АДВ Рецордер 2.5.8 (49) АПК ЛАТЕСТ ВЕРСИОН

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АДВ Рецордер 2.5.8 (49) АПК ЛАТЕСТ ВЕРСИОН
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Феатуред на андроид Community, ТуттоАндроид и АндроидВорлд.нл !

Need to record your screen in a easy way and without a menu that covers your whole screen?

ADV Screen recorder was designed to be fully featured, without any kind of restritions and without requiring root.

ADV Screen Recorder lets you:
– Recording with 2 engines (Default and Advanced)
– Pause Recording (Requires Advanced Engine)
– Draw on the fly with your favorite color
– Use Front or Back Camera while recording
– Set your Text with full customization
– Set your Banner with full customization
– Trim Video
– И још много тога!…

Feel free to let us know of any sugestions!

I would to like to say thank you to the following people for helping translating the app:
Италијан – Vasc Nizz
Portuguese Brazilian – Celso Fernandes
Немачки – Yellowbear007
арапски – JetSub
Шпански – TBandroid


Update libraries and prepare for future next release

ADV Screen Recorder APK file information

Назив пакета: com.blogspot.byterevapps.lollipopscreenrecorder

верзија: 2.5.8 (49)

Величина фајла: 6.1 мб

ажуриран: октобар 7, 2017

Минимална Андроид верзија: андроид 5.0 (лизалица, АПИ за 21)

МД5: e8c57c9cff4f4a7a67e5ab91cf1eaf68

СХА1: fbbd3dfbd179d47eb009ac79f64bbbab27968e13

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Довнлоад АДВ Сцреен Рецордер 2.5.8 АПК :

Старија верзија НАР Сцреен Рецордер АПК Доступно:


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