The forecast is beautiful.

Prepare for your day with the most accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Stunning Flickr photos match your location, time of day, and current conditions.

Favorite features
Get all the details: wind, pressure, and chance of precipitation.
See animated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure modules.
Browse interactive maps: radar, satellite, heat, and snow.
Track all your favorite cities and destinations!

Helpful tips
Scroll down for detailed weather information.
Tap the plus sign to add up to 20 города.
Swipe left-to-right to move between locations.
Submit your photos to Yahoo Weather by joining #projectweather on Flickr.

Tell us what you think
We are committed to building the best mobile experiences and would love to hear your feedback.

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категория: Погода
Операционная система: Android
Цена: Свободно


Исправления ошибок и улучшение производительности.

Отзывы / Мнение:

  • Knocking the rating down to 2 stars because of the app’s need to access my Identity, Место нахождения, Files and Wi-Fi connections. Original review: This is not a bad weather app. I wish there was a paid version which did not have any commercials, and I wish the satellite radar screen was animated.
  • As a whole its pretty accurate except on some occasions when it goes a lil off with the status eg when theres no rain it shows thunderstorms or rains. I say its a pretty solid app as the forecast are pretty much accurate most of the time
  • this app sucks because I live in Los Angeles and when I put in different zip codes they may be 15 или же 20 miles apart but completely different weather but it still shows as Los Angeles.. if I’m in the San Fernando Valley and I want to go to the beach and I want to know what temperature it is at Venice it still shows as Los Angeles instead of Venice

Weather file information

Имя пакета:
Версия: 1.13.1 (91595793)
Размер файла: 23.5 мегабайт
обновленный: августейший 9, 2018
Минимальная версия Android: Android 4.4 (Кит-Кат, API 19)

DOWNLOAD Weather 1.13.1 (91595793) APK

Старые версии

Yahoo Weather APK 1.12.1

Имя пакета:
Версия: 1.12.1 (91595749)
Размер файла: 24.2 мегабайт
загруженное: июль 27, 2018
Минимальная версия Android: Android 4.4 (Кит-Кат, API 19)

Yahoo Weather 1.11.2

Имя пакета:
Версия: 1.11.2 (91595661)
Размер файла: 23.3 мегабайт
загруженное: май 15, 2018
Минимальная версия Android: Android 4.4 (Кит-Кат, API 19)

Yahoo Weather 1.11.0

Имя пакета:
Версия: 1.11.0 (91595656)
Размер файла: 23.3 мегабайт
загруженное: апрель 27, 2018
Минимальная версия Android: Android 4.4 (Кит-Кат, API 19)


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