Android的 KleptoDogs APK下载V1.7最新版本

KleptoDogs APK下载V1.7最新版本

更新: 八月 5, 2019

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From the makers of KleptoCats and for the livelihood of dog lovers everywhere, it’sKLEPTODOGS!!!

That’s right! GemDog returns home from his adventures with the KleptoCats in order to lead other outrageously cute pups in their quest to fill rooms with the strangest of things.

Unlock all the different breeds: pug, corgi, beagle, chihuahua, some sort of weird alien dog that shouldn’t be that shade of radioactive green, etc. The list goes on

Feed them, play with them and even dress them in the cutest clothes. You’ll have a blast hanging out with these puppy pals!!!


It’s time for some doggy panic, 在 “The Disco”. One new room with 100 new items to steal and 30 adorable pups to collect!


  • Gameplay steps back, making you only send one dog at a time compared to KleptoCats 2 allowing three. New additions include dogs, their designs, new minigames, lower gem cost (250 gold coins permenantly) and collecting your dogs is also cheaper (8 gems permenantly). Definitley a good pickup if you have beaten KleptoCats 1 和 2 but if not KleptoCats 2 has the most content to dive into.
  • It is good but your dogs take less then your cats (if you have the kleptocats app) so maybe that could change
  • i love dogs but make kleptodogs and cats mixed together but make dogs and cats in the same game and make the prise to get a dog and cat lower

KleptoDogs 1.7 文件信息

版: 1.7 (22)
包: com.hyperbeard.kleptodogs
文件大小: 55.32 MB (58,003,291 字节)
我: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)
上传: 一月 18, 2019 在 7:35上午

Download KleptoDogs 1.7 APK


KleptoDogs 1.6

版: 1.6 (21)
包: com.hyperbeard.kleptodogs
文件大小: 50.67 MB (53,133,571 字节)
我: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)
上传: 十一月 29, 2018 在 5:51上午

KleptoDogs 1.5.2

版: 1.5.2 (20)
包: com.hyperbeard.kleptodogs
文件大小: 50.49 MB (52,938,628 字节)
我: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)
上传:十一月 22, 2018 在 12:00上午

KleptoDogs 1.5.1

版: 1.5.1 (19)
包: com.hyperbeard.kleptodogs
文件大小:50.46 MB (52,913,824 字节)
我: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)
上传 :十一月 14, 2018 在 1:37上午

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