Don’t Tap The White Tile APK

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The Original World Famous Game-Piano Tiles!
This is a super fun and highly addictive game suited for everyone.
No special skills needed, all this game asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers!

“Don’t Tap White Tiles” has been updated!Join the real-time battle and compete for higher speed globally!


How To Play:
The rules are clear: play your piano but don’t ever touch the white tiles.
Sound easy? Probeer het eens, and see how well you stack up against your friends.
◈ Many awesome game modes so you never get bored
◈ Friend leader boards (Facebook/Twitter)
◈ Customizable classical piano soundtrack
◈ Multicolored themes & dozens of color options
◈ Smooth gameplay
◈ Optimized for high resolution screens
◈ Community support
◈◈◈ Over 160,000,000 downloads wereldwijd. ◈◈◈
◈◈◈ Over 1,200,000 five-star ratings on the Google Play Store ◈◈◈
◈◈◈ You don’t need clones, have fun with the original! ◈◈◈

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We’d love to hear your suggestions and comments! We’ve got loads of improvements and new features planned, so stay tuned!


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Categorie: Speelhal
Besturingssysteem: Android
Prijs: Vrij


Less Ads, smoother game experience!

User Reviews / Advies:

  • Addictive This game is addictive, pret, exciting and even hard. It is everything mixed in one. Everyone should have this game downloaded onto their devices.
  • There needs to be a way to automatically select or deselect all songs in your playlist. After you fail a level, it should not give you the option to go on or exit. It should haveexit to main menu” en “probeer het opnieuw” en “go on”. Ook, it needs some John Williams.
  • Well I havent used all of the modes yet but so far this game is epic except for the ads. But that shouldnt matter because that is a problem to everyone in every game.
  • I loved this game I have played this game since I was 8 years old which is 4 years so how about y’all shut up about its boring well it’s not boring when you practice and get good you don’t like it because you aren’t good at it

Don’t Tap The White Tile FILE INFORMATION

Verpakkingsnaam: com.umonistudio.tile
Versie: (175)
Bestandsgrootte: 10.2 MB
bijgewerkt: april 2, 2018
Minimum Android-versie: Android 2.3.2 (Peperkoek, API 9)

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Oude versies

Don’t Tap The White Tile APK

Verpakkingsnaam: com.umonistudio.tile
Versie: (174)
Bestandsgrootte: 10.2 MB
geüploade: december 15, 2017
Minimum Android-versie: Android 2.3.2 (Peperkoek, API 9)

Don’t Tap The White Tile APK

Meer informatie over deze APK-bestand
Verpakkingsnaam: com.umonistudio.tile
Versie: (170)
Bestandsgrootte: 9.8 MB
geüploade: augustus 18, 2017
Minimum Android-versie: Android 2.3.2 (Peperkoek, API 9)

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Versie: (168)
geüploade: juli 11, 2017 Bij 8:59PM GMT + 00
Bestandsgrootte: 9.81MB (10,291,892 bytes)
Minimum Android-versie: Android 2.3+ (Peperkoek, API 9)

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