AndroVid is a very handy video editor with many functions. It makes very simple to edit your videos.

Main Features :
* Video Trimmer : Trim your videos to remove unwanted parts
* Video Reverse : Reverse your video to make magic.
* Video Joiner : Merge multiple video clips into one video. You can add music as well.
* 视频 & Audio Mixer : Add music to your videos. Adjust video and music volumes.
* Animated GIF : Convert your videos to animated GIF
* Video Transcoder : Convert videos to other formats, change resolution to make your videos smaller. Supports conversion to GIF, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV and VOB formats.
* Slideshow Maker : Make slideshow from your images, add fading effect and music.
* Frame Grabber : Extract video frame images at any moment of your video.
* Video Toolbox : Enhance your video. Adjust brightness, constrast, saturation. Change audio volume
* Video Rotate : Rotate videos (Quick Rotation without encoding or True Rotation with encoding)
* Delete middle parts : Remove unwanted parts in the middle of your videos.
* Add text to your videos
* Convert your video files to MP3 audio files
* Apply video effects like fading, slow motion, sepia, vignette, vintage
* Split your video files into two separate video clips
* Share your video clips and images on Facebook的, Youtube etc.
* Play your video clips
* Organize your videos (List, Sort, Rename, Delete)

If you see any problem please send an email to andr该v一世d@andr该v一世d.Co米


AndroVid uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL

类别: 视频播放器 & 编者
Operating System: Android的
价钱: 自由


New Feature: Add text on your pictures
Improved video add text function
Performance improvements
Improved Arabic translation ( special thanks to Saleh Alhaqab)
Some UI changes


  • I love this app a WHOOOLEE bunch because it lets me make excellent quality YouTube videos, but one more thing I’m pretty sure this app needs to getting it closer to one of the best recording apps is the ability to stream, pls make it so we can crop our recording and also stream, thank you, love your app
  • Please consider adding option to crossfade between the clips that remain after trimming a piece out. Let the user specify the time or number of frames for each crossfade. If you put this in the pro version I will buy it. Great app.
  • all features are goodbut the trimming video part always save to phone memory which is disgusting for mebecause my phone memory not have enough spaceis there any sollution to save the trimming video to memory card? Please help me


包裹名字: com.androvid
版: (2952)
文件大小: 20 MB
更新: 游行 5, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)

DOWNLOAD AndroVid (2952) APK


AndroVid – Video Editor

包裹名字: com.androvid
版: (2943)
文件大小: 19.9 MB
上传: 二月 26, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)

AndroVid – Video Editor

包裹名字: com.androvid
版: (2942)
文件大小: 20 MB
上传: 二月 6, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)

AndroVid – Video Editor

包裹名字: com.androvid
版: (2935)
文件大小: 18.3 MB
上传: 十二月 6, 2017
最小Android版本: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)