خانه اندروید BanggoodEasy Online Shopping APK Download v5.17.0 Latest version

BanggoodEasy Online Shopping APK Download v5.17.0 Latest version

به روز رسانی در: اوت 5, 2019

در حال جستجو برای این برنامه اندروید? - AndroidFreeApks سعی کنید به لینک دانلود مستقیم برای آخرین نسخه از "BanggoodEasy Online Shopping APK Download v5.17.0 Latest version" برای تلفن سیستم عامل آندروید یا تبلت. این برنامه متعلق به رده آندروید. انتخاب و دانلود از لینک زیر دانلود مستقیم برای شروع را دریافت فایل APK برای "BanggoodEasy Online Shopping APK Download v5.17.0 Latest version", و سپس فایل انتقال به کارت SD گوشی آندروید خود را و استفاده از یک مدیر فایل است شما ترجیح می دهید به فهرست و آن را نصب کنید. شما آندروید نیاز 4.0.3 نسخه یا بالاتر برای نصب این برنامه.

Download BanggoodEasy Online خريد كردن APK دانلود آخرین نسخه به صورت رایگان در اینجا برای شما اندروید تلفن یا رایانه لوحی…
Install this app and do not miss our crazzzzyyy deals and discounts.

Enjoy the best shopping experience alongside Banggood’s 20 million other users. Download the app now to enjoy app only exclusive deals.

Easily find and buy high-quality Chinese products from the comfort of your home using our app.

Rewards for new users when they محل their first, second and third order
Complete the first order can get a 8% repurchase coupon;
Complete the second order can get 500 points;
Complete the third order refund 2% of first order amount.

BGpay payment method
Now you can enjoy fast payment and earn bonus rewards on your cell phone

گوگل پرداخت
New cash back offer, place an order over $50 and pay with Google Pay to get US$5 cash back on our online shopping site.

Personalized Recommendations
Enjoy personalized products, categories, and official brands tailored to your interests. Our smart alerts also ensure you never miss a major discount.

Official Brand Distributor
Get access to DJI, XIAOMI, HUAWEI, DOOGEE, and many more big brands at the lowest prices.

Group Buying
A new way to shop! Invite your friends to buy the same item at a super low price, and enjoy an unbeatable discount together.

Daily Flash Sales & کوپن
Save more with exclusive app deals at unmissable prices. Get mobile access to our awesome coupons, flash deals, preorder items and $0.1 seckill promotions.

بی خطر & Secure Payment
We accept a variety of secure payment methods including PayPal, کارت اعتباری, Boleto, and even cash on delivery.

Customer Care
Fast and friendly online 24/7 Customer Service, and privacy protection for all buyers.

App Highlights:
• New users get a 10% off coupon
• Advanced search filters to quickly find what you want
• Order management & Buyer Protection
• Free shipping on most products
• Personalized notifications
• Multilingual support

The most trusted online shopping app for affordable products

About Banggood
BrandZ™ China Top 50 Brands in 2018
فیس بوک بالا 50 Brands China in 2018
بالا 5 E-Retailers in China

If you find any bugs or would like any assistance, please contact us for support.
Official website: www.banggood.com
فیس بوک: www.facebook.com/banggood/
توییتر: twitter.com/banggood
E-mail: aNdroidبازدید کنندگانerVicالکترونیکی@bآnگرمgood.جom.

چه خبر

◉ Optimized Home page for a better user experience.
◉ Bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you find a bug or have any suggestions, drop us a line in the APP by tappingMenuthen “تماس با ما”.

نقد های کاربران / نظر:

  • Great and very fast response from BG. App fixed! عالی. Old review: New update since mid Dec broke the sign-in. Accepting privacy pop up always error with msg: “Please try again later”. Credential was ignored whether with email or Facebook after succesful login. Cannot access account/orders or see saved card and app keep sayingplease login before operationeven after succesful login. لطفا رفع.
  • The apps is awesome don’t get me wrong but I can add things to my cart nor buy things on the app cause when ever I do that they either say that nothing is in the cart or that when I add it to the cart and shows up on the top bar and once I go inside it. The product dissappears from my basket.
  • This was my first order, and the delivery was super fast. I received the product in 8 روزها. Really wonderful experience After Update Logging out automatically after recent update. downgrading the app due to recent update.

Banggood 5.17.0 اطلاعات تصویر

نسخه: 5.17.0 (51700)
بسته: com.banggood.client
حجم فایل: 14.9 MB (15,624,051 بایت)
به من: اندروید 4.2 (ژله باقلا MR1, API 17)
آپلود شده: ژانویه 1, 2019 در 7:38صبح

Download Banggood 5.17.0 APK

نسخه قدیمی

Banggood 5.16.0

نسخه: 5.16.0 (51600)
بسته: com.banggood.client
حجم فایل: 14.58 MB (15,288,425 بایت)
به من: اندروید 4.2 (ژله باقلا MR1, API 17)
آپلود شده: دسامبر 18, 2018 در 12:29صبح

Banggood 5.15.1

نسخه: 5.15.1 (51501)
بسته: com.banggood.client
حجم فایل: 15.83 MB (16,594,926 بایت)
به من: اندروید 4.2 (ژله باقلا MR1, API 17)
آپلود شده: دسامبر 4, 2018 در 12:07PM

Banggood 5.15.0

نسخه: 5.15.0 (51500)
بسته: com.banggood.client
حجم فایل: 15.83 MB (16,595,028 بایت)
به من: اندروید 4.2 (ژله باقلا MR1, API 17)
آپلود شده دسامبر 3, 2018 در 9:36صبح

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