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DigiLux: Fingerprint Gestures for Phone Brightness APK Download v7.0.2 Latest version

AndroidFreeApks.com سعی کنید به آخرین نسخه "DigiLux: Fingerprint Gestures for Phone Brightness APK Download v7.0.2 Latest version" برای تلفن آندروید خود. این برنامه متعلق به رده آندروید. این فایل APK آخرین بار در دسامبر به روز 19, 2018 در 8:21 صبح. را انتخاب کنید و دانلود از لینک دانلود زیر را مستقیم برای شروع را دریافت فایل APK برای "DigiLux: Fingerprint Gestures for Phone Brightness APK Download v7.0.2 Latest version", و سپس فایل انتقال به کارت SD گوشی آندروید خود را و استفاده از یک مدیر فایل است شما ترجیح می دهید به فهرست و آن را نصب کنید. شما آندروید نیاز 4.0.3 نسخه یا بالاتر برای نصب این برنامه.

DigiLux: Fingerprint Gestures for Phone Brightness APK Download v7.0.2 Latest version 1

Download DigiLux: Fingerprint Gestures for Phone Brightness Download Latest version for free here for your اندروید تلفن و یا قرص..

توجه داشته باشید لطفا: Devices with large circular fingerprint sensors are most likely to be supported, others cannot because of hardware limitations. You’re more than welcome to try, but there are no guarantees you device will be supported; no Samsung support.

Enjoy your large screen, but find using the notification shade brightness widget one handed difficult or inaccessible? Always been upset that you have physical controls to manage your phone’s volume, but not its brightness? خوب, worry no more! This app lets you use your finger print sensor as dedicated brightness control hardware in addition to many other single handed use niceties.

You’ve turned off the lights and crawled into bed completely knackered. Your phone goes off, your crush just texted you. You want to read it, but you also quite like seeing and don’t want to sacrifice your eyes to the relationship gods for this person; at least not yet, maybe ever, who knows?! Life’s a journey and all that. ولی! You’ve got this app installed! So You merely swipe your finger to the left and your eyes are no longer an Icarus drifting defiantly and foolishly into the sunlight of your phone’s screen.

You read the message, you giggle, your eyes are saved and your can proceed to sleep. You don’t text back immediately though, you close your eyes with a smirk: “Good things are worth waiting for”. Right you are you beautiful person. Right you are.

این برنامه با استفاده از خدمات دسترسی.

This app enhances one handed phone usage of your device by providing the following:

1. Gestures and Brightness control:
* Customize how much each swipe increases or reduces the brightness.
* Position the slider closer to the top or bottom of your screen.
* Change the color of the slider and it’s background.
* Choose whether you want the slider to show up or not.
* The ability to map gestures to actions, keep the gestures you already use and love!

2. Auto changing wallpapers: اندروید 8.1 added the feature where a light wallpaper gave a light notification shade, and a dark wallpaper a dark notification shade. The app now lets you choose wallpapers for either scenario and set the time for the app to automatically change over. A future update will let this automatically sync with sunrise and sunset at the user’s location for pro users.

3. Auto rotation: Auto rotate apps only certain apps to landscape, all others will remain in potrait mode. (limited to 2 for free users)

4. Accessibility Pop up button: Run out of gestures? Use a pop up for those actions you still want, but would rather not use gestures for.

5. A trial period: You can now tap the “کادو” icon in the Action Bar to try the premium version of the app for 10 minutes first, 30 seconds next and 10 seconds on subsequent taps. If you want another 10 minute trial, just have to disable the app in accessibility settings, and reenable it again. This closes the app completely and resets the trial status. A handy timer shows how much time is left in the trial in the same Action Bar icon.

Premium features:

* Pick your slider colors based on your wallpaper! Please note live wallpapers are not supported.

* Add a dimmer for when you want your brightness to go down just that much more.

* Add as many apps as you want to the auto rotation list.

* Restore Adaptive brightness depending on an ambient brightness threshold when the screen turns on.

* Apply a dark screen filter over the the Application Window to further dim the screen. Android OS limitations however prevent the filter from drawing over the Notification Drawer.

Google Plus Page:

دستگاه های پشتیبانی شده:

This app depends on a FingerPrint Gesture API introduced in Android Oreo. توجه داشته باشید لطفا, this app is not compatible with your device if it doesn’t have it installed.

Supported devices include:

* گوگل پیکسل 2 خیلی بزرگ
* گوگل پیکسل 2
* Google Pixel XL
* گوگل پیکسل
* Nexus 6P
* برای Nexus 5X
* One Plus 5T
* The Essential Phone
* Xiaomi Mi A1

Various bug fixes and improvements including:

Fingerprint gestures are now processed on a background thread.
The layout for popup shortcuts have been updated to look more like Android P’s accessibility menu.
Slicker animations for the FAB when asking for permissions.
The permissions FAB now dismisses itself on screens where the requested permission is not needed.
and lots more!

نقد های کاربران / نظر:

  • Love this app since it makes everything much easier for me. با این حال, an issue that’s caught my eye since I’ve updated my phone (Android P beta) is the brightness will jump 50% or so starting from 0%. That’s inconsistent to me and would honestly make this app a 10/10. ثابت لطفا.
  • The notification shade gesture is very slow compared to the stock Pixel 3 implementationThere is noticeable lag when using the Digilux implementation. So I am uninstalling, even though I like using the left and right gestures for brightness control. Also double swipe gestures are very clunky, had to do it several times before it would take.. kind of feel like I wanted my money upgrading to premium for the double swipe gesture feature since it doesn’t work reliabily at all..
  • سلام, Thank you for responding. I don’t have adaptive brightness restoration setting on. My device is Pixel 2. —————————————————– سلام, sometimes the brightness changes to super bright by itself even when the adaptive brightness if turned off. It really hurts my eyes when it does that in dark environment. Would you take a look at that? متشکرم.

DigiLux: اثر انگشت حرکات برای تلفن روشنایی 7.0.2 اطلاعات تصویر

نسخه: 7.0.2 (42)
بسته: com.tunjid.fingergestures
حجم فایل:1.72 MB (1,802,856 بایت)
به من: اندروید 8.0 (اوریو, API 26)
آپلود شده: دسامبر 18, 2018 در 6:39PM

Download DigiLux: اثر انگشت حرکات برای تلفن روشنایی 7.0.2 APK

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آپلود شده: ژوئن 10, 2018 در 5:14صبح

DigiLux: اثر انگشت حرکات برای تلفن روشنایی 2.0.2

"DigiLux: Fingerprint Gestures for Phone Brightness APK Download v7.0.2 Latest version" اموال و علامت تجاری از توسعه دهنده اصلی / مالک است, تمام حقوق این سایت متعلق توسعه دهندگان مربوطه. ما مسئول نیست برای هر چیزی برای تلفن و یا talet شما اتفاق می افتد, ما سعی می کنیم به فایل APK به عنوان آن چیزی است که در playstore گوگل وجود دارد.

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