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Need to record your screen in a easy way and without a menu that covers your whole screen?

ADV Screen recorder was designed to be fully featured, without any kind of restritions and without requiring root.

ADV Screen Recorder lets you:
Recording with 2 engines (Default and Advanced)
Pause Recording (Requires Advanced Engine)
Draw on the fly with your favorite color
Use Front or Back Camera while recording
Set your Text with full customization
Set your Banner with full customization
Trim Video
And much more!…

Feel free to let us know of any sugestions!

I would to like to say thank you to the following people for helping translating the app:
意大利 – Vasc Nizz
Portuguese BrazilianCelso Fernandes
德語 – Yellowbear007
阿拉伯 – JetSub
西班牙語 – TBandroid

操作系統: Android的
價錢: 自由


Fix Bugs


  • I use a adv screen recorder to record my own YouTube videos and it is stupid helpful. There is not a single better app to make to make screen recorded YouTube videos than ADV screen recorder. So many great uses for my sub that I’m glad but I found it for making videos. Okay I think I’m just renting out and about how good this is now so I’m just going to stop.
  • Could have been better if it doesnt show the the bubble icon for the recorder when already filmed. Also it corrupts the video taken when you use the pause option when recording. Had a really great potential ruined by such flaws. Will redownload if the bug get fixed.
  • I love this app! It’s perfect and I recommend this to all. But one question. Why is it rated Teen? 谷歌播放 says for sexual themes. I think it is just the ads though.

ADV Screen Recorder File Information

包裹名字: com.blogspot.byterevapps.lollipopscreenrecorder
版: 3.4.1 (65)
文件大小: 6.3 MB
更新: 可以 21, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 5.0 (棒糖, API 21)

DOWNLOAD ADV Screen Recorder 3.4.1 (65) APK


ADV Screen Recorder APK 3.4.0

包裹名字: com.blogspot.byterevapps.lollipopscreenrecorder
版: 3.4.0 (64)
文件大小: 6.3 MB
上傳: 可以 11, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 5.0 (棒糖, API 21)

ADV Screen Recorder 3.2.0

包裹名字: com.blogspot.byterevapps.lollipopscreenrecorder
版: 3.2.0 (57)
文件大小: 6.3 MB
上傳: 遊行 14, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 5.0 (棒糖, API 21)

ADV Screen Recorder APK 3.1.3

包裹名字: com.blogspot.byterevapps.lollipopscreenrecorder
版: 3.1.3 (56)
文件大小: 6.3 MB
上傳: 遊行 5, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 5.0 (棒糖, API 21)