遊戲 動作類游戲 PUBG MOBILE APK v0.11.0下載用於Android | 最新版本

PUBG MOBILE APK v0.11.0下載用於Android | 最新版本

更新: 遊行 18, 2019

尋找這個程序的.apk? - AndroidFreeApks 盡量給直接下載鏈接的最新版本 "PUBG MOBILE APK v0.11.0下載用於Android | 最新版本" 為你的Android操作系統手機或平板電腦. 這個應用程序屬於動作類遊戲類別. 選擇從下面直接下載鏈接下載,開始獲取apk文件 "PUBG MOBILE APK v0.11.0下載用於Android | 最新版本", 然後將文件移動到你的Android手機的SD卡,並使用一個文件管理器,你喜歡瀏覽和安裝. 你需要的Android 4.0.3 或更高版本安裝此應用.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S戰場雲手機 – 原來大逃殺遊戲,現在你的設備上可用!

1. Official PUBG on Mobile
100 玩家降落傘到遠程8×8 公里島上一個贏家通吃攤牌. 玩家要找到並清除自己的武器, 車輛 and supplies, 並擊敗每一個球員在圖形上和戰術豐富的戰場,迫使玩家進入一個萎縮遊戲區. 準備降落, 搶劫, 並盡一切力量生存和是最後男子站在!

2. 高品質的圖形和HD音頻
強大的虛幻引擎 4 創建具有豐富細節的令人瞠目結舌的視覺體驗, 逼真的遊戲效果和巨大的高清地圖大逃殺. 覺得你在厚厚的行動,為您提供高品質的音頻播放, 身臨其境的3D音效和 7.1 聲道環繞聲.

3. 現實武器
槍支的不斷增加致命武器庫, 近戰武器, and throwables with realistic ballistics and 旅行 trajectories gives you the option to shoot, 打下來, 或焚燒你的敵人. 哦, 和你喜歡的鍋? 我們已經得到了鍋.

4. 在樣式旅行
徵用各種車輛,包括汽車, 卡車, 摩托車, 和船隻追捕你的敵人, 他們競相播放區域或做出迅速逃生.

5. 組隊好友
生存與您的朋友戰鬥. 邀請和團隊與你的朋友, coordinate your battle plan through voice chat and set up the perfect ambush.

6. 公平的遊戲環境

不僅僅是個遊戲. 這是大逃殺.

* Requires a persistent internet connection.
* 推薦規格為獲得最出PUBG移動: Android的 5.1.1 或以上和至少 2 GB RAM.

當前版本支持多 500+ Android設備, 包括但不僅限於: GALAXY附註八,SONY XPERIA XZ1,GALAXY S8,GOOGLE PIXEL2,GALAXY NOTE5,華為HONOR8,LG G5,紅米手機4A,華為P9,SONY XPERIA X,紅米手機注4:.

The current version does not represent the final quality of the game as we will keep optimizing existing content and adding new features.

如果你喜歡遊戲, please join the discussion on Facebook的! PUBG移動官方的Facebook頁面: HTTP://www.facebook.com/PUBGMOBILE

如果您有任何問題或疑慮, please contact our customer service at PUBGMOBILE_CS@tencentgames.com


Added Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, a new time-limited event mode where players fight zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2.
Added weather: Moonlight to Vikendi.
Added player Spaces.
Added Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music.
Sanhok is now available in ArcadeQuick Match.

Misc Improvements
Past results are now kept up to 1 month only.
Fixed terrain display bugs for budget devices.


  • I’m facing headphone issue. i can listen music and pick up calls everything is fine with the headphones but as soon as i open pubg, my headphones doesn’t work. I’ve tried this with other headphones but the result is same. And before all this started there was another issue that whenever someone used to call me the headphones would disconnect and will not get connected unless i restart the game. From 5 stars to 2. That’s pubg story.
  • very addictive! cant put it down. easy game and great graphics. I can play friends or people all over the world . the only thing I’d change is if your a guy you get guy stuff and if your a girl you get girl stuff. it would be nice if players or friends could trade what they have with eachother and if you buy something you should be able to keep it instead of it expiring. the cost is a little high also. if they changed those things then this game would be fire!
  • Thank you for this wonderful creation. I think it is the best game in the world either it is shooting, 冒險,suspense. Pubg has improbed many times. Now there is no problem in downloading. It would be downloaded easily. It should not be banned and should be compulsory. It is very fun in playing it woth friends.It is a safe game and the hacked version id are banned unlike mini militia. We should not play pubg all the time . We shpuld play it a limited time. As everything has disadvantage.

PUBG MOBILE 0.11.0 文件信息

版: 0.11.0 (10565) 
包: com.tencent.ig
文件大小: 41.26 MB (43,262,335 字節)
我: Android的 4.3 (果凍豆MR2, API 18)
Uploade: 二月 19, 2019 在 5:04上午



 下載PUBG MOBILE 0.10.0

版: 0.10.0 (10121) 
包: com.tencent.ig 
文件大小: 39.2 MB (41,106,229 字節)
我: Android的 4.3 (果凍豆MR2, API 18)
上傳: 十二月 18, 2018 在 5:01上午


版: 0.9.0 (9630) 
包: com.tencent.ig 
文件大小: 38.93 MB (40,822,227 字節)
我: Android的 4.3 (果凍豆MR2, API 18)
上傳 : 十月 25, 2018 在 8:04上午


版: 0.8.0 (9345)
包: com.tencent.ig
文件大小: 35.73 MB (37,465,244 字節)
我: Android的 4.3 (果凍豆MR2, API 18)
上傳: September 12, 2018 在 8:20下午

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