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Piktures is a super simple to use, yet hyper rich gallery app.

You won’t find any gallery that makes it faster to access your photos. To access your folders, just slide right. To access your cloud drives or your secure drive, slide again on the right. Piktures has almost everything you want from a gallery but it also has some features that you won’t find anywhere else.

You love taking photos with multiple camera apps?
Sem problemas, you can launch the native camera as well as any of your camera apps from Piktures

You’re an artist juggling with multiple editing apps?
Piktures gives you access to all your editors without forcing you to choose one.

You sometimes need to scan a QR code but don’t want an app for that?
Nós temos que cobertas. Piktures comes with a super convenient QR code scanner

You don’t want to use too much data while sharing photos?
Sem problemas, Piktures helps you resize photos before sharing. You can even remove your GPS information for more privacy

You’ve got a collection of movies with multiple formats?
While Piktures has a powerful video player, you can also choose which video players to play your video without committing to a main player

Piktures allows you to access your photos disseminated on multiple cloud services. It currently supports Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox and new cloud services will be added in the coming months. Please note we are not associated with neither Google, Microsoft and Dropbox.

You may also have photos on your internal SD cards and an external hard drive. Piktures let you access and manage your photos on your SD cards. For external drives, Piktures supports the USB OTG standard that let you access them when they are formatted in FAT16 and FAT32

Hide your most private photos behind an encrypted Secret Drive that only you can access with a PIN code or your fingerprint

Piktures comes with an integrated video player and supports animated GIF.
New photo and video formats are constantly added to the list of supported files

Piktures offers a unique calendar view to browse your photos in an original way. It is very convenient if you want to get quickly to your birthday party’s photos

Piktures allows you to resize and remove location before sharing

Through the support of Chromecast, you can beam your photos and videos to your TV. Other protocols such as DLNA and Airplay are being developed.

If you are a power camera users, you probably have multiple camera apps on your phone. Piktures is the only gallery apps allowing you to access your native and all your third party camera apps
Piktures also comes with a super convenient QR code scanner with its own dedicated folder to retrieve your previously scanned QR codes.

Most of the features are available for FREE, with no ads.

The premium version is meant for power users who have multiple simultaneous clouds. Since there are no ads, it is our way to support the development of Piktures.

WE ♥ to talk to our users!

Se você tiver qualquer feedback, questions or concerns, envie um email para: piktures@diune.com
Connect on twitter @ http://twitter.com/Diune
Ajuda online: http://help.diune.com/help_center

Piktures is designed by Diune

Categoria: Fotografia
Sistema operacional: andróide
Preço: Livre


Update release 2.5.481 with bug fixes
Tags with System tags to filter: tags are automatically created. Por exemplo, the camera you used to shoot the photos (like a DSLR or another phone that your current device)
Tags with user tags: for Premium users
Added New Terms & condições
Added photo information : we have re-designed the Photo information screen

Comentários do utilizador / Opinião:

  • Not utilising notch! Gallery apps must provide full screen experience. Let camera folder be pinned to the top. tb, the date string appearing on photos is an eyesore. Please give us the option to hide it. Melhor ainda, give the option to hide the soft keys by default and only enabled by touching the photo once.
  • It’s a decent viewer butThere’s a few issues. The time it takes to decode an image is not acceptable. I have several devices, and even the Galaxy Tab S2 isn’t enough to run it smoothly. Images can take 10+ seconds to decode (display properly) and even then only the part of the picture you’re looking at is done. If you move the pic around it forgets that part and has to reload it again if you scroll back. This happens on high res images and *screenshots* of all things. Text is unreadable for way too long. Other apps (like QuickPic or the default Gallery) don’t have this issue.
  • The user wants to Manage his Albums, so that in the side-bar, there is an album named “Todos”, which was selected by default. Próximo, the user goes to tap, on the Trash Icon Within Some Specific Album, which he or she wants to delete, and after confirming‘Delete Selected’ – The app proceeds to delete the albumAll’. Because some of us may have hundreds of photos, deleting the album “Todos” takes unexpectedly long, prompting some users to complain, that deleting any album doesn’t work. I don’t know whether this app is capable of actually deleting “Todos”, because I didn’t wait that long for it to finish. If the user wishes to Trash One Specific Album, he must first Select It so that it gets displayed to the right, and then, tap on the Trash Icon for that Album.


Nome do pacote: com.diune.pictures
Versão: 2.5 (481)
Tamanho do arquivo: 13 MB
Atualizada: agosto 19, 2018
versão mínima Android: andróide 5.0 (Pirulito, API 21)

Versões antigas

pintura 2.5

Nome do pacote: com.diune.pictures
Versão: 2.5 (480)
Tamanho do arquivo: 13 MB
Carregado: agosto 1, 2018
versão mínima Android: andróide 5.0 (Pirulito, API 21)

pintura 2.5

Nome do pacote: com.diune.pictures
Versão: 2.5 (479)
Tamanho do arquivo: 13 MB
Carregado: julho 11, 2018
versão mínima Android: andróide 5.0 (Pirulito, API 21)

pintura 2.5

Nome do pacote: com.diune.pictures
Versão: 2.5 (475)
Tamanho do arquivo: 12.5 MB
Carregado: julho 1, 2018
versão mínima Android: andróide 5.0 (Pirulito, API 21)

pintura 2.5

Nome do pacote: com.diune.pictures
Versão: 2.5 (477)
Tamanho do arquivo: 12.9 MB
Carregado: julho 10, 2018
versão mínima Android: andróide 5.0 (Pirulito, API 21)

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