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Scarica PowerAMP Premium APK v882 (Totalmente sbloccato)

Poweramp Premium APK è un'applicazione mod sbloccata che non richiede lo sblocco tradizionale per avere funzionalità a pagamento. sì, abbiamo completamente aggirato le restrizioni.

In meno di 20 anni, i nostri telefoni hanno completamente cancellato la necessità di acquistare dischi perché, con una connessione Internet stabile, si può scaricare qualsiasi canzone in pochi secondi. Bene, there are a few record stores that uphold tradition by staying in business as well as a few individuals who find that tradition gives them purpose hence their resilience for buying records to this day.

Il 21st secolo, però, offers its inhabitants a variety of handheld music storefronts with sites such as Spotify, YouTube music and iTunes taking charge when it comes to providing people with access to millions of records, single, album, and features through their smartphones.

While we are well aware of the many sources of quality music from our smartphones, it’s the little things like sound control and manipulation that matters to people. I’m not talking about getting a DJ deck and mixing your way through the many tracks in your smartphone or changing the basic quality of sound because that would be exhausting.

I’m referring to taking full control of the sound you’re listening to using powerful equalization, bass control, and other features through some of the most powerful music players online such as the Poweramp Premium APK.

What is Poweramp Premium APK?

Poweramp Mod is a powerful music player for androide devices that guides users through a whole new musical journey with its capability to support almost all music formats online and give listeners the power to customize sound and music tracks. Attualmente, Poweramp comes in two versions available for Android devices.

There is the free version with basic features that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the paid version that contains all the premium features unlocked with some major advanced music tools as well as filters. The Poweramp Premium APK is, perciò, the paid or upgraded version of the free and basic one and gives users full sound control on their smartphones.

The problem with music downloaders and these major streaming sites like Spotify or iTunes is that they limit users to the type of music format that can be downloaded. Some other music players cannot read various music formats and therefore tend to be considered inefficient as a quality music player.

però, the Poweramp Premium APK is known to support over 15+ music formats allowing you to listen to and manipulate the features of the sound blasting through your ears. It’s like a virtual DJ in the palm of your hand that gives you more than you bargained for.

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Apk Info Version

NomePoweramp Premium
SviluppatoreMax MP
Taglia7 MB
Ultimo aggiornamentogennaio 02, 2021


Download Poweramp Premium APK Latest Version for Android

Amazing Direct Volume Control for the deepest bass you’ve ever heard, stereo expansion, miscelazione mono, supporto testi, gapless play, treble adjustment, among others are a collective taste of the epic experience that one would expect from the features offered by the Poweramp Premium APK.

Music players may deceive you by promising full control of the sound you’re listening to and only give you access to part of it. però, since you’re unaware of what you deserve when it comes to sound control, you end up being satisfied. With the Poweramp Premium APK, you can get more power and more control than what you bargained for in the first posto.

Fortunately for Android users, the application is available for download in its latest version. però, other OS would need to sit this one out because it isn’t available for them. allo stesso modo, the premium APK cannot be accessed from the Google Play Store as it requires you to upgrade your version from the free one by paying a subscription fee just to get access to all the premium features.

però, not every user would be willing to pay for the power to control their sound considering they even paid to download the song in a favourable quality on Spotify. Perciò, one can access the latest version of the Poweramp Premium APK from the safe link I have provided below.SCARICA ORA

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Support music format variety

With the Poweramp Premium APK, you don’t have to worry about the type of formats in which you download your music because the application support almost all formats available online. These formats include:

  • mp3
  • mp4 / m4a (incl. alac)
  • ogg, wma
  • Flac
  • Wav
  • Ape
  • Wv
  • S
  • Mpc
  • Aiff
  • Opus
  • dsd (dff/dsf)
  • Mka
  • Tak
  • flv (Audio)

Lyric Support

Looking to sing along to your favorite tracks? Bene, with this app, you can because it also provides users with accurate and real-time lyrics to every song, including lyrics via a plugin.

Download album art

There’s just something special in downloading a track or album with its original album art or cover. Unless I’m the only one who feels this way when downloading music, people can download missing album arts to the songs they own.

Poweramp Premium has noAnnunci


No one likes ads; however beneficial they may be to the developer. With the Poweramp Premium Mod APK, all ads have been removed, giving you the maximum uninterrupted music control.

10-band optimized equalizer


This isn’t your normal type of equalizer that you would find in any music player. It’s a 10-band optimized one for all supported music formats and presets that allows you to manipulate bass and tune your preamp up to 16K.


The app even lets you access your own music library and sorts out all your songs in the right folders hierarchy, album, artisti, genres, and top-rated.

Stereo expansion


Play with a variety of controls with this feature such as tempo control, miscelazione mono, equilibrio, reverb and even system MusicFX.

Audio control

You can access crossfade and fade options, guadagno di riproduzione, audio focus, resampling, audio output options and advanced tweaks features like DVC, and preset reset.

Lock Screen options

Poweramp works even after your screen is locked and allows you to show image cover on the lock screen or blur it, and even activate the poweramp lock screen.


You can increase visualization resolution, crop visualization instead of scaling it, reduce the frame rate, or even scale bars visualization to album art area in fade control mode.

Look and Feel

Change the Poweramp mod visual theme, settings theme, language and some additional options like static seek bar.

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