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Download Authy 2-Factor Authentication APK for your Android的 移动, 平板电脑或从AndroidFreeApks.com有直接联系的任何Android设备.


Authy app generates secure 2 设备上的步骤验证令牌. It helps you protect your account from hackers and hijackers by adding an additional layer of security.


Authy 2-Factor Authentication is a two-step verification app that lets you add an additional layer of security to your device. The app is perfectly compatible with Facebook的, Dropbox的, 亚马逊, Gmail的, and many more apps. 也, it’s one of the preferred tools for protecting bitcoin wallets.

Authy 2-Factor身份验证apk文件信息

版: v24.8.7
上传: 八月 6, 2016 下午1:30 GMT + 00
文件大小: 6.1中号
最小Android版本: 3.0 最多

应用程序开发: 正宗

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