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lauķis! APK Download v1.4.0 Jaunākā versija cenšas sniegt jaunāko versiju "lauķis! APK Download v1.4.0 Jaunākā versija" jūsu Android Tālrunis. Tas App pieder Android kategoriju. Šis APK fails pēdējo reizi atjaunināts decembrī 9, 2018 pie 10:37 esmu. Izvēlieties un lejupielādēt no saites zemāk tiešu download, lai sāktu iegūt APK failu "lauķis! APK Download v1.4.0 Jaunākā versija", Un tad pārvietot failu uz jūsu Android tālruņa SD karti un izmantot vienu failu pārvaldnieks, jūs vēlaties, lai pārlūkotu un instalēt. Jums būs nepieciešams Android 4.0.3 vai jaunākas versijas, lai instalētu šo lietotni.

Yahoo! APK Download v1.4.0  Latest version 1

Download Yahoo! APK Download Jaunākā versija bez šeit savu android telefona vai tablete…

All your favorite Yahoo products in one vieta. That’s what you’ll discover when you tap into the new Yahoo app. From local weather to sports scores and highlights, top news stories, stock quotes, in-mail coupons and more, we’re delivering you a personalized experience like never before. Think of it as your daily guide—one that rewards you for being part of the Yahoo family by giving you VIP access to our top brands, Iespējas, and partner deals. But it doesn’t end there. We’re always adding more rewards and services to the app because delighting you in a variety of ways is our number one priority; šodien, tomorrow and beyond.

Mīļākās funkcijas:

● Weather: Plan your day with local weather.
● News: Stay informed with the top news stories of the day.
● Sports: Track live scores, schedules, and news from your favorite teams and players.
● Finance: See latest market data, trending news, popular stocks and get updates on your personal portfolio.
● Inbox coupons: Save money and time by never missing a coupon from your inbox.
● Horoscope: Choose your sign and see what the day has to offer.
● Local deals: Sign in using your Yahoo login from Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, or Yahoo Finance. Or sign up to become part of the Yahoo family where you’ll get access to special offers and local deals

Kļūdu labojumi un uzlabojumi.

Lietotāja apskats / Atzinums:

  • Really only needed access to Yahoo groups, and everything pointed me here. Nope, only news and traffic to be had. Fingers crossed I can get my family off Yahoo groups since they don’t seem to support it anymore, then I can be done with Yahoo for good.
  • lauķis! account key security is driving me nuts. lauķis! Groups is not supported and every time I click a Groups link it starts my browser and asks me to login. Push notification never works and I need to get a new text message every time I access Groups. Gets worse with every release.
  • Looks great, and I would have used it. I haven’t really used Yahoo in a long time but I’ve had an account on there forever. After installing I searched to see if Yahoo had joined the censorship bandwagon of conservative speech and saw that they may have spearheaded the censorship push back in 2015. I don’t even like Trump but I don’t like censorship, this app is getting deleted. Sorry Yahoo join the Free Speech movement.
  • yeah I just thought this phone Android phone is not getting the storage room from the SD card off it’s kind of stupid when it’s I just put it in your car that’s not using it at all I don’t know what I got the manager

lauķis! 1.4.0 FILE INFORMĀCIJA

versija: 1.4.0 (921)
Faila lielums: 16.18 MB (16,962,577 baiti)
mani: Android 5.0 (konfekte, API 21)
Augšupielādēts: decembris 6, 2018 pie 4:08AM

Download Yahoo! 1.4.0 APK

Vecās versijas

lauķis! 1.4.1

Faila lielums: 16.18 MB (16,962,576 baiti)
mani: Android 5.0 (konfekte, API 21)
Augšupielādēts: decembris 7, 2018 pie 9:35AM

lauķis! 1.3.5

versija: 1.3.5 (838)
Faila lielums: 16.09 MB (16,876,599 baiti)
mani: Android 5.0 (konfekte, API 21)
Augšupielādēts: novembris 30, 2018 pie 6:10AM

lauķis! 1.3.4

versija: 1.3.4 (807)
Faila lielums: 15.81 MB (16,577,723 baiti)
mani: Android 5.0 (konfekte, API 21)
Augšupielādēts: novembris 21, 2018 pie 1:26AM

"lauķis! APK Download v1.4.0 Jaunākā versija" ir īpašums, un preču zīme galvenā izstrādātājs / īpašnieks, Visas tiesības aizsargātas ar attiecīgajiem izstrādātājiem. Mēs neesam atbildīgi par kaut kas notiek jūsu tālrunim vai talet, Mēs cenšamies sniegt APK failu, jo tas ir tas, kas tur google Play veikalā.

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