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Truecaller Premium Gold APK v11.64.5 {Descargar 2021 Último}

Does anyone remember the old-fashioned rotary dial telephone where you had to spin a finger wheel over and over again until you are finally able to dial a number minutes later? Or the old landlines stuck to the walls of your home; así, you couldn’t move further across the room when the conversation gets too spicy for you to settle down? Or maybe you were raised at a time when mobile phones had buttons and not the sleek touchpad of a smartphone that we’re so used to and have grown to rely on for our survival.

During their time and age, these old telephone models were the exciting wonders of the world that people couldn’t keep their hands off. sin embargo, they had one thing in common that distinguished them from modern smartphones we so much adore.

Cuando el teléfono sonó, no teníamos idea de quién estaba en la otra línea hasta que preguntamos por nosotros mismos. Bien, para los teléfonos móviles con teclado de marcación, a menos que la persona que llama se haya guardado en su lista de contactos, no había forma en la tierra de que pudieras adivinar la persona que llama sin contestar el teléfono primero.

A veces, contestarías el teléfono, y una voz tímida te preguntaba, "¿Está funcionando su refrigerador??"Antes de que se echaran a reír. Tales fueron los buenos tiempos que también llegaron con sus limitaciones..

sin embargo, con el smartphone moderno, puedes hacer mucho más con ellos que hacer una llamada. Ahora es posible identificar a las personas que llaman antes incluso de recibir la llamada utilizando una aplicación de llamadas en particular para Androide dispositivos, conocido como Truecaller Premium Gold APK.

La forma en que hacemos y respondemos llamadas en nuestros teléfonos móviles se ha revolucionado con aplicaciones como Truecaller Premium Gold, dificultando que los extraños oculten sus identidades a tu alrededor.

¿Qué es Truecaller Premium Gold APK??

Truecaller Premium Gold APK es una versión avanzada de la aplicación Truecaller original y le permite acceder a las funciones premium de la membresía Gold. Con más de doscientos cincuenta millones de usuarios en todo el mundo, Truecaller gives you amazing utilities and remarkable experiences when it comes to making phone calls.

The default calling app on your phone only has a limited number of features, of which some might be considered obsolete because you aren’t used to them or they have no value on your phone and take up more of your space and RAM.

sin embargo, since you can’t delete the default calling app on your Android device, you can always install the Truecaller Premium Gold APK on it and enjoy much more with calling your friends, familia, compañeros de trabajo, or even ordering a pizza for the night out with the girls or boys.

Puedes llamar, text and even video call your friends from across the globe to keep in touch as often as you’d like. There is global connection stations set-up all around the world allowing you to contact friends from anywhere provided they have a stable internet connection.  

Calls can now show the IP of your contact list and let you know who may be on another call before you even dial their numbers and find them busy. You can also identify spams from the station and scammers who have frequently been reported by other users.

Any useless information, correo no deseado, anonymous SMS, and remote SMS marketing will immediately be blocked before reaching the smartphone’s connection with the Truecaller Premium Gold APK on your phone. You can even block various contacts that you don’t want disturbing you anymore and they will be prevented from contacting you entirely.

Truecaller Premium Gold APK is a default calling and messaging application that identifies unknown callers, blocks unwanted calls, shows the names and photos, or your callers even for those that aren’t saved on your contact list. Está, por lo tanto, an app worth having on your Android device. To know more about gold membership, Por favorvisit the official site from here.

Descargar Truecaller Gold APK para Android

Truecaller Premium Gold APK has unlocked all features of the original Truecaller app, and everyone can access them free of charge. There are also other versions such as the Truecaller mod APK which only unlocks a few Premium features of the Truecaller Premium for free.

All these apps serve to exceed the expectations of the original version by opening amazing features that aren’t available from any other calling application on the Google Play Tienda. You can download the Truecaller app for free from the Play Store but for the different versions such as the gold app, you will have to pay for them.

sin embargo, is you’re interested in the Pro versions of Truecaller, you can always get them free of charge on our website such as and install them onto your Android device. There’s no more hiding for scammers, conmen, and pranksters because the Truecaller Premium Gold APK strives to expose them all so that you can be on the lookout at all times.

Nothing sounds better than your ex trying to reach out to you using a new number but since you have Truecaller gold, you are instantly notified and thus, capable of blocking the number before they call again.

Información de la versión apk:

NombreTruecaller Premium Gold
Última actualizaciónjunio 10, 2021

The app works for Android 4.4+ and only has a size of about 46 MB. Get the latest version of Truecaller gold app for free using the link below:



Truecaller Premium Gold APK is an unlocked modded version that enables us to use paid features for free. The latest updated version is entirely working without bugs. Lea el artículo completo para obtener más información.


Bloquear llamadas telefónicas entrantes

Everyone has that one number or a couple of them that they are bothered by and would avoid picking up their calls. The call could be a commercial one or an irritating individual who doesn’t know when to give up and this creates the need for call blocking even more.

