谷歌Chrome是快速, 易于使用, 和安全Web浏览器. Designed for Android的, Chrome浏览器为您带来个性化的新闻文章, 快速链接到您喜爱的网站, 下载, 和谷歌搜索和谷歌翻译内置. 立即下载,享受您在所有设备上热爱相同Chrome网络浏览器体验.

浏览速度快,少打字. Choose from personalized search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly browse previously visited web pages. 在形式与自动填充快速填写.

隐身浏览. 使用隐身模式浏览互联网,而不保存历史. 在所有设备上进行私密浏览.

Chrome的同步跨设备. 当您登录Chrome, 您的书签, 密码, 并设置将在所有设备上自动同步. 您可以无缝地从您的手机访问您的所有信息, 片剂, 或笔记本电脑.

所有您喜爱的内容, 一个水龙头离. Chrome的不只是快谷歌搜索, 但设计让你一个水龙头远离所有您喜爱的内容. 您可以在新标签页上您最喜欢的新闻网站或社交媒体直接点击. Chrome also has the “Touch to Search”- feature on any webpage. 您可以点击任何单词或词组,开始了谷歌搜索,同时仍然在页面上你正在享受.

保护您的手机与谷歌安全浏览. Chrome在谷歌安全浏览内置. 它使您的手机安全的通过显示警告你,当你尝试导航到危险的网站或下载危险的文件.

Fast downloads and view web pages and videos offline Chrome has a dedicated download button, 所以你可以很容易地下载视频, 图片, 并且只需轻轻一按,整个网页. Chrome浏览器也有下载家直接在浏览器, 在这里你可以访问所有的内容您下载, 甚至当你离线.

谷歌语音搜索. Chrome浏览器为您提供了一个实际的Web浏览器,你可以跟. 使用语音找到-The-Go的答案,而无需键入去免提. 您可以浏览,并用自己的声音随处浏览更快, 任何时候.

谷歌翻译内置: 快速翻译整个网页. Chrome在谷歌翻译内置于帮助您的整个网络有一个水龙头翻译成你自己的语言.

节省移动数据流量. 打开Chrome的数据保护程序浏览和导航网页,同时使用更少的数据. 节省高达 60% 数据作为Chrome的文本压缩, 图片, 视频和网站,而不会降低质量.

智能个性化推荐. Chrome creates an experience that is tailored to your interests. 在新标签页, 你会发现文章,Chrome的选择了基于您以前的浏览历史记录.

类别: 通讯
Operating System: Android的
价钱: 自由


感谢您选择浏览器! This release includes stability and performance improvements.


  • I can’t rearrange my bookmarks the way I could before. Now to move them around in mobile bookmarks I have to put them in a folder and then put them back in mobile bookmarks to get everything in the order I am comfortable with. Can’t you put arrows beside it so we can put them where we want? Other apps do that. So much more convenient. Like other people I am having problems with typing. My bookmarks no longer work. Please fix this.
  • I did find a work-around. If I open Chrome and just leave my homepage (谷歌) on the first tab and open a second tab, all works fine on the second tab. Go figure. I can’t type in anything on either Facebook的 or other pages requiring login info. I no longer get a cursor. The keyboard pops up, but no cursor means nothing gets entered. It was fine until I updated to the latest version. When will I learn to quit updating things? Welcome Firefox.
  • Whenever I try to download mp3 song from chrome it’s automatically redirected to playstore and say install uc browser. Why I’m can’t able to download mp3 format directlyIf it’s bugx Google must fix it. I am now very irritate with this….. thanks
  • I’m giving this a 2 star review because on the pixel 2 xl, it takes a couple swipes to scroll either up or down. I’ve tested other apps, and even just scrolling through the apps it scrolls fine.until this is fixed, I’ll change my review. It’s sad that a company who makes both products can’t get one thing to run properly on the other.

Chrome file information

包裹名字: com.android.chrome
版: 68.0.3440.91 (344009100)
文件大小: 42.1 MB
更新: 八月 8, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)

DOWNLOAD Chrome 68.0.3440.91 (344009100) APK


Chrome 61.0.3163.98

包裹名字: com.android.chrome
版: 61.0.3163.98 (316309800)
文件大小: 44.5 MB
上传: 九月 21, 2017
最小Android版本: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)

Chrome 60.0.3112.107

包裹名字: com.android.chrome
版: 60.0.3112.107 (311210700)
文件大小: 46.3 MB
上传: 八月 18, 2017
最小Android版本: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)

Chrome 68.0.3440.85

包裹名字: com.android.chrome
版: 68.0.3440.85 (344008500)
文件大小: 42.1 MB
上传: 八月 2, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)