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Blockfolio is the world’s most popular FREE Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio management app, with support for 4,000+ cryptocurrencies. Join millions of others and track your entire portfolio in one place, get detailed price and market information, and receive Signal updates directly from crypto teams within the app.

Millions of users globally love Blockfolio:
■ “Well worth 5 estrelas… accurate pricing, easy for beginners, ad free, plenty of functions, highly recommend ”
■ “How amazing is the ‘signal’ feature on Blockfolio? Keeps me up to date with tech developments without all the brassneck shilling you get on Twitter.”
■ “Easily the best cryptocurrency monitoring app and has great customer service.”

Características principais:

■ Track prices of over 4,000 coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, Monero, Zcash & muito mais).
■ View your portfolio in 100+ fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, BRL, KRW & Mais) or crypto bases (BTC, ETH).
■ Chart the trend of your crypto investments over time with your personal portfolio graph.

■ Cut through all the misinformation in the crypto space and receive curated signals directly from the leadership teams of the coins you care about (0X, Monero, Dash, NEO, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, etc.).

■ Global coverage with 250+ exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Bitfinex etc.)
■ View candlestick charts and real-time order book information for every coin.
■ Set custom price alerts to get notified immediately when prices move.
■ Stay up-to-date with the latest crypto news from CoinDesk, Coin Telegraph and more in your custom news feed.

■ Add a PIN lock to safeguard your portfolio.
■ Take advantage of the “Hide Balances” feature for added privacy.
■ Recover or transfer your portfolio with our 24/7 support team.

■ You can reach us anytime on our Telegram or by emailing

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Free multiple portfolios + brand new design + global average pricing = Blockfolio 2.0.
We hope you love it!

Comentários do utilizador / Opinião:

  • Great cryptocurrency management application. Only a few key things missing to make it perfect. 1. Save portfolio in cloud so its easy to add portfolio to new or other devices like a tablet. 2. Wish this can add multiple portfolio like my portfolio and my wife’s portfolio or my parent’s portfolio. 3. Wish this can connect via API so that I don’t have to enter my trades manually. 4. Wish I can add ICO tokens so I can keep track of my ICO tokens. 5. I can export my portfolio on an excel file so I can easily submit to my accountant for taxes.
  • I think we all loved blockfolio because of its usability and simplicity. Now i understand its new. But it moves so hard. Charts dont even open and i own a S8. Please just give us a simple version , an easy app to monitor and track our crypto portfolio. Any idea on how to get back to the previous version ?
  • Sad to say but in my eyes the update is a downgrade. Functionality all good but it’s just really hard to read. The contrast in both, day and night mode is unpleasant for the eye. The font is too large. If you could have an option to reduce the font size this would be good. It feels like it’s made for people with bad eye sight…
  • This new update is terrible. I hate everything about it. It’s very slow and the new find font is tiny. Talk about messing up a good thing. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Whoever gave the green light should be fired. I’m going to Delta.

Blockfolio Bitcoin / Altcoin App 2.0.2 (andróide 5.0+) INFORMAÇÕES SOBRE O ARQUIVO

Versão: 2.0.2 (1171)

Pacote: com.blockfolio.blockfolio

Tamanho do arquivo: 22.15 MB (23,227,162 bytes)

me: andróide 5.0 (Pirulito, API 21)
Carregado: novembro 1, 2018

DOWNLOAD Blockfolio Bitcoin / Altcoin App 2.0.2 (andróide 5.0+) APK ARQUIVO

Versões antigas

Blockfolio Bitcoin / Altcoin App 2.0.1 (andróide 5.0+)

Pacote: com.blockfolio.blockfolio
Tamanho do arquivo: 22.15 MB (23,226,326 bytes)
me: andróide 5.0 (Pirulito, API 21)
Carregado: Outubro 30, 2018 em 1:42PM

Blockfolio Bitcoin / Altcoin App 2.0.0 (andróide 5.0+)

Blockfolio – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tracker APK
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