All in one toolbox for your rooted phone, tablet and Android的 Wear. This set of 工具 delivers all you need for your rooted handheld. “Do you need more in this all in one root toolbox? Why don’t you tell us!”

★Adoptable Storage★
Enable Adoptable Storage on any Android device running Marshmallow or later. (Including Galaxy S7 and LG G4).

★App Install Location★
Set the install location where apps will be installed to by default.

★App Manager★
Get in control of your apps. View details and uninstall system apps.

★Battery Calibration★
Calibrate your battery when it is empty too quickly (e.g. after ROM flash).

★Build.prop Editor★
Easily edit your build.prop file.

★Device Info★
View lots of information about your device.

★DPI Changer★
Edit the DPI (LCD Density) of your device.

★Emoji Changer★
Change the Emojis of your device. Requires Android Lollipop or higher.

Flash Custom ROMs, GAPPS and more; Install Recovery & Boot images. Create your own script!

★Font Installer★
Select a font to install on your device. 過度 700 fonts to choose from.

★Freeform Window Mode★
Enable ‘Freeform Window Modeon any Android device running Nougat or higher.

★Language Changer★
Change system language of your device.

★Mount /system RO/RW★
Mount your /system partition rewritable or readonly.

重啟, quick reboot, reboot recovery, reboot bootloader or just power off.

★Root Browser★
Explore all the files on your phone. Swipe left or right between panels.

★Root Checker★
Check whether your device has root access (Rooting requires 3rd party tools).

★Samsung CSC Editor★
Change your Samsung device.

Android Wear
Some features of this app are also available on Android Wear. The wearable device must be rooted for most features and takes advantage of your handheld.

What is root?
Root provides access to all system files under Linux and Android. A required tool is SuperUser (also known as SuperSU). The command su grants elevated access to your files. Many ROMs including AOSP, Cyanogenmod, Paranoid and Miui can be rooted or have ‘administrator rightsincluded in the ROM.

Accessibility Service
All usage of the accessibility service privileges is for the purpose of providing accessibility features and non-accessibility purposes to users. This service is used for responsible, innovative purpose which may include the following:
• Triggering of automated action: back, home, recents, power button menu, open notifications panel / quick settings, toggle split screen, switch to last app.
• Disabled persons can facilitate actions.
You will need to confirm the permission dialogue to grant these actions.

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類別: 工具
操作系統: Android的
價錢: 自由


• Added Kabyle language (maintained for the Kabyle community by belkacem77);
• Updated other translations;
• Root Essentials will receive a complete revision in the future; please share your ideas with the dev.


  • I love it! This is the best root app ever! 順便說說, I’ve found a strange issue. The issue is when you use its rebooter with your Internet connection off, it’s thinks that advertisements are blocked. 請修復!
  • I’m using S9+ and wanted this just for the fingerprint sensor scrolling but I can’t get anything regarding the finger print sensor to work. Any ideas ?
  • It’s a good app, it does everything it says on the can. It does contain ads, at least for the free version and although sometimes a little too many they are put mostly in 地點 so that they don’t disturb what your doing. However my biggest complaint and the reason I’ll only give it 4 stars is the fact that every time while using USB OTG a popup appears asking you to use RE as the default browser for file management which I don’t want to do. In addition to this there appears to be no way to turn it off or set the default browser as the system browser. However this could be simply fixed with a little box that saysdon’t show this message again and it really doesn’t hold the app back much. It’s just annoying . 除此之外, a glowing review with everything working as expected.


包裹名字: com.superthomaslab.rootessentials
版: 2.4.9 (201710270)
文件大小: 8.8 MB
更新: 遊行 16, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 3.0 (Honeycomb, API 11)

下載 Root Essentials 2.4.9 (201710270) APK


Download Root Essentials v2.4.8 for Android

文檔名稱: com.superthomaslab.rootessentials_v2.4.8-201707020_Android-3.0.apk
版: 2.4.8 (201707020)
上傳: 七月 3, 2017 在 2:15PM GMT + 00
文件大小: 8.67MB (9,089,786 字節)
最小Android版本: Android的 3.0+ (Honeycomb, API 11)

Root Essentials 2.4.6 為Android

文檔名稱: com.superthomaslab.rootessentials_v2.4.6-201705190_Android-3.0.apk
版: 2.4.6 (201705190)
上傳: 可以 22, 2017 在 12:15PM GMT + 00
文件大小: 8.33MB (8,737,758 字節)
最小Android版本: Android的 3.0+ (Honeycomb, API 11)

Root Essentials 2.4.5 為Android

文檔名稱: com.superthomaslab.rootessentials_v2.4.5-201702260_Android-3.0.apk
版: 2.4.5 (201702260)
上傳: 二月 27, 2017 在 1:20AM GMT + 00
文件大小: 7.98MB (8,362,886 字節)
最小Android版本: Android的 3.0+ (Honeycomb, API 11)