bytes)
mir: Android 5.0 (Lutscher, API 21)
Hochgeladen: Dezember 4, 2018 beim 2:26EIN

Download Navigation Gestures – Swipe-Geste Kontrollen! 1.4.0-18_11_25_0646_54 APK

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Navigationsgesten – Swipe-Geste Kontrollen! 1.3.0-18_07_10_1009_13

Ausführung: 1.3.0-18_07_10_1009_13 (35)
Paket: com.xda.nobar
Dateigröße: 4.74 MB (4,967,621 Bytes)
mir: Android 5.0 (Lutscher, API 21)
Hochgeladen: Juli 11, 2018 beim 1:54AM

Navigationsgesten – Swipe-Geste Kontrollen! 1.2.0-18_06_11_1601_23

Ausführung: 1.2.0-18_06_11_1601_23 (34)
Paket: com.xda.nobar
Dateigröße: 4.06 MB (4,255,074 Bytes)
mir: Android 5.0 (Lutscher, API 21)
Hochgeladen: Juni 12, 2018 beim 3:37AM

Navigationsgesten – Swipe-Geste Kontrollen! 1.1.6-18_05_29_2339_05

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