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Microsoft Azure APK Scarica v1.0.35.2018.12.06-17.57.01 Ultima versione cercare di dare l'ultima versione di "Microsoft Azure APK Scarica v1.0.35.2018.12.06-17.57.01 Ultima versione" per il vostro telefono Android. Questa App appartiene alla categoria Android. Questo file APK ultimo aggiornamento dicembre 14, 2018 a 5:13 pm. Scegliere e scaricare dal link sottostante il download diretto per avviare ottenere il file apk per "Microsoft Azure APK Scarica v1.0.35.2018.12.06-17.57.01 Ultima versione", E poi spostare il file su scheda SD del telefono Android e utilizzare una file manager si preferisce navigare e installarlo. avrete bisogno di Android 4.0.3 versione o superiore per installare questa applicazione.

Microsoft Azure APK Download v1.0.35.2018.12.06-17.57.01 Latest version 1

Download Microsoft Azure APK Download Latest version for free here for your androide telefono o tablet…

The Microsoft Azure app helps you keep track of your resources while on-the-go:
Stay connected to the cloud and check status and critical metrics anytime, dovunque
Stay informed with notifications and alerts about important health issues
Stay in control of your resources and take corrective actions, like starting and stopping VMs and web apps


Microsoft collects data to operate effectively and provide you with the best experiences in our products. This mobile application may collect personal information, per esempio, the email address used to log in. We do not share your information with third-parties. We do not use your information for marketing purposes.
If you do not agree with Microsoft collecting this data, please do not log into the application and delete it from your device.

Thank you for using the Azure app. Our regular updates include performance improvements and bug fixes to make the app faster and more reliable. Please reach out to us for any questions, concerns or feature requests.

In this version, you can also find the following enhancements:

* miglioramenti dell'interfaccia utente
* correzioni di bug
* correzioni di Crash

Let us know how we can improve the app! Ci piacerebbe sentire da voi.

Recensioni degli utenti / Opinion:

  • This app was so useful, but the latest updates has broken it on my OnePlus6. It just sits on its opening loading screen and refuses to proceed. No settings or options, just useless no. Please fix it quick!
  • Need more information from developer perspective. Couldn’t dig deep in failed request, Dependency failures. As a developer I should know each and every failed request and what is the reason behind.
  • Is there no option to actually see the costs for your subscription within the app? I believe this might be useful for a mobile admin who needa to check things quickly
  • Doesn’t show VMs. Other esouces are visible, but not my VMs. This may be related to account types, but the Azure experience is inconsistent between platforms.
  • This is app that you can’t actually do anything. I feel that the only thing I can do is to follow the metrics, but for example most important thing I would like to do is to see logs but as it can’t be done so this is pretty useless.
  • Simply put: WOW!! Pulito, fast and well designed app that does everything I need to manage and monitor my Azure resources, e molto altro ancora! The Cloud Shell integration is AMAZING!!! Sul serio, how cool is it to have a bash console on your phone WITH the power of Azure included with it?!

Microsoft Azure (androide 5.1+) INFORMAZIONI FILE

Versione: (201812061)
Dimensione del file: 51.4 MB (53,898,733 byte)
me: androide 5.1 (Lecca-lecca MR1, API 22)
Caricati: dicembre 11, 2018 a 2:22AM

Download Microsoft Azure (androide 5.1+) APK

Versioni precedenti

Microsoft Azure (androide 5.1+)

Versione: (201811161)
Dimensione del file: 51.3 MB (53,788,808 byte)
me: androide 5.1 (Lecca-lecca MR1, API 22)
Caricati :novembre 27, 2018 a 3:50AM

Microsoft Azure (androide 5.1+)

Versione: (201811021)
Dimensione del file: 51.29 MB (53,776,880 byte)
me: androide 5.1 (Lecca-lecca MR1, API 22)
Caricati: novembre 8, 2018 a 3:54AM

Microsoft Azure (androide 5.1+)

"Microsoft Azure APK Scarica v1.0.35.2018.12.06-17.57.01 Ultima versione" è la proprietà e marchio di fabbrica del principale sviluppatore / proprietario, tutti i diritti riservati dai rispettivi sviluppatori. Noi non siamo responsabili per qualsiasi cosa accade per il vostro telefono o talet, cerchiamo di dare il file apk in quanto è quello che c'è in google playstore.

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