The official Google Analytics mobile app helps you monitor your business on the go. With this app, you can:
1) Check key metrics in built-in reports
2) Compare date ranges and apply segments
3) Monitor real-time data
4) Explore to build your own reports with any combination of metrics, dimensions, and segments that you care about
5) Save any reports to your dashboard so you can easily come back to them

Sign in with your Google account to use Google Analytics.

Permissions Notice
Contacts (Get Accounts): Needed to get a list of accounts to sign in with

Operating System: Android
Цена: Свободно


Analytics Intelligence now understands follow-up questions. Например, if you ask ‘How many users on mobile last week?, you can then ask ‘What about from NYC?.
You can now refresh using the icon in the top right (or pull down to refresh) on the ‘Select Viewscreen.

Отзывы / Мнение:

  • The application installed in to the wrong device for my website. I can not fix this situation and I have not found a solution for my issue. If you are thinking of downloading…. ensure you are connecting to the right device, there are no second chances. I have looked all over and I still have not found a solution.
  • It’s not there yet in terms of data analysis. And interpreting how many people or clicks there are is not as straight forward as one would expect. Rather it’s like insurance or medical aid numbers. And seems to avoid giving a solid answer
  • I have not been able to create an acct on google analytics, nd when i login through the app, it kept bringingno information found on this acct
  • Happy butI like the app, I like checking the stats on my businesses and looking for trends and opportunities. The only gripe I have is that it hides too much organic search data. The olno keyword provided”. I understand they want to push people to paid ads, but having organic keyword data would be helpful to discover new keywords for ppc, and also just a nice info to have for content, SEO, and marketing in general.


Имя пакета:
Версия: 3.8.3 (309)
Размер файла: 22.1 мегабайт
обновленный: августейший 15, 2018
Минимальная версия Android: Android 4.4 (Кит-Кат, API 19)

DOWNLOAD Google Analytics APK

Старые версии

Download Google Analytics 3.7.5

Имя пакета:
Версия: 3.7.5 (305)
Размер файла: 21.7 мегабайт
загруженное: февраль 7, 2018
Минимальная версия Android: Android 4.4 (Кит-Кат, API 19)

Google Analytics 3.7.4

Имя пакета:
Версия: 3.7.4 (303)
Размер файла: 21.7 мегабайт
загруженное: февраль 5, 2018
Минимальная версия Android: Android 4.4 (Кит-Кат, API 19)

Download Google Analytics 3.7.3

Имя пакета:
Версия: 3.7.3 (302)
Размер файла: 21.7 мегабайт
загруженное: январь 25, 2018
Минимальная версия Android: Android 4.4 (Кит-Кат, API 19)


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