Gratis Fire APK 1.54.1 Mod-menu (Downloaden 100% Werken)

Gratis Fire Mod Menu APK heeft veel functies, waaronder Auto HeadShot, Spook modus, Geen terugslag, Automatisch richten, Automatische vergrendeling, Snelheidsrun, Snelle auto en meer. Use our modified app to win the game easily.

How would you best beat all odds if you were dropped on a purge-infested island whereby the only way to survive and win is to take up arms and eliminate everyone around you. Battle royal games provide you with a virtual simulation of such a scenario by putting your character against hundreds other for the ultimate survival on the battleground. Games like PUBG, Free Fire and COD Mobile are a few of the many battle royal games available which offer users a thrilling and bloodthirsty gaming experience on their smartphones.

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Free Fire, echter, tends to take its gameplay to a whole other level by incorporating the normal setting and weapons of a battle royal battlefield together with next-gen weaponry and devices for an exciting user experience. As you progress within the game the challenge gets tougher and thus, one can use various MODs to mutate their in-game skills and characters into invincible killing machines. An example of such a mod would be the Free Fire MOD Menu APK.

What is Free Fire Menu Mod APK?

The Free Fire Mod Menu APK is simply a modded version of the game Garena Free Fire. It is the most sought-after mod game application by FF players as it allows them to inject various features such as auto-aim, increased speed, teleportation, onder andere, making it easier for them to advance in battle and ranks. On the battlefield, players’ characters are transformed into demi-gods by activating the various mods offered in form of a menu tab that can easily be accessed during gameplay or in the lobby.

One would just have to tap on the overlaying icon that appears on the right of the screen depicting the owner of the mod and the tab will open showing all the available mod features that can be applied into the game. The effects are seen instantly as one would just need to choose their desired ones and flip the switch to turn them on. You don’t even need aVPNto play in case you’re worried about being detected and your account banned for life. The mod menu app comes with anti-ban features that let you play around with the various mods freely without getting detected.

Versie informatie

NaamFree Fire Mod Menu
Grootte500 MB
Laatst bijgewerktnovember 18, 2020

Download Free Fire Menu Mod APK Latest Version for Android

The Free Fire Mod Menu app has been in high demand ever since its release and different versions of it have been created, some with missing features or incomplete builds that might tamper with your game. There are many download links scattered all over the internet and some of them carry harmful malware that could be destructive to your phone’s software.

daarom, you need to find a download link that’s safe and secure enough and has all mod features unlocked. Play Store’s policy is strict and against mods; hence you cannot expect to get the app there.

Use the download link provided below to get your latest version of the FF Menu Mod APK today.


Ghost Mode

This is one of my favorite mode features of the app. It transforms my character into the ultimate stealth predator by making them invisible, letterlijk. My enemies cannot see me but I see them clearly, letting the few pass by me as I plan my attacks on the chosen ones. When the safe zone closes in fast and players left are still quite the number, ghost mode lets you eliminate everyone and anyone without being detected granting you that BOOYAH!

Auto Headshot


How many headshot kills do you think you can get under pressure? Well with this free fire mod menu, I was able to unleash a rampage of headshot kills in the arena on all my enemies making me the ultimate survivor. The more headshots you get the more points you get and the more you transform into a beast within the game.

Geen terugslag

I can testify to the nuisance of recoil that scatters my shots resulting in a waste of bullets. You’d find yourself having to reload your weapon yet you still haven’t killed your target and if your enemy has better control of recoil on their gun, you might be killed faster even if you have a more advanced weapon.

Automatisch richten

This mode automatically moves your scope to your target allowing you to fire at will. When there’s more than one target, the mode moves your scope systematically for you from one enemy to another.

Aim Lock

You would need to activate this mode together with auto-aim because it locks onto a target until they’re eliminated or killed whereas is you only use Auto Aim, your aim might be moved automatically towards another opponent before the first one is killed. Aim Lock locks onto one enemy until they’re finished.


Free Fire Mod Menu Double your running speed and get into the safe zone faster or run away from areas that are under heavy fire and puts you at risk of dying faster.


Activate this to change day into night in the game.

Speed Car

Increase the speed of any vehicle and crash your opponent’s faster. Echter, don’t expect to surprise your enemies because the car engines still make noise.

No Trees, Grass or Fog

Nothing will prevent you from identifying your enemies with this mode because once it’s activated, the trees, grass and fog is removed from your end exposing everyone around you.

Speed reload & Brand

Increase your reload and fire speed dealing more damage faster than ever.



There are a variety of ESP options to see players through walls and terrains using their names, gunfire, info, and material or a line.

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