Casa androide DOWNLOAD Tellonym V2.8.1 APK

DOWNLOAD Tellonym V2.8.1 APK

Download Tellonym APK Download Latest version for free here for your androide telefono o tablet…
Tellonym is the most honest posto on the internet. See what your friends think of you, answer anonymous questions and ask others the things you have never dared before.

Come funziona?
1) Share your link with friends
2) Let them send you anonymous messages only you can see
3) Answer them on your profile
4) Follow your friends to see everything they post

Aderire 13 million people on Tellonym!


We removed the limitations on profile pictures so you can upload your favourite image. Try it out now!
We also removed the pink line indicating a tell you send but you can still like it as a sender or remove the sender status.

Recensioni degli utenti / Opinion:

  • Amazing app! I’ve never had someone say anything mean, and even if I did there are great solutions just in case someone does! Would definitely recommend!
  • This app is good. The interface is clear, the safety filter options are impressive, as are the options for following other users, and I am not aware of any glitchyness. però, a major issue I have with Tellonym is the spam messages which clutter up the inbox of those who use it. This makes me reluctant to use Tellonym, due to the fact that I really do not want to reply to a spam bot’s message, but also don’t want to ignore a question from a friend, so I ask the devs to try to fix this. Grazie.
  • it’s a cool app only wish you could see who’s texting you but , ik that’s not going to happen , + I keep getting misleading notifications like today it said a friend wants to tell u something login to let, them know you use the app but then you don’t find anything

Tellonym 2.8.1 (107) INFORMAZIONI FILE

Versione: 2.8.1 (107)
Dimensione del file: 26.61 MB (27,905,918 byte)
me: androide 4.4 (KitKat, API 19)
Caricati: gennaio 21, 2019 a 3:55PM

Download Tellonym v2.8.1 (107) APK

Versioni precedenti

Tellonym 2.8.0 (106)

Versione: 2.8.0 (106)
Dimensione del file: 26.61 MB (27,905,706 byte)
me: androide 4.4 (KitKat, API 19)
Caricati: gennaio 10, 2019 a 5:07PM

Tellonym 2.7.0 (103)

Versione: 2.7.0 (103)
Dimensione del file: 26.59 MB (27,886,838 byte)
me: androide 4.4 (KitKat, API 19)
Caricati: gennaio 2, 2019 a 4:03PM

Tellonym 2.6.2 (100)

Versione: 2.6.2 (100)
Dimensione del file: 25.31 MB (26,542,455 byte)
me: androide 4.4 (KitKat, API 19)
Caricati: dicembre 14, 2018 a 2:40PM


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