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Truecaller 是領先的來電顯示和垃圾郵件攔截應用程序,受到超過 250 萬用戶.

TrueCaller works first and foremost as a super-powerful caller ID app. It tells you who is calling, whoever the caller might be and wherever they might be from. You will no longer see things like “Anonymous” or “Private Number” on an incoming call. You will also be saved from the disturbing commercial calls or calls from wet blankets.

More than just identifying unwanted spam callers and telemarketers, TrueCaller can also block them. For most of them, it does the work without you having to do anything since it has a huge directory of the telemarketers and spam callers in your region and surrounding. You can also build a blocklist to add to the already existing spam list. When the unwanted caller calls, they will hear a busy tone on their end, while on your side, you will hear nothing. You can choose to be notified of their calls or go totally un-notified.

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250 萬人相信每天Truecaller識別未知來電, 攔截垃圾電話和垃圾短信. 它可以過濾掉不需要的, 並讓您與他人聯繫誰事.

Identify unknown calls with a powerful caller ID in the United StatesHundreds of millions active users, 700M downloads worldwide.🇺🇸

Stay protected from spam and scamsTruecaller’s Caller ID will identify and block robocallers, 騙子, telemarketers and other unwanted or unknown phone numbers. The advanced spam detector will automatically block and protect you from fraudulent calls and SMS, and the phone numbers on this spam list are updated in real time by millions of users worldwide.

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World Class Blocking & Spam Detection:
Block spam + scam calls and SMSIdentify and auto-block telemarketers, robocallers, scammers, fraud, 銷售, 和更多.
The phone numbers on the spam list are updated by millions of people across the world in real time, helping you avoid robocalls and fraud.
Advanced spam blocking options for blocking countries, similar phone number sequences, robocallers, unknown numbers, telemarketers and more!
Automatically identify + block every unknown, 垃圾郵件, scam or telemarketing SMS.
Automatically organized tabs for your SMS – 個人, 重要, Other and Spam.

Powerful Caller ID & 撥號器:
The leading Caller ID shows who is calling, even if the phone number is not in your contacts.
The Caller ID will tell you if an unknown caller is a business or spam phone number.
Use Truecaller Voice (VOIP) calling to talk to your friends on Truecaller for free.
Robocallers, spammers and scammers are identified in the Caller ID.

Truecaller does not upload your phonebook to make it public or searchable. We are free and trusted by 270 million users globally and exist to make your communication safer.

– 世界上最好的來電顯示可識別任何未知來電
– 阻止垃圾郵件和電話營銷電話
– 見數目不詳的名字在通話記錄
– 閃光消息 – 定位共享, 表情符號 & 在一瞬間給你的朋友的狀態
– 知道你的朋友們自由交談

– 自動識別每個未知SMS
– 自動攔截垃圾郵件和電話短信
– 按名稱和編號系列座



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We keep update our App to make it better.

This version brings :
Want to know how much time you saved from not talking to spammers this year? Check out your year on Truecaller!

Video Caller IDOur biggest ever update to Caller ID!
Delight your friends and family on Truecaller with a short selfie video when you call them next. Setup your Video Caller ID & your friends on Truecaller will see that video on call.
Call Recording is back, and better than ever. And now it’s available for fre

Truecaller Apk file information

應用程序名稱 : 真實呼叫者: 來電顯示, 垃圾郵件攔截 & 聊天室
包裹名字 :with.truecaller
開發人員: 真實呼叫者
更新Play商店 :18 七月 2022
版本名稱 & 碼:12.36.7 (1236007)

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