Reap revenge in SEGA’s legendary side-scrolling beat ‘em up, now available on mobile for the very first time. You are Joe Musashi, a ninja out for revenge against the evil criminal organization ‘Neo Zeed’.

They’ve killed your master and captured your bride, so now you must ceļot the globe to dish out ninjutsu justice to the crime syndicate. Master ninjutsu techniques and collect mystical power-ups as you fight your way through this retro classic.

The Revenge of Shinobi joins the SEGA Forever classic spēles collection, a treasure trove of free SEGA console classics brought to life on mobile for the first time!

Eight globe-trotting districts, each with its own unique boss battle
Secret power-ups hidden throughout the game
Collect shuriken to take out enemies from afar (psstthe old code still works!)
Master ninjutsu techniques and devastate your foe
Summon fire and thunder to take out entire waves of adversaries
Four difficulty levels, from beginner to master ninja.

LEADERBOARDS – compete with the world for high scores
CONTROLLER SUPPORTHID compatible controllers

– “I just didn’t want to stop playing.” [94%] – JulianJazRignall, Mean Machines #1 (oktobris 1990)
– “Brill graphics, exceptional sound, and uncomplicated gameplay make for excellent ninja-fighting thrills ‘nspills.” [93%] – Paul Rand, Computer & Video Games #99 (februāris 1990)
– “Distressingly involving and hair-wrenchingly addictive.” [92%] – Julian Boardman, Raze #3 (janvāris 1991)

Spider-Man was once an officially licensed character in the game
There have been many revisions of the game due to copyright issues
Legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro also wrote the music for both Game Gear Shinobi titles

Originally released in 1989 in Japan and North America, with the European release arriving in 1990
Known as The Super Shinobi in Japan
Released in arcades on SEGA’s Mega-Tech platform

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Game apps are ad-supported and no in-app purchases are required to progress; ad-free play option available with in-app purchase.

This game may includeInterest Based Ads” (please see for more information)​ and may collectPrecise Location Data(please see ​for more information).

© SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGA logo, The Revenge of Shinobi, SEGA Forever and the SEGA Forever logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., SIA. or its affiliates.

kategorija: Games/Action
Operētājsistēma: Android
cena: bezmaksas


Ninjatastic new update out now!
REWINDturn back time to give yourself the edge
HAPTIC SUPPORT – get into the game with responsive button presses
GRAPHICSnew filters that allow you to view the action your way
CONTROL CUSTOMIZATIONtake full control with re-mappable buttons

Lietotāja apskats / Atzinums:

  • It’s great to have these old Sega games on mobile phones. Most of them work like a dream with Bluetooth controllers, but for some reason Shinobi doesn’t. The buttons work, but the D-pad doesn’t respond. Playing this with the touch screen controls is all but impossible
  • PLEASE FIX YOUR CONTROLLER SUPPORT SEGA!!! Most of the Sega apps (except for one of the Sonic and Crazy Taxi games) will not work with controllers or remotes and if they do the D-Pad doesn’t work, it’s a huge disappointment considering Sega was a legendary pioneer in the gaming industry. If we have to wait any longer for this fix I won’t be bothered to even download any of your apps anymore in the future. Sega Forever? Such a great campaign with so much work put in it, but you can’t even make controllers work while bedroom programmers can? Come on and deliver games with a wide controller and remote compatibility so people can actually play these games, then you deserve a 5 star rating and we can say, YES, SEGA FOREVER!
  • Way to ruin a classic. “Watch a short videoto save the game. Except the video is a crappy demo for a game I never wanted to play. And when it’s over the game freezes every time. With this kind of treatment why would I want to pay you people money for the ad free version? Waste of time.

The Revenge of Shinobi file information

Package nosaukums: com.sega.shinobi
versija: 1.2.1 (2018062801)
Faila lielums: 41.4 MB
atjaunināts: augusts 7, 2018
Minimālā Android versija: Android 4.4 (Kit Kat, API 19)

DOWNLOAD The Revenge of Shinobi 1.2.1 (2018062801) APK

Vecās versijas

The Revenge of Shinobi 1.1.1

Package nosaukums: com.sega.shinobi
versija: 1.1.1 (2017092201)
Faila lielums: 47.6 MB
Augšupielādēts: septembris 27, 2017
Minimālā Android versija: Android 4.4 (Kit Kat, API 19)

The Revenge of Shinobi 1.1.0

Package nosaukums: com.sega.shinobi
versija: 1.1.0 (2017090501)
Faila lielums: 47.6 MB
Augšupielādēts: septembris 14, 2017
Minimālā Android versija: Android 4.4 (Kit Kat, API 19)

The Revenge of Shinobi 1.0.9

Package nosaukums: com.sega.shinobi
versija: 1.0.9 (2017072401)
Faila lielums: 44.9 MB
Augšupielādēts: septembris 14, 2017
Minimālā Android versija: Android 4.4 (Kit Kat, API 19)


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