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Duch dowódcy Menedżer plików APK Pobierz v1.56.4b2 Aktualna wersja spróbować dać najnowsza wersja "Duch dowódcy Menedżer plików APK Pobierz v1.56.4b2 Aktualna wersja" dla telefonu Android. Ta aplikacja należy do kategorii Android. Ten plik APK ostatnia aktualizacja sierpnia 5, 2019 w 10:37 jestem. Wybierz i pobieranie z bezpośredniego linku poniżej, aby rozpocząć pobieranie pobrać plik apk dla "Duch dowódcy Menedżer plików APK Pobierz v1.56.4b2 Aktualna wersja", A następnie przenieść plik na kartę telefonu Android SD oraz korzystania z menedżera plików wolisz przeglądać i zainstalować go. trzeba będzie Android 4.0.3 wersja lub wyższa aby zainstalować tę aplikację.

Ghost Commander File Manager APK Download v1.56.4b2 Latest version 1

Download Ghost Commander File Manager APKDownload Latest version for free here for your android telefon lub tablet…

Ghost Commander is a dual-panel file manager (as well as a FTP, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, Drive, BOX, Dropbox client!) which will let you to manage your files locally or remotely as well as tweak your system in the root mode.

This is an open source software (zobacz and does not show any advertisement! The project exists only because of your donations.

The main idea behind the user interface is classic: copy and move files from one panel to another. Prosty.
Również, to not overload the display with extra checkboxes, file selection is made as follows: each file row is divided by two zones: tapping on the left you open files and folders, tapping on the right you select multiple items. If you are left handed, that could be swapped in the settings.

Writing access to external sdcard drives and USB OTG is provided through a specialStorage Access Framework” tryb. Native mode can give only a read-only access to external drives.

Ghost Commander supports FTP and SFTP servers and Windows network shares, as well as Google Drive, BOX and Dropbox cloud storage (wtyczka wymagane), plus it can create/extract ZIP archives and work with as it was a regular folder.
For advanced users, this file manager also supports root (superużytkownik) tryb, which is essential to work with protected system files on a rooted devices, like to change file permission attributes/owners (chmod/chown) and even execute your own shell commands (busybox required).

This file manager is very customizable and comes with a lot of options which allow you to adjust its appearance and behavior to your personal tastes and habits.

Here’s a list of the file manager’s features which include, but are not limited to:
* easy sorting by name, rozbudowa, size or date
* customizable multiselect (by tapping, or select by wildcards)
* korzeń / superużytkownik (jego) tryb: remount partitions and make changes in system files
* change file owner and permissions (in root mode only)
* working with files via the MediaStore perspective (which allows writing access to external SDcard on Kitkat)
* ZIP archive support: create and extract ZIP files, view inside a ZIP without extracting
* built-in FTP client: upload to/download from your own site or a public one
* favorite shortcuts for folders and locations
* calculation of file and folder size and MD5 and SHA-1
* file search by content and other properties
* text editor (built-in or external)
* text and picture viewers
* sends files via email, Bluetooth and so on
* personalizacja: zabarwienie, rozmiar czcionki, interface language, custom toolbar, itp
* Windows network support via an optional SMB plugin
* Streaming audio/video from a remote location to a player app
* Access to the Google Drive, Dropbox and BOX or any WebDAV enabled cloud storage (with plugins)

Requested permissions explanation:
INTERNETto make FTP and other network plugins be able to connect to the servers.
No connection is established without your command to do so.
ACCESS_WIFI_STATEto not to let the WiFi go down during a file transfer.
WAKE_LOCKto not to let the phone go to a deep sleep during a file transfer.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – to let the file manager copy files to the sdcard.
VIBRATEto let the phone vibrate when a long file operation is done.
INSTALL_SHORTCUTto create shortcut icons to the desktop.
MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMSto do so when you have asked that.
ACCESS_SUPERUSERto let the root: mode of the file manager functioning properly. Not used for any other purposes.
USE_CREDENTIALS – only to let the Google Drive plugin access to the Google based services.

The website:
The source:
Vote for new features:
Help with localization:

If you like this application, a small donation to help further development will be appreciated.

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Picture viewer now shows EXIF from remotely opened files
Many fixes and improvements

Opinie użytkowników / Opinia:

  • Świetny, thank you devs for creating this app! I installed this on an ASUS C100PA Chromebookit was the only file manager I found that was dual-pane (having used Total Commander on Windows for 20 years I need this!), used the whole screen width (many will only use phone-style portrait mode), allowed discovery of and writing to the SD card, and allowed connection to Google Drive.
  • the new version gives this error on start up and when trying to access menu: Alarm | an exception occurred with code c00000001 Failed to connect :<00>/ Has this app become a virus?
  • If you knew the old program Norton Commander on the PC then you know what I’m talking about. R you working with files management? Get this! Glad that they fixed the bug that appeared that made it impossible to zip files (awesome feature) Funkcja(s) I’d like to see n miss are sync/check for differences between folders n option to quickly select the different files. Also to be able to connect to networks via VPN

Ghost Commander File Manager 1.56.4b2 beta (Android 2.3.4+) INFORMACJE FILE

Wersja: 1.56.4b2 (368)
Pakiet: com.ghostsq.commander
Rozmiar pliku: 1.22 MB (1,282,833 bajty)
mnie: Android 2.3.4 (Piernik MR1, API 10)
Przesłano: styczeń 1, 2019 w 1:05JESTEM

Download Ghost Commander File Manager 1.56.4b2 beta (Android 2.3.4+) APK

Stare wersje

Ghost Commander File Manager 1.56.4 (Android 2.3.4+)

Wersja: 1.56.4 (369)
Pakiet: com.ghostsq.commander
Rozmiar pliku: 1.22 MB (1,283,100 bajty)
mnie: Android 2.3.4 (Piernik MR1, API 10)
Przesłano : styczeń 9, 2019 w 12:28JESTEM

Ghost Commander File Manager 1.56.3b3m beta (Android 2.3.4+)

Wersja: 1.56.3b3m (365)
Pakiet: com.ghostsq.commander
Rozmiar pliku: 1.21 MB (1,267,121 bajty)
mnie: Android 2.3.4 (Piernik MR1, API 10)
Przesłano: grudzień 16, 2018 w 9:28PO POŁUDNIU

Ghost Commander File Manager 1.56.3 (Android 2.3.4+)

"Duch dowódcy Menedżer plików APK Pobierz v1.56.4b2 Aktualna wersja" jest własnością i znakiem towarowym główny programista / właściciel, Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone przez poszczególnych deweloperów. Nie jesteśmy odpowiedzialni za coś się dzieje na telefonie lub Talet, staramy się dać apk plik jest tym, co tam w google playstore.

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