Android的 Clip StackClipboard Manager APK Download v1.9.2 Latest version

Clip StackClipboard Manager APK Download v1.9.2 Latest version

Download Clip StackClipboard Manager APK Download Latest version for free here for your 安卓 手机或平板电脑…

Clip Stack is an open-source project. This is the only OFFICIAL 应用. HTTPS://

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If you have any suggestions or complaints Please don’t hesitate to contact me at .

Clip Stack The easiest way to extend multi clipboard for Android.

✓ Free ✓ No-Ads ✓ Material Design ✓ Open-Source

XDA-Developers: The developer offers up an app that allows you to control your clipboard and easily store multiple links and copies.

Droid Views: After extensively using this app I must say this app is a true winner in actually making it easier for us to freely copy text and then use it some other time.

Android Community: The app is an open-source project and so it is absolutely free and with no ads to boot!

? Unlimited Clipboards

Clip Stack can remember all your clipboard history and recover text after reboot. It’s a clipboard manager,a user friendly notebook, and maybe a tiny GTD manager.

You can easily copy, share, 星, 删除, and merge every text.

? Works Everywhere

Whatever phone, 片剂, and wear, all Android devices are supported.

? Powerful Notification

Clip stack’s notification is simple and powerful. You can switch the recent 5 texts just in notification.

Notification will be displayed only when copying new text and you can dismiss it by swipe or even disable it by long press.

? Permission Usage

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Start a background service to listen the system clipboard. It only cost 4.5M – 6M RAM. You can close it in Settings if you really don’t want it.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For export clipboard history. This app won’t write any other files to your SD card.

VENDING.BILLING: Only for donate. Clip stack is a full free app.


Fix crashes of the widget and the fingerprint lock.
Due to Android API changes, apps running on background must show a non-cancelable notification. You can change the priority of notification in system settings.


  • After update I have a notification even when my clipboard is empty, and no apparent way to change it, only disable completely. It’s infuriating. Please give an option to turn it off or better yet emulate the old behavior which was perfect.
  • Truly good function, UI, and reasonable placement and accessibility to all but one of the functions. That one function would be to open the actual app from notification not just the overlay functionality of the app. If you could do this it would extend the capable functionality that at root your app does have, not to mention quick access or handy access to all your potential is a priceless ability! but great job on the app guys!
  • Love this app, but I’m not being able to backup the notes to my Google drive!! Kindly help. I’ve to format my phone, and need to backup my clips. What is other alternative to save/sync/export it to any other app? Thanks in advance.

Clip StackClipboard Manager 1.9.2 文件信息

版: 1.9.2 (97)
包: com.catchingnow.tinyclipboardmanager
文件大小: 3.76 MB (3,942,335 字节)
我: Android的 4.0 (冰淇淋三明治, API 14)
上传: 十二月 28, 2018 在 8:16下午

Download Clip StackClipboard Manager 1.9.2 APK


Clip StackClipboard Manager 1.9.0

版: 1.9.0 (95)
包: com.catchingnow.tinyclipboardmanager
文件大小: 3.76 MB (3,941,666 字节)
我: Android的 4.0 (冰淇淋三明治, API 14)
上传: 十二月 26, 2018 在 9:06上午

Clip StackClipboard Manager 1.8.3

版: 1.8.3 (87)
包: com.catchingnow.tinyclipboardmanager
文件大小: 3.44 MB (3,605,434 字节)
我: Android的 4.0 (冰淇淋三明治, API 14)
上传 : 十二月 2, 2017 在 11:00下午

Clip StackClipboard Manager 1.7.6

版: 1.7.6 (80)
包: com.catchingnow.tinyclipboardmanager
文件大小: 3.31 MB (3,465,566 字节)
我: Android的 4.0 (冰淇淋三明治, API 14)
上传: 十二月 8, 2015 在 5:49上午