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Omong kosong APK v1.009.10922 (game Arcade) mencoba memberikan Versi terbaru dari "Omong kosong APK v1.009.10922 (game Arcade)" untuk Telepon Android Anda. App ini termasuk dalam kategori Android. file APK ini terakhir diperbaharui pada November 18, 2018 di 3:31 sore. Memilih dan download dari link download di bawah ini langsung untuk memulai mendapatkan file apk untuk "Omong kosong APK v1.009.10922 (game Arcade)", Dan kemudian memindahkan file ke kartu SD ponsel Android Anda dan menggunakan satu file manager lebih suka browsing & menginstalnya. Anda akan membutuhkan Android 4.0.3 versi atau lebih tinggi untuk menginstal aplikasi ini.

Download Piffle APK By HIPSTER WHALE (game Arcade) Latest Version here

Got annoyed by your boss?Piffle APK v1.009.10922 (Arcade Game) 1
Feel like throwing your phone through the room?
Sick of meditation?

Unleash your frustration in a cute way: just play Piffle.
Throw a bunch of cute things (Piffle Balls) against whatever is in your way!

Piffle is the cutest way of relieving your stress!

Fixed bugs and stability issues.
Pengguna Ulasan / Opini:
  • The game is really fun, but there are it’s flaws. The items are way too expensive and you rarely get any money if so very low amount of it. The games are sometimes unrealistic when it comes to not having enough money to buy materials to help buying some, you’re basically forced to pay for coins, and about that, when buying a $8.99 pack of the game you get very few stuff. Needs to be fair! If this is upgraded I’m sure the game would be much more entertaining and fun for people!
  • The game is fine in the beginning but stops being fun once the absorbing/spreading gelatin show up. It just makes the RNG too painful and feels like you basically have to pay is you want to keep playing with any chance of success.
  • Why the heart not refill??? I play untill out of heart, then I study and hope it will full when I come back. But It not!!! I look for many time when I close program my heart’ll still zero! It’s make me sad, cam you fix this? I promise I’ll play it for long time.
  • Piffle is a good game with nice art. However when those blocks with the blue electric thing going around them that change the other blocks into other things are added it becomes so laggy I was forced to delete the app due to how unplayable it became. tingkat 174 is the worst for this as it is entirely these blocks in the round.. I can’t even get past it with powerups (which are overpriced) because it processes so slow I can’t see where things are going to go. I wish I could rate this higher because I really enjoyed it until this point.
  • game is amazing! musik, environment, bright colors, everything goes together perfectly. one question I bought the dog pack how do I change it back to cats?
  • Piffle 1.008.10841


Versi: 1.009.10922 (10922) armeabi-V7A
Paket: com.hipsterwhale.piffle
ukuran: 57.13 MB (59,909,287 byte)
Mendukung instalasi pada penyimpanan eksternal.

Download Piffle APK (game Arcade) Versi terbaru

Versi lama


Versi: 1.008.10841 (10841)
Paket: com.hipsterwhale.piffle
Ukuran file: 57.13 MB (59,908,747 byte)
saya: Android 4.4 (Kit Kat, API 19)
upload: November 10, 2018

Piffle 1.008.10841

Versi: 1.008.10841 (10841)
Paket: com.hipsterwhale.piffle
Ukuran file: 57.13 MB (59,908,747 byte)
saya: Android 4.4 (Kit Kat, API 19)
upload: November 10, 2018 di 9:36SAYA

Piffle 1.007.10745

Versi: 1.007.10745 (10745)
Paket: com.hipsterwhale.piffle
Ukuran file: 57.11 MB (59,883,805 byte)
saya: Android 4.4 (Kit Kat, API 19)
upload: November 6, 2018 di 10:01SAYA

"Omong kosong APK v1.009.10922 (game Arcade)" adalah properti dan merek dagang utama pengembang / pemilik, semua hak cipta oleh pengembang masing-masing. Kami tidak bertanggung jawab untuk apa pun yang terjadi untuk ponsel Anda atau talet, kami mencoba memberikan berkas apk seperti apa yang ada di google PlayStore.

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