Android的 Alfred Home Security Camera v4.0.0 APK ( Download Latest version)

Alfred Home Security Camera v4.0.0 APK ( Download Latest version)

Download Alfred Home Security Camera APK Download Latest version for free here for your 安卓 phone or tablet
★Most Downloaded Security Camera App★
★Endorsed by 10 Million Families, including cops★
★Favored by caregivers to protect their jobs★
★Real-time Live Video Monitoring★

Find peace of mind by turning your old smartphone or tablet into home security camera, baby monitor, pet cam, or senior care cam with walkie-talkie, motion detector, and night vision!

Remote access: stream live video wherever you are.
Motion sensor & instant alerts: always know when something happens.
Free cloud storage: save and keep videos.
Walkie-talkie: interact with family, pets, delivery man, or deter intruder.
— 360 相機: cover a larger area with both lenses.
Zoom: catch the tiniest details.



Alfred is compatible with most smartphones and tablets on the market. Did you get a new phone? As long as your old devices run Android 2.3, they are compatible with Alfred. Your old smartphone and tablet can have a fruitful second life and serve a new purpose! You won’t have spare gadgets gathering dust or going to waste anymore! Do you work behind a PC all day? Use Alfred’s WebViewer to stream video feed from your computer.


Everyone wants to protect their loved ones and ensure their safety. You don’t need a professionally monitored home security system to do that. Unlike traditional CCTV systems or surveillance cameras, you can place Alfred anywhere and change as often as you want wherever you need to reinforce security. You don’t even have to buy an IP cam or webcam. Besides the cost of the equipment, these smart home appliances often charge a monthly fee. With Alfred, there is no complicated installation, IP settings, or contract. You only have to download Alfred to build a DIY home security system: pure and simple.

Besides the capacity of streaming live feed of your home, Alfred keeps you updated on what is going on in your home with motion sensor and instant alerts. If you see an intruder, you can scare him away by speaking through the walkie-talkie and immediately notify the local authorities. It works like an alarm. The videos are kept safe in the free cloud storage, and they can be saved or downloaded as evidence to help identify the suspect. Alfred is an essential component of any home improvement or home automation project if you are interested in building a smart home or experimenting with voice assistants such as Google Assistant.

Consider the following scenario: when holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday approach, the number of parcels everyone receives increases. 不幸, so do the parcel theft cases. Tracking from the express company does not keep your precious parcels safe! If you check a crime map, you will see that burglary happens more often than you can imagine. How can you deter parcel thieves? Besides becoming part of the Crime Stoppers, you should make Alfred guard the entrance of your place and keep an eye on your property as well as purchases.

Do you feel some anxiety caused by the increasing crime rate? Wherever you live, your neighborhood and city is safer if everybody has some security measures in place. If you are a renter of have a roommate, you might need a security system that is easy to set up and portable. When you 旅行, you might want to make sure your hotel is safe. After all, if anything like snooping, breaking and entering, theft, car accident, or your landlord entering the apartment without your permission, the video footage Alfred records will be extremely helpful.

Why throw away perfectly usable devices and buy more equipments when you can upcycle, recycle, and repurpose old devices? Everyone is taking advantage of their unused smartphones by turning them into music players, GPS navigators, or fitness devices. So why not use yours as a security camera?


Alfred presents the following new features/improvement in the latest Android verison:
Motion Detection Schedule. Now you can set up your customized routine for Motion Detection!
New “Contact Us” Channel. We make reporting issue easier.
UI/UX improvement.
– Bug修復和性能改進.
For more information, please visit:


  • So far it has worked as advertised. I am using multiple devises for front of home surveillance. Using a Samsung S4 which has lower quality video and S6 that has a much higher quality. Viewing on my mobile phone and from computer works very well. Very pleased. After I test for 60 days I will consider upgrading. The only negative is that the Alfred camera goes offline. I need to touch the camera to reset.
  • Great when free. Problems started as soon as I paid for it and used two cameras. Problems are still apparent when free, but it’s free… 編輯:1-1-19 I have messaged about problems before. Ever since you removed the reminder option and then added it back, it still doesnt work right. The app has actually gotten worse since my last review. I would pay again if it actually worked.
  • so far I’ve only been able to connect twice. It sits right next to my wifi so i don’t know why it says it can’t connect or offline. Gonna keep trying until i get frustrated lol

Alfred Home Security Camera 4.0.0 (build 1930) (Android的 5.0+) 文件信息

版: 4.0.0 (build 1930) (1930300)
包: com.ivuu
文件大小: 24.63 MB (25,823,910 字節)
我: Android的 5.0 (棒糖, API 21)
上傳: 一月 8, 2019 在 5:13下午


Alfred Home Security Camera 4.0.0 (build 1928) (Android的 5.0+)

版: 4.0.0 (build 1928) (1928300)
包: com.ivuu
文件大小: 24.63 MB (25,823,766 字節)
我: Android的 5.0 (棒糖, API 21)
上傳: 十二月 26, 2018 在 10:46上午

Alfred Home Security Camera 3.15.1 (build 1678) (Android的 5.0+)

版: 3.15.1 (build 1678) (1678304)
包: com.ivuu
文件大小: 20.86 MB (21,876,354 字節)
我: Android的 5.0 (棒糖, API 21)
上傳: 十二月 21, 2018 在 11:14上午

Alfred Home Security Camera 3.15.0 (build 1676) (Android的 5.0+)

版: 3.15.0 (build 1676) (1676300)
包: com.ivuu
文件大小: 20.56 MB (21,554,100 字節)
我: Android的 5.0 (棒糖, API 21)
上傳: 十二月 9, 2018 在 9:45下午