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Madden NFL Overdrive Football APK cenšas sniegt jaunāko versiju "Madden NFL Overdrive Football APK" jūsu Android Tālrunis. Tas App pieder Android kategoriju. Šis APK fails pēdējo reizi atjaunināts februārī 5, 2019 pie 4:20 pm. Izvēlieties un lejupielādēt no saites zemāk tiešu download, lai sāktu iegūt APK failu "Madden NFL Overdrive Football APK", Un tad pārvietot failu uz jūsu Android tālruņa SD karti un izmantot vienu failu pārvaldnieks, jūs vēlaties, lai pārlūkotu un instalēt. Jums būs nepieciešams Android 4.0.3 vai jaunākas versijas, lai instalētu šo lietotni.

Madden NFL Overdrive Football APK 1

Welcome to the next era of Madden on mobile – Madden NFL Overdrive. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, this is our biggest and best launch in franchise history, delivering an all-new level of competition and stunningly realistic visuals. Build your authentic All-Pro team, then dive into real-time PvP to dominate friends and foes on the gridiron. Fuel your strategy with Captains and Coaches, and improve your football skills in seconds with fun Live Event mini games. This is your season!

Be the general manager and build your NFL team, then go head-to-head with real players around the world in real-time PvP. Prove your skills and adjust your strategy on the fly in quick, offense-only matchups with fantasy-style scoring. Earn fans, increase your XP, and rank up your team for incredible rewards. And with no Stamina requirements, you can play as often as you like.

Enhance your squad with real football heroes. Appoint Captains, like Antonio Brown or Deshaun Watson, who propel your sports strategy, provide additional goals for scoring bonuses, and boost your Overdrive meter. View your Coach’s unique Tactics to counter opponents or give your offense advantages so you can score big. Choose the combinations of player cards that fit your playstyle while maximizing your team’s chemistry.

Quickly improve your skills when you run through new Live Event mini games. Avoid danger areas as you head for the end zone in Mine Field, follow your blockers to score a touchdown in Flying V, and shut down the competition before their first down in new defensive drills.

With a fresh engine and broadcast-style presentation, Madden NFL Overdrive delivers incredible gameplay depth and signature player animations – run, tackle, and pass the ball fluidly with real-time physics. pluss, earn easy-to-understand rewards that fit your needs, nail field goals with a completely revamped kicking game, enter Leagues with your pals to crush the competition and top the leaderboards, un daudz vairāk. This is your Madden moment!

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Operētājsistēma: Android
cena: bezmaksas

Hey, Madden fans! Welcome to an all-new season as Madden NFL Mobile becomes Madden NFL Overdrive. Update now for a completely revamped experience, with features like:

• A fresh engine for stunningly realistic visuals
• Overdrive Mode – fill your Overdrive meter to unleash tactics in real-time PvP
• Captains and Coaches, who propel your strategy and provide unique advantages
• No Stamina requirements – play as often as you like
• More choices when you earn rewards

Thanks for playing!

Lietotāja apskats / Atzinums:

  • My players don’t load in. Like I can play the game and everything but I can’t see any players when I’m playing so it sucks. If you guys patch that then maybe a better review is owed but not if it doesn’t get fixed. And it would have been nice to have our teams carry over instead of starting over all over again. It took a lot to build my team. Don’t really want to do it again
  • I’ve been playing madden mobile since it was first created and while i like the Overdrive update, when i have to run through the designated areas for challenges, i can barely see them. It may just be because I’mcolorblindbut i never had this problem before the update. Please add like a higher color contrast setting or make the colored areas more visible for visually color impaired individuals like myself.
  • I understand this is day 1 of Overdrive. EA there is an issue already with the Oklahoma Drill with phantom tackling. The joystick sometimes doesn’t always work either. This is a 7 beidzās 10 so far though nice graphically improvements. Is there a way to decrease the input delay or does it depend on the phone you have?
  • This game is trash. Keeps crashing, winning by a few hundred in overdrive and then the game stops me from calling plays and then says I lost because I was disconnected. The concept this year is great but should have kept gameplay from last year. Can’t control anything on defense. Really hope this gets an update soon because if not it will fail

Madden NFL file information

Package nosaukums:
versija: 5.0.2 (4502)
Faila lielums: 67.5 MB
atjaunināts: augusts 15, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: Android 4.4 (Kit Kat, API 19)

DOWNLOAD Madden NFL 5.0.2 (4502) APK

Vecās versijas

Madden NFL Overdrive Football 4.3.6

Package nosaukums:
versija: 4.3.6 (4436)
Faila lielums: 94.5 MB
Augšupielādēts: maijs 16, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)

Madden NFL Overdrive Football APK 4.3.4

Package nosaukums:
versija: 4.3.4 (4434)
Faila lielums: 92.8 MB
Augšupielādēts: marts 28, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)

Madden NFL Overdrive Football 4.3.2

Package nosaukums:
versija: 4.3.2 (4432)
Faila lielums: 92.8 MB
Augšupielādēts: marts 9, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)

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