Driving School 2016 is the latest simulation game where you can learn to drive different kind of vehicles: cars, trucks and buses. Driving School 2016 will allow you to play across many environments: شهرستانها, country roads, highways, deserts, mountains etc
Now you can drive with a manual transmission, with clutch and stick shift!
Play with your friends in a free ride multiplayer mode!
More than 50 levels with different driving situations are waiting for you. Show off your driving skills, get your driving license now! Play Driving School 2016!

• More than 10 detailed maps
• Smooth and realistic car handling
• Different licenses to take, Car, Bus and Truck
• More than 50 challenging levels
• Free Ride mode
• New Multiplayer Mode!
• Detailed vehicle interiors
• Realistic damage system
• Learn to drive a manual with clutch and stick shift
• Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
• Online Leaderboards and Achievements
• Real engine sounds
• Realistic weather conditions
• Request new maps and vehicles on our social media pages!
• Controller Support, play with your Gamepad! Try it on AndroidTV!

دسته بندی: Games/Racing
Operating System: اندروید
Price: رایگان

چه خبر

bug fixing!

نقد های کاربران / نظر:

  • اول از همه, you cannot flip your car. Second of all, mistakes happen even when you DON’T do it. Third of all,you cannot customize your car.Forth of all, this needs more bug fixes. Fifth, sometimes rooms don’t show up in join roomis a good game,but fix and add all of the five things. Thank you very much in the future. Here are all the things I like. I like that all the cars in the garage look realistic. And, I like that there are stop signs and traffic lights! I really like the graphics. I even like the gameplay, with speed limits, sport mode, signal lights, و بیشتر!
  • I like the game, I just think it needs a little fixing up with one of the maps. That map is Seattle and it glitches so much it’s impossible to play. But altogether I like the game and the graphics are pretty well.
  • It’s good BUT there was no parking button on the stick with drive and reverse, and when I tried toI kept going backwards! If the creaters of this game see this, please fix it and let me know,but other wise it was amazing!
  • Please add sound on off button. When I driving car without accident than some time car crash and minus my XP. I can’t able to complete exam level in Andes mountain because this bug. And specially fix bugs for Andes mountain level. Please solve this bug fast.

Driving School 2016 اطلاعات تصویر

نام بسته: com.ovilex.drivingschool2016
نسخه: 2.0.0 (16)
حجم فایل: 30.5 MB
به روز رسانی: فوریه 20, 2018
حداقل نسخه آندروید: اندروید 4.1 (ژله باقلا, API 16)

DOWNLOAD Driving School 2016 2.0.0 (16) APK

نسخه قدیمی

Driving School 2016 1.8.1

نام بسته: com.ovilex.drivingschool2016
نسخه: 1.8.1 (15)
حجم فایل: 20 MB
آپلود شده: جولای 24, 2017
حداقل نسخه آندروید: اندروید 4.0.3 (بستنی نونی, API 15)

Driving School 2016 1.7.0

نام فایل: com.ovilex.drivingschool2016_v1.7.0-13_Android-4.0.3.apk
نسخه: 1.7.0 (13)
آپلود شده: مارس 30, 2017 در 8:09GMT + 00
حجم فایل: 97.15MB (101,865,068 بایت)
حداقل نسخه آندروید: اندروید 4.0.3+ (بستنی نونی, API 15)

Driving School 2016 1.6.0

نام فایل: com.ovilex.drivingschool2016_v1.6.0-12_Android-4.0.3.apk
نسخه: 1.6.0 (12)
آپلود شده: مارس 6, 2017 در 8:02GMT + 00
حجم فایل: 97.14MB (101,867,129 بایت)
حداقل نسخه آندروید: اندروید 4.0.3+ (بستنی نونی, API 15)

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