Create and customize your very own Monkey City in this groundbreaking blend of city building and tower defense!

Take back the wilderness from the invading bloon hordes and pop your way from a modest settlement to a thriving metropolis. Attack bloon-infested territory adjacent to your city, win a short tower defense game, and add the captured territory to your city as a space on which to build. Every time you build, your city looks cooler, you increase your power potential in tower defense play, and you open up even more rewards and challenges.

All 21 of the fully awesomized and carefully balanced Bloons TD 5 towers are available within Monkey City, with completely new unlock mechanics. More than 130 buildings and decorations give you endless strategies and city design options. Explore the wilderness to find treasure tiles and uncover 11 powerful special items like the Banana Replicator and the Dark Temple Idol. Burst bloons on 55 all new tower defense maps or test your mastery on 13 wildly challenging original special missions.

Connect with Facebook and Game Services friends, then help each other win and expand. Send Supply Crates back and forth for bonus starting cash. Visit friendscities to check out their strategies and their city design skills, and while you’re there root out any bloon spies to win a reward for both you and your friend.

Build up the strongest lineup of monkey towers possible and compete with other players for the best score in weekly Contested Territory events. Use the latest in monkey science to send player vs. player bloon attacks, then see whose defenses are the strongest and earn extra rewards for victory.

Download for free and play Bloons Monkey City now!

Pro tip: You can move your buildings when they are not upgrading or damagedjust tap and hold then move to a free captured tile!

Please Note:
Bloons Monkey City is free to download and play (aside from internet, carrier, data, device, and other services for which the player is financially responsible), but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings, or reach us at for help. City data is organized individually, so if you share multiple cities on one device through multiple Game services or Facebook logins, do note that your IAP will only apply to the city active during purchase.

kategorija: Games/Strategy
Operētājsistēma: Android
cena: bezmaksas


* Minor bug fixes

You asked for it and now it’s finally here! Redecorating your city is easy with the brand new edit mode!

Just tap the edit button on the city screen and you’ll be able to place or move any building or decoration with ease. Build streets, gardens, or anything else you can think of. How about a Banana Farm district for easy collecting or a hedge maze for your monkeys to get lost in? Design the ideal city for your citizens!

Lietotāja apskats / Atzinums:

  • Why do you guys make the ones to get new tower so hard. Like the sub. Level 20somthinand still can’t get it. Oh btw if you guy come out with a second one, and since im editing this after btd6, you should make hero houses, controllable towers, maybe in first person, combined theirs with 3 un 4 their for extra in game money from popping bloons, and I know it would take a lot of time, so make,it like $2.00, better for more? Is that good?
  • Do not pay, not ALL ads stop. You still have to see a freaking ad after just about every fight. Rip off. Crashes often. If you pay so that the video ads will no longer pop up like I did, keep in mind you will still get the other ads. They should accept the fact that you’ve given them money and stop giving you ads. To them, “add freemeansless ads”.
  • This game is great! There are so many options that makes the game fun and helps us with skills. However, I’m having a problem. Whenever I choose to watch an ad ( -15 minutes building time ), I seem the building time does not change. I rated 5 stars and I hope you will fix this.


Package nosaukums: com.ninjakiwi.monkeycity
versija: 1.11.4 (19406)
Faila lielums: 52.4 MB
atjaunināts: jūnijs 4, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread, API 10)

DOWNLOAD Monkey City 1.11.4 (19406) APK

Vecās versijas

Bloons Monkey City 1.11.3

Package nosaukums: com.ninjakiwi.monkeycity
versija: 1.11.3 (18733)
Faila lielums: 51.8 MB
Augšupielādēts: aprīlis 2, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread, API 10)


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