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Survival Heroes - MOBA Battle Royale APK 1

Google Play’s Halloween CampaignSpooky updates you can’t resist!
Did you hear the secret and scary laughing across the dark night? Iya, the witches are back again on the Halloween Event in Survival Heroes! Constructions inside Avzar have been affected by the spell and the pumpkin heads are everywhere. Put on your special outfits and say hello to the Halloween Special Edition. Get fun along with benefits from Halloween World Chests. Could it be something just spooky or useful to upgrade your mount? Don’t be afraid. Download Survival Heroes now to find out!

MOBA + Battle Royale
Get ready to play the most epic MOBA in the history! It’s easy to get started and fun to master with traditional MOBA game control! In Survival Heroes, every player starts the same in the valley of heroes. Go pick up your first weapon and have a fair fight with others, explore the vast land of dangerous creatures and loots! Juga, be wary of the bush and mist, because you will never know what’s in there.

Choose Your Landing
Spawn in a spring? No no no. In Survival Heroes, you get to choose where you start, whether it is a hot dangerous spot or a distant area choose wisely because you only get one life per round.

Pick Up Your Gear
No need to buy gear for your champion anymore. In Survival Heroes, only your luck and skill will be put into test. To be a true survivalist, you will need to improvise by picking up the right gear at the right moment.

Various Weapon and Items
Survival Heroes contains almost 30 distinct weapons, which give heroes hundreds of unique abilities to choose from. You can use the fierce firepower to kill everyone in your way, or if you prefer the sneaky beaky way, you can set traps, lurk in the bush and wait for your enemy to step on.

Not Just a MOBA, This Is MOBA Battle Royale
* Membutuhkan koneksi internet terus-menerus.
* Recommended specs for getting the most out of Survival heroes: Android 4.0 atau di atas dan setidaknya 2 RAM GB.

Hubungi kami
Versi saat ini tidak mewakili kualitas akhir pertandingan seperti yang kita akan terus mengoptimalkan konten yang ada dan menambahkan fitur baru.

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Pengguna Ulasan / Opini:

  • This is the ultimate form of PvP. Mixing the MOBA and Battle Royale genres creates an adrenaline filled rush that is seriously addictive. Juga, it doesn’t seem to be P2W, because almost everything you need to pay money for is cosmetics. I can not recommended this game enough.
  • What the hell!! After update i lose my data!! Even tho every single time I played the game recognize my account and now i lose it??? I waste my money to buy stuff in this game, screw you dev, so unprofessional! Don’t waste your time and money on this game, you’ll end up lose it, i want my money back!!!
  • Interesting game with good mechanics and control, but lagsI applied HIGH settings and turned and Show Fps. When I flew my fps fell down to 7-20 dari 60. And the phone looked like a stole 🙂 battery charge quickly drops. Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Fun game combining MOBA and B.R Pros: -The map is interesting and looks nice -Unique weapons -Combines MOBA and B.R well Cons- -Absolutely no character customization (so far) -You have to BUY certain weapons (with in- game currency) in order to use them.

kelangsungan hidup Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale 1.3.0 INFORMASI FILE

Versi: 1.3.0 (16)
Paket: com.snailgamesusa.survival
Ukuran file:75.65 MB (79,326,226 byte)
saya: Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)
upload: November 1, 2018

DOWNLOAD Survival HeroesMOBA Battle Royale 1.3.0 APK

Versi lama

kelangsungan hidup Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale 1.2.2

Versi: 1.2.2 (15)
Paket: com.snailgamesusa.survival
Ukuran file: 74.67 MB (78,294,062 byte)
saya: Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)
upload: Oktober 16, 2018
kelangsungan hidup Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale 1.2.1
upload Oktober 10, 2018 di 9:32AM GMT + 0530 oleh HoldTheDoor
Versi: 1.2.1 (14)
Paket: com.snailgamesusa.survival
Ukuran file: 74.83 MB (78,460,656 byte)
saya: Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)
upload: Oktober 10, 2018

kelangsungan hidup Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale 1.0.8 beta

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