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☆ Fight the World ☆
Use your best strategy to win the war! Battle Alert: War of Tanks, has all the super futuristic military firepower you could want: Tanks, warplanes, bombe, soldiers and more!

☆ Build & Defend Your Base ☆
You can’t just be on the offense, Battle Alert lets you build massive basses with upgradable buildings and tons of firepower. Will your enemies dare attack you?

☆ Free Multiplayer Strategy ☆
This war game features real time strategy, RTS, fights with people from all over the world. Rise through the ranks to become the most powerful warlord general!

☆ Vivid Graphics ☆
Real Time Strategy Battles in HD beauty! Battle Alert brings the best in terms of graphics!

✔ Real time battles! Clash with your enemies in a free SciFi like landscape!
✔ Gather resources as you build you base. Defense is as important as offence!
✔ SimCity like city building! Defend your Base by creating big defenses! Build up your base to build up your army!
✔ Battle Alert: War of Tanks of course has tanks, airplanes, military vehicles, and all kinds of small infantry for you to train and deploy.
✔ The Future is Now! Upgrade science techs in Battle Alert: War of Tanks so when you clash with opponents victory will be yours!

This game is seriously fun.

Battle Alert is completely free to play, tuttavia alcuni elementi di gioco possono anche essere acquistati con denaro reale. Se non si desidera utilizzare questa funzione, Si prega di impostare la protezione password per gli acquisti nelle impostazioni del tuo Google Play Store.

☆Connect with Battle Alert: War of Tanks! ☆

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Categoria: Games/Role Playing
Sistema operativo: androide
Prezzo: Gratuito


1.Using new encryption measures
2.Promoted some system operations
3.Corretti alcuni bug

Recensioni degli utenti / Opinion:

  • Had been playing without hacking or using any $ for over 3 anni, now game will not load and as of last year and a half hackers have taken over. Was still fun to play as long as you weren’t spending any hard earned money on this unupdated unregulated by the developer App. Still bad will not load. 8-28-18
  • Cant connect to my old base from old phone says its not there on my email but i have emails from years ago showing i linked my email i have switched phones like 5 times with this game already i jave spent like $200 on the game and i want my base back
  • Game is dead. Full of cheats who have hacked the game and support do not answer reports. Quick to act when they lose money by their own error, other than that they do not respond. Only interested in taking your money. Without paying, and I’m talking hundreds of US $, you have NO chance of competing. If you’re thinking of becoming a new player, DON’T!!!

Nome del pacchetto: com.elex.ram
Versione: 4.7.63 (3000156)
Dimensione del file: 43.8 MB
aggiornato: marzo 16, 2018
Versione minima Android: androide 2.3.2 (Pan di zenzero, API 9)

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Versioni precedenti

Battle Alert : War of Tanks 4.7.52

Nome del pacchetto: com.elex.ram
Versione: 4.7.52 (3000141)
Dimensione del file: 44.2 MB
caricati: novembre 21, 2017
Versione minima Android: androide 2.3.3 (Pan di zenzero, API 10)

Battle Alert : War of Tanks APK
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