Guide the Unicorn through the path! Listen carefully to the beat, and play to the music or you’ll fall off.

Will you reach the end of the road?! And what about your friends, will they beat you?

Who will be the best Unicorn rider?

*Play on epic music

*Evolve your Unicorn! Watch it upgrade with awesome skins and armors

*Try to beat your friends score

*Get daily gifts and rewards

*Enjoy hundreds of levels of increasing difficulty

*Discover our magical universes: SkyHigh and SpaceOpera

Ready to play the best game for Android的? Time to see them Unicorns dancing!

类别: 音乐 & 音频
Operating System: Android的
价钱: 自由


  • Initially my first thoughts of this game were that it was pretty cool, I like unicorns and it seems fun. As began playing, the game began to glitch and caused me to make failures that were out of my hands. Apps spawned spontaneously and I kept losing. It was to the point where I got to a certain level, and it always glitches, and I could never move forward. I’m not saying that the app sucks, it’s a neat idea, it’s just that it’s very glitch and ads are unpredictable.
  • I really love this game! But its too many ads! Every time I play and I die, and ad pops up. It makes me feel like I don’t wanna play anymore but I really love this game! Can you please do something about that because I don’t wanna pay for a no ad free game. You can just put a tiny bit of ads not a lot. And this will be my favorite game ! Thanks.
  • I loved it but for a free app there are WAY TOO MANY ADDS Also some of the songs changed with what beat we were following and became unpredictable, the camera change challenge thing sucks completely because the depth view became extremely distorted and one final thing which is more salt than thoughts… …I shouldn’t be able to over jump or under jump any of the tiles in this game


包裹名字: com.mwm.taptapmusic
版: 1.01.16 (310010116)
文件大小: 36.4 MB
更新: 游行 18, 2018
最小Android版本: Android的 4.4 (奇巧, API 19)

DOWNLOAD Tap Tap Bea 1.01.16 (310010116) APK


Tap Tap Beatthe most addictive music game 1.00.04

包裹名字: com.mwm.taptapmusic
版: 1.00.04 (310010004)
文件大小: 33.7 MB
上传: 十二月 1, 2017
最小Android版本: Android的 4.4 (奇巧, API 19)