Android的 巴克萊銀行手機銀行APK下載v1.80最新版本


更新: 七月 30, 2019

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Download Barclays Mobile Banking APK Download Latest version for free here for your 安卓 手機或平板電腦…
Barclays Mobile Banking app

If you’re 16 or over and you have a UK-registered mobile number and a Barclays current account, follow the onscreen instructions. You’ll need the 16 digit number off your debit card and you’ll need to verify your identity with PINsentry or at a Barclays cash machine.

If you’ve got an activation code, follow the onscreen steps to register (you won’t need PINsentry for this).

After you’re set up, you’ll only need your 5-digit passcode to log in. Then you can set up Android Fingerprint to log in faster in future.

This app doesn’t work on rooted devices.

•Log in quickly and securely when you set up access through Android Fingerprint
•Manage your personal and business accounts, and view your Barclays mortgage account, as well as managing your personal Barclaycard accounts
•See recent transactions and check your balances
•Transfer funds between accounts
•Make payments to people you’ve paid before and people in your payee list
•Upload, sort and store your important documents securely with Barclays Cloud It. Just use your camera to take photos of documents you want to store
•Find your nearest branch or cash machine
•Log into Online Banking more easily using Mobile PINsentry. So we can complete some security checks, it’ll take up to 4 days for Mobile PINsentry to be activated in the app
•Call our customer services team direct from the app to speak to an advisor
•Manage your Barclays personal and business accounts with 1 secure log-in
•No need to log in to lots of appsview your current accounts held with other banks, safely and securely, in your app

Terms and conditions apply. You must be aged 16 or over to use the Barclays Mobile Banking app.

You can only use the app if you’re a sole-signatory Barclays Business current account holder. You can’t register your Barclaycard business or corporate credit cards.

This app is provided by either Barclays Bank UK PLC or Barclays Bank PLC depending on the entity you may have contracted with for banking services. Please refer to your bank documents (terms and conditions, statements, 等等) to confirm the legal entity that provides banking services to you.

Copyright © Barclays 2018. Barclays is a registered trade mark of Barclays plc, used under licence.

Barclays Bank UK PLC. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register No. 759676).


Generate an activation code to transfer Barclays Mobile Banking to a new device.
Merchant controlStop your debit card from being used with certain types of retailers like gambling.
App Improvements & Fixes.


  • Good app, the chat could do with using the regular keyboard rather than the password variation (not sure if that’s for security ?). Very good app though. I prefer it to some of its competitors. There seems to be quite a few errors thrown in regards to online banking
  • Saved payees issue still persists & seems to be unfixable It’s so annoying! 7/1/2019 – I’m now having to add my own Barclaycard as a new payee every single month! I can’t believe it’s been going on for more than 2 years without a fix!
  • Exceptional App. Very easy to use and navigate around. So easy to keep track of your spending thanks to pending transactions automatically taken off your balance so it is always up to date.

Barclays Mobile Banking 1.80 (Android的 4.4+) 文件信息

版: 1.80 (2160)
文件大小: 91.56 MB (96,007,504 字節)

我: Android的 4.4 (奇巧, API 19)

上傳: 一月 8, 2019 在 7:10下午


Barclays Mobile Banking 1.77 (Android的 4.4+)

版: 1.77 (2157)
文件大小: 90.85 MB (95,261,080 字節)
我: Android的 4.4 (奇巧, API 19)
上傳 : 十二月 13, 2018 在 4:42下午

Barclays Mobile Banking 1.75 (Android的 4.4+)

版: 1.75 (2155)
文件大小: 80.41 MB (84,312,450 字節)
我: Android的 4.4 (奇巧, API 19)
上傳: 十一月 28, 2018 在 6:34下午

Barclays Mobile Banking 1.74 (Android的 4.4+)

版: 1.74 (2153)
文件大小: 81.17 MB (85,111,896 字節)
我: Android的 4.4 (奇巧, API 19)
上傳 : 十一月 15, 2018 在 2:05上午

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