Find My Device helps you locate a lost Android device and keeps your data safe and sound while you’re looking for it.

Locate your phone, tablet or watch on a map. If current location is not available, last known location is displayed instead.

Play a sound. Find My Device can play a sound at full volume, even if your device is on silent.

Lock or erase the device, or show a custom message and contact number on lock screen. Find My Device lets you secure your device by signing out of your Google Account or adding a lock screen message.

Permissions Notice
• Location: Needed to show your device’s current location on the map.
• Contacts: Needed to access the email address associated with your Google account.

Kategori: Araçlar
İşletim sistemi: Android
Fiyat: Beleş


• Hata düzeltmeleri ve performans iyileştirmeleri

Kullanıcı İncelemeleri / Görüş:

  • I was able to locate, lock & erase my info from my cell that was stolen last week.. I was unsure how well it would work but it turns out the ‘thiefwas an aquantince who complained he could no longer sell the phone now.. So thank you! I’m installing this app on my
  • Love the idea of being able to locate my phone. But the other night when I couldn’t find it after returning from the store I tried locating it using my PC. Did all the steps and I know I always have locate device on. But it couldn’t find it even connect to my phone?! Nerve rattling enough but there was a family crisis that required me to have my phone in hand. Luckily I dropped it in my friend’s car and they rushed it back to me. Any other scenario would have been disastrous.
  • Unhelpful.. There is bug in finding cellphone in critical situation. My causin lost cell phone yesterday and he tried login to find my device from different cell phone but it wasn’t helpful due to login Google account failed without OTP password which was sending to same mobile number which was lost. I suggest my dear team to please fix this issue. Teşekkürler
  • Its ok. It needs to force turning on GPS like lookout does. Find My Device would say location is turned off. How helpful. So used lookout to force GPS on then quickly used find my device. Tapping enable lock or erase is useless. Doesn’t work. The need to get a text message to the lost phone so you can find your lost phone is beyond dumb founded. How is one going to answer a text of a lost phone when they dont have it with them?


Paket ismi:
versiyon: 2.2.009 (20000096)
Dosya boyutu: 3.2 MB
Güncellenmiş: Mayıs 26, 2018
Asgari Android sürümü: Android 4.0 (Dondurmalı Sandviç, API 14)

DOWNLOAD Find My Device 2.2.009 (20000096) APK

Eski versiyonlar

Find My Device 2.2.008

Paket ismi:
versiyon: 2.2.008 (20000094)
Dosya boyutu: 3.2 MB
Yüklenen: Mayıs 25, 2018
Asgari Android sürümü: Android 4.0 (Dondurmalı Sandviç, API 14)

Find My Device 2.1.005

Paket ismi:
versiyon: 2.1.005 (20000076)
Dosya boyutu: 2.9 MB
Yüklenen: Eylül 1, 2017
Asgari Android sürümü: Android 4.0 (Dondurmalı Sandviç, API 14)

Find My Device 2.1.004 (20000074)

Dosya adı:
versiyon: 2.1.004 (20000074)
Yüklenen: Ağustos 30, 2017 en 2:44PM GMT + 00
Dosya boyutu: 2.86MB (2,999,299 bayt)
Asgari Android sürümü: Android 4.0 (Dondurmalı Sandviç, API 14)


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