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karalama – Kolay Planlama APK İndir v 4.15.0 En son sürüm son sürümünü vermeye çalışacağım "karalama – Kolay Planlama APK İndir v 4.15.0 En son sürüm" Android Phone için. Bu uygulama Android kategoriye ait. Bu APK dosyası geçen Aralık ayında güncellenme 6, 2018 en 10:00 AM. Seçin ve aşağıdaki doğrudan indirme bağlantısından indir apk dosyasını almak başlatmak için "karalama – Kolay Planlama APK İndir v 4.15.0 En son sürüm", Ve sonra Android telefonun SD karta dosya taşımak ve göz atabilir ve yüklemeyi tercih bir dosya yöneticisini kullanabilirsiniz. Eğer Android gerekecektir 4.0.3 sürümü veya daha yüksek bu uygulamayı yükleme.

Doodle - Easy Scheduling APK Download v 4.15.0 Latest version 1

Download Google DoodleEasy Scheduling APK Download Latest version for free here for your android telefon veya tablet…

Use Doodle to find the best time for any event. Suggest a number of times and invite participants to select their preferences. It’s free and a breeze to set up — people don’t even need the app or an account to participate!

Doodle is ideal for planning your next party with friends, outdoor adventures, a business meeting, reunions, BBQs, book clubs, play dates, rehearsals, you name it.

Stop the email ping-pong or WhatsApp waterfalls and experience the power of social scheduling for free. It’s so simple to use, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


• SAVE TIME: Instead of writing numerous messages you just set up one poll. Kolay.

• FREE: There are no subscription fees to use Doodle and no payment is required.

• IT’S WHERE YOU ARE: Invite using WhatsApp, Facebook haberci, Hangouts, eMail, SMS

• DOODLE WEB: Your invitees can even participate without the App on our easy-to-use mobile and desktop websites.

• EVENT CHATS: Need to clarify details? Have a chat, right then and there and discuss upcoming events with invitees.

• VE DAHA FAZLASI: Calendar integration to easily detect conflicts, push notifications for all important updates, easy signup


“Best Apps of 2015”Google Oyun mağaza

“If you’re trying to find a convenient time to meet several people try a simple scheduling app like Doodle.” — The Wall Street Journal

“Nobody has to sign up for anything–they just click yes, no, or maybe, and sign up for notifications, if they want.” — Fast Company


We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have feedback, sorular, veya endişeler, lütfen bize ulaşın:


versiyon 4.15.0
* We fixed a bug where you cannot add the event to your calendar
* Table view are now showing more informations!
versiyon 4.14.0
• Tired of chasing after people? Heads up, Premium users! Remind invitees who have not yet participated in your poll by sending them a message.
• Sending messages also keeps you on the fast track when reaching out to other groups of participants!

Kullanıcı İncelemeleri / Görüş:

  • This garbage will not sync with my calendar, despite all claims. Connected it to 2 different calendars, not synced. Kaldırma. Not that I used it more than once every few months… şimdi, even less. Bye, karalama.
  • A little clunky on the phone interface, wish there were a desktop option; was not attempting to sync with calendars so can’t speak to that. Otherwise I love it! A great way to simplify scheduling for larger groups or complicated schedules! Has been a real life saver several times.
  • Can’t change the timezone. I only downloaded the app because in the mobile browser I couldn’t get past a cookie warning to change the timezone. All in all both things are pieces of trash I have to use because other people invite me to it.
  • Absolutely love this. Great for quick, uncomplicated polls. Per example, I used this to extremely easily find a date for a Fantasy Football draft between 12 insanlar. Everyone voted on every date that could work, and botta-boom we were set. I also used this to organize a family reunion of sorts. I gave a list of potential dates as options, people voted, and the day with the most people available was scheduled. It’s easy to share polls – Txt, E-posta, bağlantı, Uygulamanın, ve dahası – and is easy to read, understand, and manage. Highly recommend!

karalama – Easy Scheduling 4.15.0 DOSYA BİLGİSİ

versiyon: 4.15.0 (158)
Dosya boyutu: 11.25 MB (11,799,334 bayt)
beni: Android 4.1 (Jöle fasulye şekerleme, API 16)
Yüklenen: Aralık 5, 2018 en 11:53ÖĞLEDEN SONRA

Download DoodleEasy Scheduling 4.15.0 APK

Eski versiyonlar

karalama – Easy Scheduling 4.14.0

versiyon: 4.14.0 (157)
Dosya boyutu: 11.18 MB (11,727,413 bayt)
beni: Android 4.1 (Jöle fasulye şekerleme, API 16)
Yüklenen:Mayıs 23, 2018 en 9:05ÖĞLEDEN SONRA

karalama – Easy Scheduling 4.8.0

versiyon: 4.8.0 (146)
Dosya boyutu: 10.35 MB (10,855,385 bayt)
beni: Android 4.1 (Jöle fasulye şekerleme, API 16)
Yüklenen: Ağustos 18, 2017 en 8:56ÖĞLEDEN SONRA

karalama – Easy Scheduling 3.28.3

versiyon: 3.28.3 (130)
Dosya boyutu: 6.76 MB (7,087,915 bayt)
beni: Android 4.1 (Jöle fasulye şekerleme, API 16)
Yüklenen: Mart 30, 2017 en 4:39AM

"karalama – Kolay Planlama APK İndir v 4.15.0 En son sürüm" Ana geliştirici / Sahibinin mülkiyet ve ticari markasıdır, İlgili geliştiriciler tarafından tüm hakları saklıdır. şey telefonunuza veya Talet için olur için biz sorumlu değiliz, Olduğu gibi biz apk dosyasını vermeye çalışacağım google Play Store'daki orada ne.

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