Some devices in the market today don’t have such features pre-installed into them and, así, require you to download third-party applications to get the job done because no one likes to be called over and over again even after ignoring it the first two times.

With the Truecaller Premium Gold APK as your default calling app, you can blacklist any number on your contact list, and it will be instantly blocked from calling you. The caller might only hear a busy sign signal and will have no idea that they were blocked while from your side, you won’t be bothered by any ringing phone.

Lista de fondos

The Truecaller gold app collects or aggregates information from multiple sources and users to regularly update the blacklist of spam numbers. Whenever you notice a span number contacting you, all you have to do is click Block & report spam.

Truecaller identificará inmediatamente este número como spam común, especialmente si fue bloqueado y publicado por más de un usuario.. Esto ayuda a crear un mejor entorno de usuario porque cada vez que se llama a un usuario alternativo de Truecaller utilizando ese número de spam, Se les notificará al respecto y se les mostrará la cantidad de informes de spam asociados..

Grabar llamadas telefónicas

Con la versión Truecaller Premium Gold, obtiene acceso a la función de grabación de llamadas que graba sin problemas la llamada prevista en vivo y con buena calidad. Los usuarios también pueden sincronizar las grabaciones específicas en la nube Truecaller y reproducirlas cuando lo deseen.

sin embargo, debe conocer la política de privacidad de su estado con respecto a la grabación de llamadas antes de conformarse con esta función, ya que puede causarle problemas, especially if your country has strict laws against recording voice calls. De otra manera, you can always record the calls between family and lovers to cherish the memories.

Copia de seguridad y sincronización en la nube

Truecaller Premium Gold APK allows you to backup and sync all your call data onto Google Drive, such as your call history, all contacts, settings and every message.

De esta manera, even when you change phones, you will never lose data concerning your calls, as you can always sync all of it onto the new device. This allows you to stay in touch with everyone around you even after getting a new smartphone without worrying about forgetting anything.

Bloquear mensajes de spam

We all get those rogue texts from unknown numbers that inform us of a commercial business coming our way or a new service that would help us if we subscribed to it.

Others might even come from gambling services or sporting apps, and the only thing they have in common is that they are very good at filling the spaces on our phones unnecessarily. The Truecaller gold app allows you to block any spam message that you have no interest in.

sin embargo, because it is common to find many users blocking their friends and lovers due to some issues, Truecaller allows you to see the messages in the spam box because some users may also want to read these messages. This means that although the texts may be blocked, you can still access them from the spam inbox if you so desire.

Quién vio mi perfil

With Truecaller Premium, you are expected to create your very own profile by including your name, foto, and address which is optional. Esta persona puede identificarte rápidamente cada vez que realices una llamada telefónica..

Otras personas también pueden ver su perfil, pero desafortunadamente, con la versión gratuita original, nunca se puede saber quien lo hizo. La aplicación premium gold, aunque mejora la seguridad al permitirle ver quién visitó recientemente su perfil de Truecaller.

Modo incognito

Cuando miras los perfiles de otras personas, a menos que también tengan la aplicación Truecaller premium gold en sus dispositivos, no serán alertados sobre eso.

Sin anuncios

Los anuncios pueden ser un verdadero dolor de cabeza, especialmente si está intentando hacer una llamada o escribir un mensaje, y en medio de ella, aparece un banner publicitario, interrumpiendo el proceso. Muchos saben lo irritante que puede ser, pero con la versión premium Gold de Truecaller instalada en su dispositivo Android, obtienes una experiencia sin publicidad.

Insignia premium

Whenever you call anyone, you benefit from having the premium badge on your caller ID. This will make you look very professional, and people will be less reluctant to pick up your calls. It would look like an urgent business call, one of which they can’t turn down.

Más solicitudes de contacto

If you feel like you want to expand your horizons and make more friends, then you can always discover new people on the Truecaller Premium Gold app by sending up to 30 requests to other users asking for their numbers.

Soporte de alta prioridad

With the Truecaller Gold membership, you get quick responses to your queries by the support agents on a higher priority.

Cómo instalar Truecaller Gold APK en Android?

Paso 1.Uninstall any Truecaller app which is either free or modded app from your android device. This is a much-needed step to avoid installation errors.

Paso 2. Ahora, Download Truecaller Gold APK from our servers.

Paso 3. Open your android file manager application, luego busque el archivo APK.

Paso 4. Puntee en el archivo APK. Here you might see the security warning says enable this source to proceed further. Enable unknown sources option for installing APK files.

Paso 5. Una vez que haya terminado con eso, head over to the Truecaller Premium APK file and try to install it again.

Paso 6. Open the app and allow the required permissions.

Nota: If you face force close error, then clear data of the app and open again.

Paso 7. Enter your number to login or sign up for an account.


The app works for Android 4.4+ and only has a size of about 46 MB. Get the latest version of Truecaller gold app for free using the link below:



Nota final:-

The Truecaller Premium Gold APK gives you all the premium features but with a dash of gold, making you stand out from the regular crowd. Get the app today and be recognized as a VIP from whichever Android device you might be using.

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