Meklē šo lietotni APK failu? - AndroidFreeApks mēģināt, lai dotu tiešu Download saites jaunāko versiju "Flightradar24 Flight Tracker APK" jūsu Android operētājsistēma tālrunī vai planšetdatorā. Tas App pieder Android kategoriju. Izvēlieties un lejupielādēt no saites zemāk tieši lejupielādes, lai sāktu iegūt APK failu "Flightradar24 Flight Tracker APK", Un tad pārvietot failu uz jūsu Android tālruņa SD karti un izmantot vienu failu pārvaldnieks vēlaties, lai pārlūkotu un instalēt. Jums būs nepieciešams Android 4.0.3 vai jaunākas versijas, lai instalētu šo lietotni.

The free flight tracker that the Wall Street Journal calls “The Facebook of Aviation”.

Turn your phone or tablet into a live plane tracker and see flights around the world move in real-time on a detailed map. Or point your device at a plane to find out where it’s going and what kind of aircraft it is. Download for free today and discover why millions track flights and check their flight status with Flightradar24.

#1 ceļot app in Google Play uz 100+ valstis.

Favorite features
Watch aircraft move around the world in real-time
Identify flights overhead & see flight information—including a photo of the actual aircraft—by simply pointing your device at the sky
See what the pilot of an aircraft sees in 3D
Tap on a plane for flight details such as route, estimated time of arrival, actual time of departure, aircraft type, speed, altitude, high-resolution photos of the actual aircraft & vairāk
See historical data & watch playback of past flights
Tap on an airport icon for arrival & departure boards, flight status, aircraft on the ground, current delay stats, & detailed weather conditions
Search for individual flights using flight number, airport, or airline
Filter flights by airline, aircraft, altitude, speed, & vairāk

Flightradar24 is a free plane tracker app and includes all the above features. If you want even more great features from Flightradar24 there are two upgrade options—Silver & Gold—and each comes with a free trial.

Flightradar24 Silver
– 90 days of flight history
More aircraft details, like serial number & age
More flight details, like vertical speed & squawk
Filters and alerts to find and track the flights you’re interested in
Current weather at 3,000+ airports overlaid on the map

Flightradar24 Gold
All the features included in Flightradar24 Silver +
– 365 days of flight history
Detailed live map weather layers for clouds & precipitation
Aeronautical charts & oceanic tracks showing the pathways flights follow across the sky
Air traffic control boundaries that show which controllers are responsible for a flight
Extended Mode S data—even more information about a flight’s altitude, speed, and wind & temperature conditions during flight, kad ir pieejams

Silver and Gold upgrade prices are listed in the app as they vary depending on your country and currency. If you choose to upgrade, subscriptions will be charged to the payment method used for your Google account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. You manage your subscription through your Google Play Account Settings.

How it works
Most aircraft today are equipped with ADS-B transponders that transmit positional data. Flightradar24 has a rapidly growing network of over 17,000 ground stations around the world to receive this data that then shows up as aircraft moving on a map in the app. In an expanding number of regions, with the help of multilateration, we’re able to calculate the positions of aircraft that don’t have ADS-B transponders. Coverage in North America is also supplemented by real-time radar data. Coverage is variable and subject to change at any time.

Connect with Flightradar24
We love getting feedback on FR24. Since we’re unable to respond directly to reviews, contact us directly and we’ll be happy to assist.
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The use of this app is strictly limited to entertainment purposes. This specifically excludes activities that might endanger yourself or the lives of others. Under no circumstances will the developer of this app be held responsible for incidents resulting from the use of the data or its interpretation or its use contrary to this agreement.

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Added support for Google Smart Lock.
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Lietotāja apskats / Atzinums:

  • FlightradWhat have y’all done to this app in the recent update? It’s constantly crashing, refuses to start up, the screen is stuck at FlightRadar24 logo and sometimes the aircraft movements are frozen until I restart the app. No such problem existed for months before the updatear24 Free FILE INFORMATION
  • I sit in my garden most nights & wondered where the plains flying over were going. Now with this app I know. Mīlu to.

Package nosaukums: com.flightradar24free

versija: 7.9.2 (79200)
Faila lielums: 50.5 MB
atjaunināts: augusts 17, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: android 4.1 (Želejas konfekte, API 16)
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Vecās versijas

Flightradar24 Free APK 7.8.0

Package nosaukums: com.flightradar24free
versija: 7.8.0 (78002)
Faila lielums: 50 MB
augšupielādēta: jūlijs 4, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: android 4.1 (Želejas konfekte, API 16)

Flightradar24 Free 7.7.1

Package nosaukums: com.flightradar24free
versija: 7.7.1 (77100)
Faila lielums: 50.7 MB
augšupielādēta: jūnijs 8, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: android 4.1 (Želejas konfekte, API 16)

Flightradar24 Free 7.6.2

Package nosaukums: com.flightradar24free
versija: 7.6.2 (76200)
Faila lielums: 50 MB
augšupielādēta: maijs 11, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: android 4.1 (Želejas konfekte, API 16)

Flightradar24 Free APK 7.6.1

versija: 7.6.1 (76100)
Faila lielums: 49 MB
augšupielādēta: aprīlis 12, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: android 4.1 (Želejas konfekte, API 16) ir bezmaksas APK failu tiešu download saites pakalpojumus par visizdevīgāko Popular Android lietotnes un spēles. Tas App publicēts šeit Trial un izmantot to kā Demo. Visi Apps & spēles šeit ir mājas vai tikai personiskai lietošanai.

"Flightradar24 Flight Tracker APK" ir īpašums un preču zīme galvenās izstrādātājs / Owner, Visas tiesības aizsargātas ar attiecīgajiem izstrādātājiem. Mēs neesam atbildīgi par kaut kas notiek jūsu tālrunim vai talet, Mēs cenšamies sniegt APK failu, jo tas ir tas, kas tur google Play veikalā.


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