ROM Installer is the best way to find and install custom ROMs and ZIPs, a must have app for any root user!

ROM Installer has plenty of ROMs available, more than any other app on the 구글 플레이 저장. With ROM installer, you will always be up-to-date with your favorite ROMs and recovery. Popular ROMs available for install include CyanogenMod (cyngn), 기계적 인조 인간 Open Kang Project (AOKP), Paranoid Android, OMNI, Carbon, Slim, Vanir, PAC-man and many more! In order for a particular ROM to be visible, it must be supported by your device.

ROM Installer Features
★ View, download, and install popular ROMs and ZIPs
★ 1-Click install of the latest TWRP and ClockworkMod
★ Backup and restore your current ROM (nandroid), kernel, and recovery
★ Install queue to flash multiple ZIP files
★ Built-in GooManager with all the same features
★ Receive notifications for updated ROMs and recoveries
★ Flash .img files to the boot and recovery partition
★ Options to wipe data, cache, dalvik, 기타.
★ Extract files and apps from nandroid backups.

ROM Installer also offers the fastest way to install the most recent recovery. All TWRP recoveries are hosted on our fast server and updated on a regular basis. No other app offers an easier way! Supported recoveries: Team Win Open Recovery (TWRP), ClockworkMod Recovery (CWMR).

ROM Installer requires superuser permission to effectively use the app. ROM Installer does not take any responsibility for any damage it may cause to your device. You should always know how to restore your device and be familiar with what you are doing before proceeding to make changes to your system.

Premium Upgrades
ROM Installer is free but does contain optional in-app purchases for additional features and support.

If you have any questions or feedback to share, please email us at cont에이ct@ma피le엠ed나는a.나는o! We’re happy to assist you.

범주: 도구
운영 체제: 기계적 인조 인간
가격: 비어 있는


Updated TWRP recoveries
– 버그 수정

More to come soon

사용자 리뷰 / 의견:

  • This is a must to have for any root user. It offers great security by offering ways out of brick, smoothest way of module transition and last but not list, l have discovered a tip. When your phone is slagging and you’ve boosted in vain try opening this application and press the power symbol on the top right, play the processes arrayed and before finishing you might confuse your phone with a new one(Reboot processes)
  • All these apps suck The only thing that is consistent on all of these apps by this dev is that they crash if you try and use one of the broken ass features and it forgets you already paid for the upgraded version….that still doesnt work..
  • I have a problem about whatsapp app. Thy saidyou have custom ROM installed.its can cause prblm whatsapp n r unsupported by our customer service team” . Have anyone here can tell me how to fix this problem.? I begged .
  • Super fácil el único problema es que en mi LG óptimus l90 no me sale ninguna room porque diceno avalible rooms for LG óptimus


패키지 이름: com.jrummy.apps.rom.installer
번역: (12265)
파일 크기: 3.9 MB
업데이트: 5 월 31, 2018
최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 2.2 (프로 요, API 8)

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