Menedżer ML: APK APK Extractor spróbować dać najnowsza wersja "Menedżer ML: APK APK Extractor" dla telefonu Android. Ta aplikacja należy do kategorii Android. Ten plik APK ostatnia aktualizacja w lutym 5, 2019 w 4:45 po południu. Wybierz i pobieranie z bezpośredniego linku poniżej, aby rozpocząć pobieranie pobrać plik apk dla "Menedżer ML: APK APK Extractor", A następnie przenieść plik na kartę telefonu Android SD oraz korzystania z menedżera plików wolisz przeglądać i zainstalować go. trzeba będzie Android 4.0.3 wersja lub wyższa aby zainstalować tę aplikację.

ML Manager: APK Extractor APK 1

ML Manager is a customizable APK manager for Android: extract any installed app, mark them as favorite, share .apk files easily and much more.

Meet the easiest app manager and extractor with Material Design on Android.

• Extract any installed & system apps and save them as APK.
• Batch mode to extract multiple APKs at the same time.
• Share any APK using other apps: Telegram, Dropbox, e-mail, itp.
• Organize your apps by marking them as favorite and access them easier.
• Upload your latest APKs to APKMirror.
• Uninstall any installed app.
• Customizations available in Settings, including a dark mode, customizing main colors and more.
• No Root access required.

Need more features? Have a look to the Pro version with Root access:
• Uninstall system apps. – Requires Root
• Hide apps from the device launcher so only you can see them. – Requires Root
• Delete cache & data for each app. – Requires Root
• Enable the new and elegant compact mode.
• Always extract APKs in the background while you continue extracting other apps.

What do the media say about ML Manager?
• AndroidPolice (EN): “ML Manager makes extracting APKs from your device easy.
• PhoneArena (EN): “With a combination of basic, essential features and a Material-inspired user interface, the app is definitely something to look out for.
• Xataka Android (ES): “ML Manager is the easiest way to extract and share APKs.
• HDBlog (IT): “If you need a simple, beautiful and optimized application, without losing basic and essential features, ML Manager is a good choice.

Kategoria: Przybory
System operacyjny: Android
Cena £: Wolny


• Now it will be easier than ever to manage any extracted APK. The newManage APKssection allows you to view, usunąć, share and upload the APKs extracted with ML Manager.
• APK extraction has been optimized for Android 8.0 lub wyżej.
• Nine APKs out of ten recommend ML Manager.

Opinie użytkowników / Opinia:

  • it can not write to the SD card in Android 7 samsung s7 i select the output folder in the Sd card but nothing happens when I extract to it.
  • Two weaknesses keep it from earning five stars. There is no function to group-select all APKs that have been updated since the last backup. Zamiast, you have to scroll through the list and select each one to add it to the backup list. After you run a backup, the list of APKs doesn’t automatically update to show that all have been backed up. You have to exit and restart the app to refresh the list.
  • Great but few issues. Dark UI would be much appreciated for us amoled users. List load and refresh times are very slow for me and unfortunately when you rotate the device it attempts to refresh the list again which is painful. TheDelete all extracted APKsin settings needs a confirm popupI just deleted everything with a finger slip. Otherwise it’s a very promising app with a great visual layout and easy to navigate! Great job!
  • świetny it is a very useful app but really the name of app doesn’t describe what it does i download it by coincidence from another app and extract apk i tough like extracting it and modifying the apk file anyway it is very useful app

Menedżer ML – APK Extractor FILE INFORMATION

Nazwa pakietu: com.javiersantos.mlmanager
Wersja: 3.3.1 (80)
Rozmiar pliku: 4.3 MB
zaktualizowany: Marsz 23, 2018
Minimalna wersja Android: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)

DOWNLOAD ML Manager – APK Extractor 3.3.1 (80) APK

Stare wersje

Menedżer ML – APK Extractor 3.3

Nazwa pakietu: com.javiersantos.mlmanager
Wersja: 3.3 (79)
Rozmiar pliku: 4.3 MB
Przesłano: styczeń 23, 2018
Minimalna wersja Android: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)

Menedżer ML – APK Extractor 3.2.1

Nazwa pakietu: com.javiersantos.mlmanager
Wersja: 3.2.1 (77)
Rozmiar pliku: 4 MB
Przesłano: sierpień 24, 2017
Minimalna wersja Android: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)

Menedżer ML – APK Extractor 3.2

Nazwa pakietu: com.javiersantos.mlmanager
Wersja: 3.2 (76)
Rozmiar pliku: 4 MB
Przesłano: sierpień 21, 2017
Minimalna wersja Android: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)

"Menedżer ML: APK APK Extractor" jest własnością i znakiem towarowym główny programista / właściciel, Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone przez poszczególnych deweloperów. Nie jesteśmy odpowiedzialni za coś się dzieje na telefonie lub Talet, staramy się dać apk plik jest tym, co tam w google playstore.

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