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訪問和共享您的文檔, 相片, and other files from your Android的 設備.

OneDrive是一個 地點 在您的工作和個人生活中的一切. It gives you free online storage for all your personal files so you can get to them from your Android device, 電腦 (PC或Mac), 和你使用任何其他設備.

More about OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft for android phones. OneDrive gives you a place to store photos, 視頻, 文件, and other files in the cloud with automatic backup. You can access all the data that has been backed up on OneDrive from anywhere. Access data on any of your devices, regardless of the platform, they’re running. Even if you lose your phone your data will remain safe after being uploaded to the OneDrive app.

Adding new files from your Android device to OneDrive is very simple. Just tap the upload button to grab photos, 視頻, and other files from your phone and click upload. You can enable Camera Backup and select folders and the app will do the rest.

做多,無論你使用Microsoft OneDrive去. 獲取和共享您的文件, 相片, 使用Android設備的其他文件, 電腦 (PC或Mac), 和你使用任何其他設備. 使用Office移動應用程序,以保持工作效率和工作在一起, 無論你在哪裡. Android版OneDrive應用程序可以讓您輕鬆與個人和工作文件,當你在旅途中工作.

•快速打開和保存OneDrive文件在Office應用程序,如Word, 高強, 微軟幻燈片軟件, 和OneNote.


對於您登錄到OneDrive商業, 您的企業需要有一個合格的SharePoint Online中或辦公室 365 企業訂閱計劃. 你不能用一個帳戶從本地目錄登錄. 相機上傳, 搜索, 分類, 並添加OneDrive for Business帳戶的功能僅適用於運行Android設備 4.0 或更高版本.

Using OneDrive on your Phone

OneDrive Home screen shows all of your files and folders. With your basic controls on top in the app UI. The navigation buttons at the bottom let you jump from files, recent files to photos. Toggle easily between Tile and List mode, upload a file, create a new folder, and refresh from the top bar. Tap an item to pull up more options, like Delete, 分享, 下載, and Export. The Share button gives you a link that you can share anywhere and lets a friend view the file straight from your OneDrive.

And if you want to send the files directly to someone then you will have to use the export option. It lets you send the actual file via email, or attach it to a Facebook的 崗位. The standard storage is offered at 5GB per email with optional packages for more storage. You can also easily collaborate with your Office files (字, 高強, 微軟幻燈片軟件) in OneDrive. Office files support includes autosaving, and advanced collaboration features that let you work on files at the same time with other people, right inside the app.

What’s new in this version of OneDrive?

•現在,您可以按住並拖動選擇的照片和瓷磚視圖多個項目! 這是一個頂級的客戶問, 因此,讓我們知道您的想法有關此功能通過搖晃發送反饋.

You can now display your media files on a Chromecast receiver or TV from a compatible device. Look for a Cast icon showing in the top toolbar. We hope you enjoy this top-requested feature!

OneDrive Apk file Information

  • 包裹名字:
  • 版: 6.41 (2026410301)
  • 文件大小: 87 兆字節
  • 更新: 十月 14, 2021
  • 最小Android版本: Android的 6.0 (棉花糖, 原料藥 23)
  • 屏幕 DPI: NODPA
  • 建築: armeabi-V7A

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