File Commander is a feature-rich, powerful file manager that allows you to handle any file on your 기계적 인조 인간 device or cloud storage via a clean and intuitive interface. You can separately handle libraries of pictures, 음악, 비디오, 서류, as well as rename, 지우다, move, zip, convert and send files with just a few taps. 또한, with our File Converter feature, you can easily convert your files into one of more 1200 different formats.

Taking full advantage of Android N, including allowing an optional login profile that saves your settings across devices, our latest version features the new Secure Mode that lets you hide and encrypt files from other device users, and also the Storage Analyzer which provides detailed storage functions, analytics and statistics.

TAKE FULL CONTROL OF YOUR DEVICE – Do more with your Android smartphone or tablet

•A new fresher look makes File Commander the most intuitive file manager in the world
•File Converter – perform over 1200 types of conversions and convert your files into more than 100 other formats
•Login profile can save your app settings and personalizations across devices
•Categories for your Music, Picture, and Video files, along with sections for Archives, Documents, 그리고 더
•Sort your files by location: Cloud accounts, network addresses, local files, and Downloads
•Easily manage external storage such as microSD cards and USB OTG drives (if supported)

REMOTE FILE ACCESS AND SHARING – Get to your files from anywhere

•PC File Transfer – Now you are able to manage your files and folders even easier directly from your PC
•Access Windows/SMB based local network locations, FTP/FTPS servers, and Remote shares (for Sony Xperia devices)
•Cloud accounts support for: Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive
•Link up with nearby devices via Bluetooth
•Share files easily using a wide range of sending options

FILE AND FOLDER MANAGEMENT – Powerful 도구 put desktop-grade features in your pocket

•Fully-customizable Home screen with quick access tiles
•Find on-device files quickly with local search options
•Manage your files with cut, copy, paste, 이름 바꾸기, and compress operations
•Quickly pick up where you left off using the Recent files feature
•Send time-consuming file operations to the background so you can continue working

GET EVEN MORE WITH FILE COMMANDER PREMIUMPremium features right at your fingertips

•Secure Mode lets you hide and encrypt your files and folders, making them invisible outside of File Commander
•At-a-glance view of all your files and folders using the Storage Analyzer
•Bookmark your files and folders
•Recycle Bin* so you can delete and restore files
•Access to hidden files and folders

*Recycle Bin file restoring feature only available in File Commander Premium.

File Commander granted permissions – HTTP://

범주: Business
운영 체제: 기계적 인조 인간
가격: 비어 있는


• ‘Save with FCis now available in the Android share options
• Combined ‘Open withand ‘Open asfor your convenience
• Video player improvements
• Improved Box cloud support

사용자 리뷰 / 의견:

  • I’ve been using file commander since quite a long time. recently unfortunately I lost many photos n videos n I couldn’t even retrieve them at all. I checked in this app. My music n even photos n videos were non existent. They were no longer available . It would be good if this app is simpler and keep ze sophisticated version upgrade for paid members instead n make it worthwhile using. I’m very upset I lost so many photos which I can’t even get back.
  • Hey file commander the app was working fine till June this year but after the June update the numerical order for image pages in compressed flies such as manga files has been completely thrown of. Everytime I open the compressed files to read these mangas the image/page order is completely out of whack I have been using file commander for the past 5 years as I find no other alternative Can you please fix this minor problem as already 4 updates have come and this problem hasn’t been fixed yet Thanks
  • Lost 258 music files because the cut and paste feature is broken, can’t even see if they are in the recycling bin. VERY angry, please fix this and don’t just refer me to a website with no helpful information. 추신. You should change the part of the description that sayswith easeto saywith money”, otherwise it’s quite misleading. New: 오, would you look at that! I got refered to a website with no helpful information! How surprising (sarcasm).

File Commander file information

패키지 이름: com.mobisystems.fileman
번역: 4.9.18127 (18127)
파일 크기: 12 MB
업데이트: 팔월 3, 2018
최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 4.1 (젤리 빈, API 16

DOWNLOAD File Commander 4.9.18127 (18127) APK

이전 버전

File Commander 4.9.18127

패키지 이름: com.mobisystems.fileman
번역: 4.9.18127 (18127)
파일 크기: 12 MB
업로드: 팔월 3, 2018
최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 4.1 (젤리 빈, API 16)

File Commander 4.9.18104

패키지 이름: com.mobisystems.fileman
번역: 4.9.18104 (18104)
파일 크기: 11.9 MB
업로드: 칠월 28, 2018
최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 4.1 (젤리 빈, API 16)

File Commander 4.8.17551

패키지 이름: com.mobisystems.fileman
번역: 4.8.17551 (17551)
파일 크기: 11.9 MB
업로드: 유월 30, 2018
최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 4.1 (젤리 빈, API 16)

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