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Clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously, and use thema's to style your unique space.

As one of the top-ranked hulpmiddelen Aan Android, Parallel Space helps more than 90 million users log on multiple accounts at the same time on one device and highlight their own style. It also protects user privacy by making apps invisible on device with the Incognito Installation feature. Bovendien, users are able to customize themes of their cloned apps and the themes of Parallel Space to style their own space. Parallel Space supports 24 talen, and be compatible with most Android apps. Get Parallel Space immediately to manage multiple accounts, protect privacy, and customize your own space.

★Log in to multiple accounts of social networking apps or game apps at the same time on one device
• Balance between userslife and work easily.
• Double usersonline gaming experience and have more fun.
• Almost all apps are supported for a second account in Parallel Space. Data from both accounts won’t interfere with each other.

★Protect user privacy, make apps invisible on device through Incognito Installation
• Hide userssecret apps without worrying about prying eyes by keeping apps only in secret space.
• Protect user privacy with a security lock.

★Create a customized space by applying themes
• A theme store is integrated into Parallel Space and a list of customized themes are ready for users to apply to style your own space.
• To style a unique space by a customized theme. The user can switch fast the different themes by one-tap with their moods.

★Switch fast between accounts with just one-tap
• Run two accounts simultaneously and switch between them fast with one-tap to effective manage different accounts.

• Powerful, stal & easy-to-use.
• Unique: Parallel Space is based on multiDroid, the first application virtualization engine on Android.

• Permissions: Parallel Space needs to apply for the permissions required by the apps added in Parallel Space to function normally. Bijvoorbeeld, if Parallel Space is not permitted to acquire your location, you will be unable to send your location to your friends in some apps that run in Parallel Space. Parallel Space does not collect your personal information to protect privacy.
• Consumptions: Parallel Space itself doesn’t take up too much memory, battery and data by which are actually consumed by the apps running inside. Details can be viewed in ‘Storageand ‘Task Manager’, which could be found in ‘Settingsin Parallel Space.
• Notifications: Please add Parallel Space to whitelist or exceptional list of some ‘boost appsto ensure that notification of some social networking apps functions well.
• Conflict: You cannot run two accounts of some social networking apps by using a same mobile number. You should use a different mobile number to run your second account of those apps in Parallel Space and ensure that the mobile number is active during your first login because there will be a verification message sent to this number.

For any urgent matters, please contact our official WhatsApp: +86 18201691197. Please note that hot line service is not supported at present.

For any problems, please feel free to contact us via the ‘Feedbackfeature inside Parallel Space or send us an email at: lbedeveloper@gmail.com

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Categorie: Hulpmiddelen
Besturingssysteem: Android
Prijs: Vrij


1. Optimized the overall performance of Parallel Space.
2. Fixed some known bugs.

User Reviews / Advies:

  • WARNING! DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE ON ANDROID PIE, THE APP IS CURRENTLY BROKEN! Dat gezegd hebbende, the app functioned perfectly for me when it was working. It did have some issues where it would randomly open when I had it set to lock with fingerprint unlock, but otherwise, it does exactly what it said.
  • Will you ever fix the issue with whatsapp?? I have very important message to read which was delivered to that number. If anyone knew this app was this much unreliable, I would never ever installed it! Previous version didn’t crash. Please resolve the problem ASAP.
  • Application is good but ads are irritating. Even after buying the subscription for lifetime, this application start showing ads after every few days. I need to reinstall it to fix the issue.. I don’t know why it takes some other gmail account automatically after every few days and there is no option available in the application setting to fix our gmail account. Waste of money. I would suggest everyone not to buy the subscription for this application..

Parallel Space file information

Verpakkingsnaam: com.lbe.parallel.intl
Versie: 4.0.8581 (759)
Bestandsgrootte: 8.4 MB
bijgewerkt: augustus 7, 2018
Minimum Android-versie: Android 4.0.3 (Ijs Sandwich, API 15)

DOWNLOAD Parallel Space 4.0.8581 (759) APK

Oude versies

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts 4.0.8579

Verpakkingsnaam: com.lbe.parallel.intl
Versie: 4.0.8579 (758)
Bestandsgrootte: 8.5 MB
geüploade: augustus 4, 2018
Minimum Android-versie: Android 4.0.3 (Ijs Sandwich, API 15)

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts 4.0.8568

Verpakkingsnaam: com.lbe.parallel.intl
Versie: 4.0.8568 (757)
Bestandsgrootte: 8.4 MB
geüploade: augustus 3, 2018
Minimum Android-versie: Android 4.0.3 (Ijs Sandwich, API 15)

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts 4.0.8565

Verpakkingsnaam: com.lbe.parallel.intl
Versie: 4.0.8565 (756)
Bestandsgrootte: 8.4 MB
geüploade: juli 27, 2018
Minimum Android-versie: Android 4.0.3 (Ijs Sandwich, API 15)

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