Android的 你砍 – Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark APK Download v1.280.67...

你砍 – Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark APK Download v1.280.67 Latest version

Download YouCutVideo Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark APK Download Latest version for free here for your 安卓 phone or tablet
YouCut is the best Video Editor and best Video Trimmer app for YouTube and other social media.

自由 & 無水印!

Free Video Editor
YouCut has the most useful features that other top pro video editor for YouTube or movie maker app have, but Youcut is free and has no banner ads : )

Video Merger & Joiner
Merge multiple video clips into one video. It is a pro video maker for YouTube app, helps combine and compress your videos without losing quality.

Video Trimmer & Cutter
Trim and cut the video to the length you need. Export video in HD quality. Easy-to-use video maker for YouTube.

Video Splitter & Slicer
Split and slice video into two separate video clips.

Video Speed Control
Brand new fast/slow motion feature, adjust video speed with video filters and effects.
Speed up your video in a fun way.
Slow down your video for special moments.

Photo Slideshow Maker
Free photo slideshow maker, merge photos to create slideshow with music.
Mix photos with videos, add custom photo cover for video.

As a free video editor and music video maker for YouTube, YouCut will never add Watermark to your video.

No ads when editing videos
There is no banner ads on the screen when you are editing videos.

Add Music to video
It is a music video maker that meets your need in every way.
1. Add free featured music by YouCut to your video.
2. Add your own music on your phone storage to your video.
3. Adjust the original video volume.

Video Filters and FX Effects
Add beautiful movie style video filters and FX effects to video.

Video Color Adjust
Adjust video’s brightness, 對比, saturation, 等等. It provides customized video filters and effects option.

Change Video Aspect Ratio
Fit your video in any Aspect Ratios like 1:1, 16:9, 3:2, 等等. No crop video maker and video zip app.

Change Video Background
Add different borders and no crop to your video.
1. Change the background color of your video.
2. White background can most assimilate into social media app like Instagram.
3. Black background make your video feel like a professional movie.
4. Don’t like flat color? You can use blur background.

Video Compressor & Converter
1. Choose resolution to compress and convert your video. HD video maker and video zip app.
2. 你砍 – Pro Video Maker supports resolution up to 4K.
3. YouCut use an advanced technology to improve the quality of your converted video, it saves more than 90% size without losing much quality.

Rotate Video
Rotate video by 90 degree.

Flip Video
1. Flip video up to down.
2. Flip video left to right.

Crop video
Crop video to any ratio you want. Zoom in/out your video.

Share Video
Share video to social media like YouTube, Instagram的, Facebook的, 等等.

Merge, Cut, Trim, Split, Compress, Fast/Slow motion (Adjust video speed from 0.5× to 2.0×), Photo slideshow, Add music, Apply FX video filters, No crop, Share your videos to YouTubeWithout losing video quality!

If you have any question about YouCut (video compressor free, video trimming, 照片幻燈片製作), please send us email: instashot.一種nd[Roid@gmail.Com


* Mix videos with photos.
* Optimize video save speed.
* Other bug fixes and improvements.


  • Great app if you don’t mind a reduction in audio & video quality. Why would you make a product that ruins the final outcome of your customers projects? Does this not seem counter productive? Can you please add an option to render in original quality? 編輯: I noticed another similar review about this today. It appears the developer is oblivious to this issue. EXAMPLE: My original video is 1080p 22kbps, then after cropping and editing in YouCut in 1080p High Quality, it is 8kbps. 編輯: THANKS
  • im editing my end of the year video and in the beginning this app was great. but as i finished my video the app crashes every time i open it. i also cant save my video. everytime i try to save the video, the app automatically crashes. then, since i couldnt save it, i tried screen recording the video because i was getting desperate, but i cant even do that. i can’t even let the video just play. it always crashes
  • This is the best video trimming app I ever used, you can trim any type of video by using this app , If you want to trim any video, Download this app this is the best app for trimming

你砍 – Video Editor & Video Maker, 無水印 1.280.67 (臂 + 臂V7A) 文件信息

版: 1.280.67 (67)
包: com.camerasideas.trimmer
文件大小: 20.37 MB (21,363,555 字節)
我: Android的 4.3 (果凍豆MR2, API 18)
上傳: 一月 1, 2019 在 8:06AM GMT + 0530by HoldTheDoor

Download YouCutVideo Editor & Video Maker, 無水印 1.280.67 (臂 + 臂V7A) APK


你砍 – Video Editor & Video Maker, 無水印 1.271.66 (臂 + 臂V7A)

包: com.camerasideas.trimmer
文件大小: 20.1 MB (21,075,569 字節)
我: Android的 4.3 (果凍豆MR2, API 18)
上傳: 十二月 13, 2018 在 5:33下午

你砍 – Video Editor & Video Maker, 無水印 1.251.54 (臂 + 臂V7A + MIPS)

版: 1.251.54 (54)
包: com.camerasideas.trimmer
文件大小: 27.4 MB (28,726,012 字節)
我: Android的 4.3 (果凍豆MR2, API 18)
上傳: 七月 25, 2018 在 12:16上午

你砍 – Video Editor & Video Maker, 無水印 1.151.27 (臂 + 臂V7A + MIPS)