Make mini music videos for Instagram, 페이스 북, Twitter and ***** It’s the best app to 1. Add music to your video clips 2. Join your video clips (or photos) into a music video collage in seconds.

Lomotif has millions of users worldwide and it’s NEW on 기계적 인조 인간!

Use Lomotif to
+ Add music
+ Join your video clips (photos) into a collage/montage
+ Save montages to camera roll in HD
+ Share easily to Instagram, 트위터, Text Message, Emai
+ A must-have tool for all your selfie,, Dubsmash, Hyperlapse videos!

Forget video editors and the hassle of editing!
Automatically transforms clips in your camera roll into awesome music videos, no editing required.

You can tweak your movie to perfection with our built-in editor.
Intuitive gestures will allow you to select your best moments to be featured as video highlights.
Easily rearrange clips to tell your story.
Easily import videos and photos from Instagram, 페이스 북.

Switch easily between 2 formats:

Add title and text overlays to your video that fade away

7 awesome filters to color your videos

Get your music video formatted for Instagram with just one click
Use Hyperlapse videos for an interesting timelapse/fast-mo effect
Use photos to create a slideshow

인스 타 그램
페이스 북
Text Message

Your final video will also be saved to your device, so you can choose to keep it private!

Select video clips from your camera roll
Find and add music
Instantly preview your short movie
Share on social media sites or save it to your camera roll

It’s the indispensable tool for social media sharing!

— FAQs —

How do I change the sequence of the clips?
To reorder the sequence of your clips, simply tap and hold the clip’s thumbnail— that’s the little circle image— then drag and drop it anywhere you wish on the timeline.

꼭지 & hold the circular thumbnail of the video clip. Rearrange the order of your clips by dragging & dropping them wherever you want on the timeline.

How do I delete a clip?
Delete any clip by tapping & holding it. Carry it to the ‘—symbol that appears.

What is the maximum number of clips I can use in a music video?
Lomotif’s new update lets you include an unlimited number of clips! Trust us, we’ve tried over a thousand clips & created the coolest videos.

Can I add/change filters?
This is a new feature for Android! There’s 7 filters to choose from.

Can I add a title to my video?
Type it in on the ‘Enter a Titlesection on your Create screen. You can tweak the font and colour however you want to!

An Important note to our Android users

We will be adding new features all the time!

Enable push notifications to receive our latest updates. 😉

We’ve recently added the following features:
Add titles
Add filters
Adjustable time: make a Lomotif from anywhere between 3 secs to 30 secs!

Issues with the app

Please write in to us by using theSend Feedbackform in the app and describe your problem. We typically reply within 1-2 working days!

Get Inspired

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PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING: Certain Android devices may not be fully compatible with this version of the app. Please report problems using theSend Feedbackbutton in the app’s Menu. We’re continuously working hard to make Lomotif perform better on ALL devices.

Important: Some devices may not support the previewing multiple clips in quick succession. If your video doesn’t play smoothly, export it and preview it in your gallery.

범주: Video Players & Editors
Operating System: 기계적 인조 인간
Price: 비어 있는


Need good songs for your next Lomotif? Our featured feed now includes song titles!

Recent (awesome) updates include:
Pinch & ZoomResize & Crop your videos to perfection
Editin” & “outmarkers on your video

We’re releasing stability improvements all the time. If you’re experiencing problems, reach out to us by going to Profile > 설정 > Email Support and include as much info as possible about your problem.

Love the update? Send some love to our developers with your 5-star reviews!

사용자 리뷰 / 의견:

  • I recently downloaded this because I wanted to make some edits, but it’s really frustrating to use. When I’m trying to make an edit, the app will close out every 2 minutes. It will also be very buggy and slow. It will ask me to export the video so there’s no glitches, but it still keeps happening. I used to love this app, but now it’s not working for me.
  • Love the app but it freezes all the time, makes you start over, and sometimes takes forever to post. Would be amazing if they fix this problem . Sometimes doesnt loaf completely
  • I wouldn’t recommend dis app if your inpatient. It takes a long time to save to your phone and it always restarts. You guys need to fix your app until then I’m uninstalling this because it don’t make since for me to have it on my phone it doesn’t cooperate as well any more.
  • I’m confused on how to use the app because I want to do edits of me friends,e.t.c but I can’t because its asking for either my Facebook (which i dont have) or instargram but I don’t want to do thatall I want to do is a edit.What do I do?

Lomotif File Information

패키지 이름:
번역: 2.2.6 (247)
파일 크기: 18.3 MB
업데이트: 유월 4, 2018
최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 4.3 (젤리 빈, API 18)

DOWNLOAD Lomotif 2.2.6 (247) APK

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Other versions of this app are not available!

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