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Come and experience gives you unlimited pleasure, wiesz!
Jak grać:
★As long as you do in the game, pick up the tools, and targeting, and to threw other motorcycle riders.
★Please note that the closer you can knock down other riders you will get more helmets that can be used to unlock cool vehicles.
★Acceleration you will consume the nitrogen, so remember to collect nitrogen, or you will fall behind.
★Of course, you can share your score to the ranking. Who is stronger with players from around the world?
★Can be shared to various social networks, takich jak Facebook, twiter …

Come on,Let’s Go!

Kategoria: Games/Racing
System operacyjny: Android
Cena £: Darmowy


fix some bugs

Opinie użytkowników / Opinia:

  • How about you fix the game so the cars moving to the next lane don’t move into the other car as if it’s not there? Również, how about you allow us to start where we left off when you said you would after the ad.
  • Far too many adds. Wish developers would just release apps and we have to pay rather than all the ads and in app purchases. One fair price, you buy it you get what you pay for. Thats all.
  • It’s OK. It would be better if you add some brakes to it. To make it a bit more realistic. A riding simulation on a motorcycle without brakes would be called reckless in driving.
  • Recent bug in this game This game is good but recently error when Player hits to any vehicle and take points then game is just going but there is no bike .. please resolve this bug as possible


Nazwa pakietu: com.icloudzone.DeathMoto
Wersja: 1.1.11 (29)
Rozmiar pliku: 15.4 MB
zaktualizowany: luty 15, 2018
Minimalna wersja Android: Android 4.0 (Lodowa Kanapka, API 14)

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Death Moto 1.1.10

Nazwa pakietu: com.icloudzone.DeathMoto
Wersja: 1.1.10 (27)
Rozmiar pliku: 12.5 MB
Dodane: styczeń 9, 2018
Minimalna wersja Android: Android 2.3.2 (piernik, API 9)

Death Moto APK
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