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Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery APK Download v13.0.6 Latest version попытаться дать последнюю версию "Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery APK Download v13.0.6 Latest version" для вашего телефона Android. Это приложение относится к категории Android. Этот файл APK Последнее обновление декабря 23, 2018 в 8:57 утра. Выбрать и загрузить из загрузки ниже ссылки, чтобы начать прямую получить файл для АПК "Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery APK Download v13.0.6 Latest version", А затем переместить файл на SD-карте вашего Android телефона и использовать один файловый менеджер вы предпочитаете просматривать и установить его. Вы будете нуждаться в Android 4.0.3 версии или выше, чтобы установить это приложение.

Zomato - Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery APK Download v13.0.6 Latest version 1

Download ZomatoRestaurant Finder and Food Delivery APK Download Latest version for free here for your андроид телефон или планшет…

Zomato lets you search for and discover restaurants to eat out at or order in from. Browse through restaurant menus, фото, user reviews and ratings to decide where you want to eat, and use the map feature to guide you there.

If you are in India, ОАЭ, or Lebanon, you can also order food online for delivery, with thousands of great food delivery restaurants to choose from.

* Search easily for Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Bars by location, cuisine (например. Китайский, итальянский, Indian), название (например. Старбакс, Domino’s Pizza, Amaya).
* Explore every restaurant in your city, including the ones near your current location, and use search filters to find the one that suits you best.
* View menus, фотографий, телефонные номера, directions, user reviews, and all the other information you need to choose a restaurant for Dine Out, Доставка еды, Nightlife, or Takeaway.
* Browse our theme-based curated lists to discover places for the best burgers, perfect date spots, or the top trending restaurants.
* Rate and review restaurants you’ve been to, and share photos of your foodie moments directly from the app.
* Maintain an easy reference list of your favorites or places you want to visit with Bookmarks.
* Use the map view to explore restaurants around you, or draw a circle to search in a specific area.
* Find and follow your friends to see where they’re eating and what they like.
* Journal the restaurants you eat at using your Dineline.
* In-app table booking (select locations) – you can view and book yourself a table at all partner restaurants.

Permissions Requested:
* камера – To take photos of food and restaurants for reviews.
* контакты – To get your Google account information for signing in Zomato via Google.
* Место нахождения – To identify your location and show the restaurants closest to you.
* Телефон – To make calls to the restaurant directly from the Restaurant listing.
* смс – To read OTP required for phone number verification while placing an Online Order.
* Место хранения – To store photos captured by you and to access photos to be published with your reviews.
* Phone stateTo identify cellular network information for optimising performance on low bandwidth network.

Zomato is now available in over 10,000 cities across India, the
Соединенные Штаты Америки, Австралия, the UK, ОАЭ, Канада, Ireland, New Zealand, Южная Африка, Португалия, the Philippines, Индонезия, индейка, the Czech Republic, Словакия, Польша, Чили, Италия, Lebanon, Бразилия, Шри Ланка, and Qatar. More locations coming very soon.

Соединенные Штаты Америки, Австралия, and Canada – we were previously called Urbanspoon in your countries.

Presenting an all-new Zomato app. We’ve reworked the interface and bring to you the Tab view which simplifies your intent for search and focuses on the relevant results.

Вот что новое –

⁃ One click, two optionsgetting food delivered or order for a self pickup
⁃ Gold has now gone a step ahead with Zomato Live, проверить его! Zomato Gold is now available in Manila and Jakarta.
⁃ Search re-engineered for you

Have a feedback to share with us, write to us at [email protected].

Отзывы / Мнение:

  • I have been ordering for quite a while but i dunno why my card payment option is blocked, i can’t pay COD also.. it’s very inconvenient. there isn’t an option to delete other card options once added.. if you give any specifications they aren’t passed to the restuarants then why give the option?! lately the service is really dissatisfactory.. i hope you add certain features in your app.
  • команда, you need to seriously rework your new interface. It is refreshing looks wisebut performance wise I feel like uninstalling this application. It is so slow and also the menu display options are not aligned in a quick catchy fashion. We have to really look in detail to find what is whereplease revert to previous design
  • The service is getting worse day by day. They accept the order then give you a call after 1 hour that your order has been cancelled by the restaurent as the executive does not deliver to your location. Then why do they accept the order in the first место? Sometimes the restaurent gives you a call that your order is ready but no one from zomato has showed up to pick up your order. Pathetic!
  • Can you believe this??? Zomato doesn’t allow it’s employees to share their details when they speak to the customers. What kind organisation ask you to do this??? Is this called transparency?? They provide you stale food and only compensation is quality team will get back to you. Done with this Zomato. Uber eats is very much better. Received order at 10.30pm and they don’t show any remorse. Thanks for making Sunday evening unforgettable one. Thanks to Zomato

Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App 13.0.6 (Android 5.0+) Сведения о файлах

Версия: 13.0.6 (1710013060)
пакет: com.application.zomato
Размер файла: 22.73 мегабайт (23,834,007 байтов)
мне: Android 5.0 (леденец, API 21)
загруженное: Декабрь 18, 2018 в 6:00ВЕЧЕРА

Download ZomatoRestaurant Finder and Food Delivery App 13.0.6 (Android 5.0+) APK

Старые версии

Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App 13.0.4 (Android 5.0+)

Версия: 13.0.4 (1710013040)
пакет: com.application.zomato
Размер файла: 22.49 мегабайт (23,577,810 байтов)
мне: Android 5.0 (леденец, API 21)
загруженное: Декабрь 9, 2018

Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App 13.0.3 (Android 5.0+)

Версия: 13.0.3 (1710013030)
пакет: com.application.zomato
Размер файла: 22.4 мегабайт (23,490,096 байтов)
мне: Android 5.0 (леденец, API 21)
загруженное: Декабрь 2, 2018 в 10:03ВЕЧЕРА

Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App 12.4.0 (Android 5.0+)

Версия: 12.4.0 (1710012400)
пакет: com.application.zomato
Размер файла:22.22 мегабайт (23,300,639 байтов)
мне: Android 5.0 (леденец, API 21)
загруженное: ноябрь 11, 2018 в 5:57ВЕЧЕРА

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